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Discussion in 'Reproducible Bugs' started by Hell, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hell Member

    I was instructed via SOE to post a thread here. I was told they have not seen.this issue before, yet many players have talked to me about it.

    On my cell, wikk be more detailed later.

    Forced field training is terribly broken.
    Normally with the 3 attempts you can get at least one skill transferred.
    I spent 2000 sc trying to give a level 4 skill to my runewake before my guikd unformed me of the bug.

    Please help everyone out and post here. I am just asking forced to equal the normal rate, not more as i hate pay to win.

    Epic Co-lead
  2. TheCatslock New Member

    Currently I am finding that after 4 days of trying to transfer a skill I have failed at transferring anything including the brown gather skills. If its reasonable to ask I would like the chance to transfer skills percentage to be increased. :( I currently have dragons that I don't want taking up lair space because their skills wont transfer.
  3. moneda New Member

    EU players have also noticed that training results are very disappointing, and their community managers agree with them. I don't know if the feature is broken or the rate of skill transfers was changed drastically from closed to open beta but I do hope it's improved soon.
  4. Hell Member

    Thanks for the link! I replied to the GM with this thread.
    I was not a member of cb, so i really have nothing to compare to personally.
  5. Hell Member

  6. Zaidin New Member

    I have noticed the same thing. It seems that skill transferring has an incredibly low chance. After 4 days of nothing getting transferred I decided to force train using SC. 2200 SC later 1 skill transferred. Now if I did not use SC it would have taken a couple of weeks of field training to get that 1 skill to transfer. Now I know you don't HAVE to use SC to get skills to transfer, it is more of a convenience item.. But if it takes 2 weeks to get 1 skill to transfer the dragon that I captured has 9 available slots.. that would be over 4 months before it obtained all the skills I WANT. Now I'm not a really impatient guy but come on.. 4 months before the dragon you like can become "battle ready", is ridiculous. Keep in mind the 4 month training time is not including removing skills from other dragons to make sure that the skill I want is the only one that can be transferred OR using Dragon Insignias to get the item required to remove unwanted skills and the Training Whip. That is a little much isn't it?

    How to fix (my opinion)
    Increase the amount daily taming attempts or reduce the cost of the SC and Dragon Insignias used to buy the Taming Whip of Love.
  7. DragonRider007 New Member

    I've found similar unpleasant experiences with the lair management system too. It is pretty broken despite finding myself topping off on SC on several occasions because of the games selling point (Dragons). Sometimes even trying to remove a skill will charge you SC but not remove the skill. I've also experienced wasting several thousand SC with no skills being transferred to a dragon.

    This is disturbing in several different ways. First off, it reflects poorly on the state of SoE communication channels with Runewake. Secondly, it lessens the quality of a product players want to like. I've had friends who've left due to the state of the lair management system among other bugs. I hope that SOE finds ways to improve upon the state of the game.

    I'll close off with a quote from the game which rang out as I wrote a reply to this thread. "Dragons mean everything to me" - Lair Manager
  8. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Its kinda a terrible 1/1000 ish chance kinda thing. worst roulette ever.

    However, after a few k SC, i have managed to fill my runewake with 7 battle skills.... just took a lot of patience... and money.
  9. Cyrux New Member

    I haven't had very many issues with it? It only takes like 3-6 tries if I want to transfer a skill.
  10. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Got my Runewake to 2 dragon soul skills, 1 support skill, and 7 combat skills.

    so far, forcing him cost me 2k ish. and about 30 free attempts. But it worked out eventually.
  11. HammerFist Active Member

    I think the whips we are buying is the problem. Here is why:

    At first I was able to train my dragon on a regular basis. Now it has been almost a week of trying every day and even using whips and nothing is working. I cannot train any of my dragons. We are buying more whips now than ever and they don't work so we buy even more whips. So why change? Because they want to do the right thing. LMAO! Yeah, anyways... The only thing we can do is stop buying whips until they change/fix it. Other wise we will just keep throwing our money away.

    Just keep taming and releasing until you find a dragon that has some of the skills you want and stop buying whips. They will either decide they don't want our money and let it stay the same or they will need to pay their rent and buy food and fix the problem. We are gamers and we are in this together. If we want something bad enough WE have to make the change. (Pumps fist in the air)
  12. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Ah see, now I never bought the whips, perhaps there is a higher percentage for success from just paying the 45 or 50 sc by clicking the force button on your training screen.

    But yes, *stuffs fist into the sky's rear*
    Lets make a change. (not that I care either way anymore, but I do believe you all should get those skills you'd like yourselves as well.) Perhaps the use of shells or a few hundred to a few k adventure insigz.
  13. HammerFist Active Member

    Actually I have not had a whip work in a long time now. They use to work pretty nicely but not now. maybe they have fixed it with the patch today. For now I would suggest using only the shells to buy whips until they fix the issue

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