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Discussion in 'Support: Game Issues' started by OakLeaf, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. OakLeaf New Member

    I have found two major dungeons that are corrupt and am unable to complete:

    Accursed Tower in Wynnadia and Juno in Laedis

    Accursed Tower - Our last attempt was with one lvl 57, two lvl 47 and a lvl 46 char, party of 4 on normal mode. Unable to use pots, dragons got consumed in one hit.

    Juno - Our last attempt was two lvl 38 chars in normal mode - the boss was stuck on top of a huge rock, reset did not fix.
  2. Zimadra Active Member

    Unfortunately if you were fighting Kronos Phantom in Accursed with your dragons, Kronos does eat them immediately and makes himself more powerful. It's a stupid situation in a game where they promote fighting with your dragon. As for the potion situation I ran into that too. I kept getting knocked into a black screen and as soon as it was over my hotkeys for the most part didn't work. And potions wouldn't work even from the backpack.

    I've sent a bug report on it but who knows when it will get fixed.
  3. badbrad Active Member

    If you happened to read the main quests and or watch the cutscene, accursed tower's boss is a devouring dragon. Aka it eats dragons to become massively powerful. When it does eat a dragon is disables your pots and makes itself much more powerful. This is simply a fight you cannot use drags on. On bright side players do much more damage to it than a normal boss though.
  4. rimond New Member

    if u guys in kronos, give me ur ign and i can help ya out
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  5. Zimadra Active Member

    Actually I never fight Kronos phantom with my dragons and my healing potions still become disabled so it has nothing to do with the eating of the dragon. I've watched the cut screen over and over as Ive run the dungeon several times with guild mates. Granted I don't use the voice over so if there is narration explaining the potion part then I've not heard it. And I know it's part of the storyline that Kronos the devouring dragon eats other dragons, that still doesn't explain why it affects our hotbar, because it effects more than my potions.
  6. Newb Well-Known Member

    The potion part I do agree is odd on how he can do that but yeah once he eats a dragon you can no longer use them. Then as for not being able to use your heals the only thing I can think of is you using other dragon soul skills and forgetting without your dragon attacking you do not replenish soul in battle. As for the black screen that is one of his attacks its a blind skill you can still attack and use skill you just cant see what you are doing. He is a bit of a pain to solo but with others its not bad use your heals sparingly and you will be fine.

    He ever so often gets bugged if you stand in front of him and he will "eat" you and it will give him a buff as well. This will not kill you but it does a good bit of damage.

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