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Discussion in 'Support: Game Issues' started by SofterSin, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. SofterSin Member

    So, I'm happy to see that the dragon chamber has finally been implemented for NA! Unfortunately, when I try to access it I can only see a small sliver of the window (on the right hand side of the screen), and it cannot be moved. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I haven't seen any posts regarding this problem yet, only regarding the lack of "promised free slots".

  2. Dartok Developer

    If you move the Dragon Lair window (press the unlock in upper right) then click along the top edge and drag. Does it also move the Dragon Chamber with it?
  3. SofterSin Member

    Ahh, yes! I can see more now. Should there be four slots in each row?
  4. Dartok Developer

    Should be 6 per row.

    Does your computer support a higher screen resolution? If you can increase it that would also help solve the issue.
  5. IsaacBoss New Member

    Do we get 4 free slots for the dragon Chamber? Thats what i heard.
  6. SofterSin Member

    My resolution is already maxed at 1280x1024.
  7. Dartok Developer

    Sadly we didn't have functionality to make any free, so we set the first row to 1 SC. This might change in the future, but we will have to wait and see.
  8. IsaacBoss New Member

    Ok Thanks
  9. Rider Well-Known Member

    With all due respect Dartok, if the first row stays at 1 SC, I'll have no more incentive to spend money on this game.
    I love it to death, but I play with free playing friends who won't ever buy SC. They're not that picky, but they would like to play the game with at least a tiny bit of access to each feature. They were very excited when Todd promised that the first FEW rows would be free. Now to see the first row at 1 sc, a price they will never be able to pay, they feel like they were slapped in the face and they've already moved to TERA, where I probably will go and spend my money. We need to remember that free players matter much more than many may think. They don't pay, however they keep this game enjoyable for those who do pay and SOE ends up getting more money. Without my friends playing this game, I don't feel any more motivation to keep buying SC to increase my enjoyment because the current SC policies have already scared off all of my friends which enhanced my experience.
    The 1 SC dragon chamber was the last push over the edge. an SC is like a penny, right? It's IMPERATIVE that this is decreased to 0, and if you do manage to do that, then you should easily be able to free up the rows that were promised in the first place.
    An alternative is to let them be purchased via insignias. (It can be a ton of insignias, as long as there is a way).
    Because right now, every single one of my real-life friends just quit this game and I'm positive that it's not only them.
    Hell, I'm a paying player and even I want to quit right now.
    I know that you are trying to work on this, but I'm just letting you know the severity of this. This must be a PRIORITY to get sorted out, or this game's playerbase is going to die even more and I would hate to see all of your hard work fall apart. This game is great, really. But the SC policies are just killing it. There are so many more ways to make both the players happy and SOE's bank happy at the same time. I'm begging you, please take this into consideration. I want to continue playing this game.
  10. SofterSin Member

    TBH, "free slots promised" aside, I think the chamber slots are fairly priced, especially in comparison to a lot of the other slots. And I'd like to purchase some of the chamber slots, but not if I can't see the whole row -_-.
  11. Dartok Developer

    If it was at all possible we intended to have the first row as free for players, but it just wasn't able to be done at this time. We had to make a choice of either not release the patch for 1-2 more weeks or put it out as it is. I am sorry if this causes you to lave the game and you will be missed. This was the lesser of two evils and we made our choice and will have to live with the result.
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  12. Dartok Developer

    I am still brainstorming a way for RW to fix the issue for your SofterSin, your playing a resolution that is supported, but the UI is just to big for it. When I first opened the dragon chamber I thought it should have gone inside the panel that shows the stats as another tab there. The problem with that is you wouldn't be able to see the stats of your dragons at the same time then.

    I will have to think on it some more before I pass on a suggestion to Runewaker for a fix.
  13. SonjaArashi Active Member

    You do realize Tera is very P2W compared to DP right? I loved Tera but when it went f2p the ability of subscribers to earn twice as much gold as f2pers ruined the economy, and all of their cash shop stuff is ludicrously priced ($60 for elin maid set!).

    If they can't be bothered to drop $5 on the game at least once they must not really like it that much. They were unable to make the rows free which is unfortunate but 1SC isn't a big problem IMO.
  14. SonjaArashi Active Member

    Maybe add in a horizontal scroll bar? I'm not sure how their UI works in terms of resizing but if the minimum width is decreased they could add a scroll bar so people with narrow screens can see all of the dragons.

    The other option would be to change rows to columns and list fewer per page (3-4 columns per page instead).
  15. Dartok Developer

    Oh that did give me a idea. Are you playing full screen or window? I am pretty sure it does shrink the UI in windowed mode if adjust the size (drag the corner).
  16. SofterSin Member

    I was playing in full screen. I just switched to window, but still cannot see all 6 slots. I can see 5 now, however. Nonetheless, I'd of course like to see all 6 slots if I'm paying for them. Just keep me posted if you can, and let me know if you need any more info.

    EDIT: Actually, I was able to finangle with the windows and now I can see all 6. I suppose in the mean time I will just have to switch to window mode to access my chamber (still can't see all slots in full screen even with them in this position).
  17. Zeshin Active Member

    For me it isn't a matter of cannot be bothered but a matter of I simply cannot in my current situation, I have bills to pay, people to feed, and work is rather slow. I would love to be able to give them money but I simply cannot, there are far more important things.

    Don't get me wrong though I am not currently leaving, just irked a bit lol
  18. Rider Well-Known Member

    Dartok, a guild mate on ventrilo just said "Just refund everybody 1 sc and problem solved"
    Is this possible? Kind of funny, ha.
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  19. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Quick fix for you. The free row tickets for our bags and our banks that the Dragon pack buyers got, allowed us to open up an entire row "free" (quotations because we paid money for the packs).

    So BASICALLY> Create an Item that unlocks these 4 slots or one row FREE. Pretty simple since the coding for the option was already there for other inventory types.

    Idk, I think that would be the smartest move, and then just auto deliver one to everyone's mail. Make it a mandatory thing for when new players start so that they have a neat gift in the mail and.... VIOLA. you save player base, end all the concern with the false advertising, and allow for everyone to enjoy the game that much more.

  20. Krensha New Member

    SoE could have easily given a couple of rows free as was indicated by just sending an in game mail with sufficient SC funds - here, try our new feature - starting collecting more dragons and you will be hooked

    then when the player runs out the addiction is already there to spend the funds

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