"Error; Run Again!!" Help?

Discussion in 'Support: Game Issues' started by Latency, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Latency New Member

    I'm getting this error when I launch the client and attempt to play the game. I started once, and I got the black screen so I force-quit it and attempted to re-load and now I'm just getting the error as if the game is still running in the background. If anyone has the same problem or knows how to fix it, please reply.
    (P.S I'm already running it as administrator.)
  2. Hope Member

    Servers are down arent they?
  3. Latency New Member

    I got on. I'm not sure what the problem was but it kind of fixed itself I guess. Silly.
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  4. GM-Vedan Customer Service

    I normally get that error if I try to run the client two times. If that happens again hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE open the task manager and see if Dragon's Prophet or DP_Something is still running in the Applications tab. If so click on it and then click on End Task.
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  5. Latency New Member

    Vedan- I appreciate the response, and I made sure there wasn't a client running in the background, it just was acting like it was, it was definitely weird. But it's all fixed now.

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