Alternate method to download large client files [US]

Discussion in 'Support: Performance / Network Issues' started by jydragonsprophet, May 31, 2013.

  1. jydragonsprophet New Member

    Although I find the game eerily similar to GW2 or R**d**Z, it was the low frame rates that really pushed me away from playing for another minute after the tutorial.

    Regardless, whilst waiting for my own client to finish patching, I researched some alternate methods for players to get those big client files instead of using the slow SOE Launch Pad.

    A huge chunk of the client files are found in [Dragons Prophet\pak\Files] and [Dragons Prophet\pak\World]

    Be reminded that Dragon's Prophet requires your Operating System to be at least, Vista, 7 or 8.

    1) Download the installer at:

    2) Run the installer, login and once the download starts for a bit, close the Launch Pad.

    3) Use your favourite download manager to get the files for both the [Files] as well as the [World] folders.
    [Files] -
    [World] -

    note: the files on the patch server are hashed using SHA1, hence you will need to decrypt the files before renaming them to their proper filenames.

    4) Create separate temporary folders for those 2 folders.

    5) Use your favourite zip program (I use 7zip) and extract all files in each of the folders, deleting the originals as they are redundant.

    6) Sort the files in each folder by their names.

    7) Use these 2 lists to rename all files in each of the folders to their appropriate names before moving them to the Dragon's Prophet installed folder [Dragons Prophet\pak\Files] and [Dragons Prophet\pak\World].
    [Files] Rename List:
    [World] Rename List:

    8) Re-launch the SOE Launch Pad again, and voila! Less files to patch from their servers! :)

    -cheers, J.
  2. jydragonsprophet New Member

    Let me know what files any of you are having trouble in getting as well as the file location (ie [pak\World\]) and I will try to help in any way I can. Basically, you can dl any of the files from their patch server. You just need to decrypt them and rename them to their proper filenames.

    -cheers, J.
  3. Mickey New Member

    Neither i see a world folder or files folder? i can't believe that a MMO released in 2013 doesn't have a resume capability. Not everyone can keep their computers running for hours just to download a game. :(

    I downloaded 1 gb and closed the launcher and now it resumed again from the start.
  4. jydragonsprophet New Member

    Hmmm... I'm sorry if this might sound dumb, but are you using the US or EU client?

    Actually, the launcher does 'finalize' files downloaded, but only every 200mb or so, based on what I've read. The 'green' bar reflects files that are done, the 'yellow' portion of the bar reflects the files currently being downloaded. That's just what I think.

    On another note, you can create both folders in the installed folder yourself and dump the downloaded files using my method.
    Directories are as follows:
    [Dragons Prophet\pak\Files\]
    [Dragons Prophet\pak\World\]

    Hope it helps. :cool:

    -cheers, J.
  5. Mickey New Member

    US client.

    I think i will just let it run some more because right now i only see pak/Files. No pak/World folder yet.
  6. jydragonsprophet New Member

    Hope everything is sorted out by now Mickey.

    You don't actually need to wait for those folders to be created by the Launch Pad. You can create them yourselves and use my method to get those large files using a download manager and following the steps above.

    -cheers, J.
  7. WWWilliam Active Member

    Wish i found this thread before now, Left computer on 24/7 since 5pm PDT (second it was available) at 94.4% at time of posting and I'm not risking losing the progress now...
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  8. Etrius New Member

    Btw, I think I've missed something but... how do I decrypt those files?
  9. Etrius New Member

    Btw, i can't extract all of them... o_O
  10. RogueJD New Member

    As the issue with slow downloads is server-side, posting direct links to the download location will do little good. All you're doing is removing the tool that essentially manages those very downloads. Sure, you may be able to download more files simultaneously, but you're having to do a lot of manual work that would otherwise be done for you.

    If the servers are the bottleneck, all you're doing is spreading the same amount of bandwidth over several files.

    Manual method: (With server bottleneck)
    - Download a bunch of files at once
    - Spread bandwidth among those files (e.g.: 10Mbps spread among 10 files = 1Mbps / file)
    - Now, you have to manually extract, rename, paste
    - Installer will likely have to do a consistency check

    Client method: (With server bottleneck)
    - May be that you can only download one file at a time
    - Bandwidth is potentially used more efficiently (e.g.: 10Mbps / 1 file)
    - Client handles unpacking, renaming, installing

    Now, a good download manager may result in less errors in file downloads, whereas the client seems to give up quite often, citing socket errors.

    //edit: A torrent / P2P alternative might be better, as it would alleviate bandwidth issues from SOE's servers. The problem is that it opens allows for a bunch of different problems. (CRC / Hash verification, etc.)
  11. jydragonsprophet New Member

    Use the zip program 7zip. It should extract... just right-click the file, and choose 'extract here'...
    a preview of a downloaded file opened with 7zip:

    Hope it helps... :D
  12. jydragonsprophet New Member

    I understand. But I'm not suggesting simultaneous downloads, just getting each file using a download manager for the extra threads.

    A 100mb file on the Launch Pad (I think it uses only 1 thread) takes way too long than using a dl manager with 5 threads getting that same 100mb file.

    By the way, after starting the Launch Pad with my method, no validation check required... ;)
    Unless of course the download manager didn't do their job of collating the downloaded parts for each file.

    I'm saying this method works for me. I'm not a networking expert, just hoping it helps others too.
    I hope SOE decides to release a better Launch Pad which uses p2p downloading like Pando Media Booster, so that players would not need to utilize my troublesome method.

    -cheers, J.
  13. Haledire New Member

    Gave this a shot myself, the world section of files open fine, but when you get to the files section, anything that is p00# where # isn't a 0 doesn't extract. Pulling in all the renamed files over as they were just gets them ignored as if they weren't there to begin with. Seems like it was just a big waste of time, not that trying to use the launcher that deletes partial downloads was any more useful.
  14. Etrius New Member

    ↑ THIS.

    And... i'm thinking the same... XD
  15. Kea New Member

    "note: the files on the patch server are hashed using SHA1, hence you will need to decrypt the files before renaming them to their proper filenames."

    How do i decrypt the files?
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  16. Haledire New Member

    Kea - the decryption part was pretty much the renaming of the files. They are compressed and the names are encrypted. The fatal flaw of this method is that the contents of any of these files that are not p000 are not considered files, therefore they can't be decompressed to be renamed into the proper launcher download file.

    The world folder will properly work with this method, but that whole folder is only 1 gig, vs the 7 gigs in the files folder that won't work with this method.

    The irony of this is that the launcher isn't downloading 1 file at a time. It tries to download 4 at once (start up the launcher, go to the files folder, watch it make 4 files of .part.zs). If it actually downloaded 1 file at a time, I could handle letting it go for 300mb and losing 100mb if I had to stop the launcher for taking too long. But currently it tries to download 800mb at once, if you don't let it finish over 4/5ths of a gig, you lose all of that download.
  17. jydragonsprophet New Member

    Hi, thanks for the feedback, i'll try it again to verify... ;)

    In the meantime, do keep the downloaded files as it is in a separate folder... I will provide an update asap.
  18. jydragonsprophet New Member

    Update 1

    Thanks for the feedback.

    To resolve the issue of not being able to extract files ending with [.p00#] where # is not a 0, an additional step is required.

    I) After downloading all available files for both [Files] and [World] folders, and extracting all files using 7zip, files which can be extracted can proceed to be renamed according to the Renaming Lists; the remaining files which cannot be extracted need to be 'edited' using a hex editor before renaming it. I'll explain further.

    II) Get a free hex editor (I use HexEdit 4.0) from:

    III) Open any file which 7zip fails to extract using the hex editor.

    IV) Scroll all the way to the bottom of the file, and delete the last 81h[1] worth of characters. This string of characters are probably the checksum of the file. So, delete that last string of characters, save it, and proceed to rename it based on the Renaming List. (note: there will be a few prompts from the program, just click 'ok')

    A screenshot of a [.p002] file compared with the downloaded equivalent file opened with HexEdit 4.0:

    As you can see above, without the last string of characters, both files are exactly the same. So, a simple rename will do the trick. I know this is still a rather tricky and troublesome route to follow, and I apologize for any frustration my post has caused any of you.

    -cheers, J.
  19. Haledire New Member

    Thanks for taking the time to try coming up with workarounds. I'm up for about anything that'll save me from waiting forever and a day trying to download from a launcher that won't maintain progress.

    New problem - this method worked ok for 005, 006, 008, and 009 from what I can tell by observing the download making .zs files. Looking at 004, 007, and 010 they share a similar end section where it's full of 00's just under the 81h(1) range and the deletion doesn't get the launcher to recognize them.
  20. jydragonsprophet New Member

    No trouble.

    Are you getting the files via a dl manager? or the SOE Launch Pad?

    From what I observe when running the Launch Pad to patch the client, only the Launch Pad downloads the files in parts or .zs files. If you are using a dl manager, it should just be single files.

    If you are using a dl manager, it would be great if you could tell me which files do or do not work with Update 1 of my method, thanks! :D

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