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Discussion in 'Support: Game Issues' started by eena, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. eena New Member

    hi, just installed the game and went to change the graphics to max settings and they wont change/save, is there something i have to do to get the settings to save?
  2. Mythhammer New Member

    Have you tried running the game as Admin? That can be one of many reasons for no save.
  3. Lightstorm505 Member

    actually there is no "high" settings in the game. if you set the game to high it will automatically go back to medium. This is not true for low however.
  4. Avicularia New Member

    You could try changing the .ini file settings and see if that will work for you.


  5. eena New Member

    ah that would explain why some save but others will not thank you for your help.
  6. thiago New Member

    Estou tentando entrar no jogo mais não consigo. depois de apertar play ele nao começa o jogo.
    can someone help me?
  7. Webtar New Member

    how can i change it i need step by step on the stting form high to low
  8. Illutian Member

    lol, they still haven't fixed this. XD

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