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Discussion in 'Support: Game Issues' started by Dona, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Dona New Member

    Would it be possible to give the option of keyboard navigating instead of having to always use the mouse? What I am referring to is the need to move the world around with the mouse. I know it is not as effcient as using the mouse or a controller, but this is the first mmo I have played that does not give the option of complete keyboard use. I know I may be old fashion and most people use a controller, but I am sure there are others out there that would prefer the old way as well. If there could be a key binding for turn left and turn right it would fix the problem and I could go back to using my mouse to hover over potential targets and people and such. It's really annoying (to me anyway) to have my mouse tied up with navigating. I know people who have not been playing mmos as long as I have and play console games love their controller, but I love my keyboard :(. Other than that and the obvious beta bugs, it looks like it has a lot of potential.
  2. Hell Member

    Its designed like that. The targetting system, that is.
  3. Shautru Well-Known Member

    I understand your issue Dona, but from one old gamer to another, we can get used to WASD movement and mouse navigation. I didn't think I'd get used to it either but I finally did. Once you get a feel for the combat system you'll see you need the left hand over QWERTY and the right hand on the mouse as your combo attacks depend on it.

    I think they'd pretty much have to rework the entire targeting and combat system in order to provide what you're requesting.
  4. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    Without lock-on targeting, and with the way Dragon's Prophet's combat is designed, pure keyboard control would be very counter intuitive. I can't say for sure if this will never be an option, but I can certainly say that the developers (Runewaker) have not said anything about adding a pure keyboard method of control to the game.
  5. Dona New Member

    I dont think they would have to rework the targeting, since what you hit is what is in front of you, like in Guild Wars 2. I like the hitting what is in front of you method, what I'm asking for is simply to offer keyboard control. All the big mmos have both options (wow, gw2, rift, etc), granted they are old, but ffxiv has it in the beta and I cant imagine Blizzard will drop it when titan comes out.... should the newly scrapped titan ever come out. As to a total rework of the UI it is possible and I would not ask that, but now is the time to ask for changes, so I am asking. I have tried to play games that require a controller or mouse for navigation (skyrim....) and I find it actually lacking in options. It is excellent if all you do is fight. Beautiful for that. However, I like to multitask while I am playing, looking around at other targets, players, checking my bags, talking in chat... which I can't do without turning towards the approaching mob of interest and losing the hit whats in front of you option on the current target, or hitting escape and basically stopping any game progress. I know the new thing is to gravitate towards the console type control for the PC, but its a pc... there is so much more it can do. Just asking. If I'm the only one then by all means carry on :D
  6. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    Unfortunately it's not a matter of desire, the issue is largely out of our hands. We're working with a 3rd party developer for Dragon's Prophet (Runewaker) and they're responsible for all design issues. This is why I mentioned that we haven't heard anything from them regarding an alternate, keyboard-only control scheme, as they would be the only ones who could implement such a change.
  7. jonathan d rose New Member

    i also suffer from this i just got to lvl 23 and the guild laughed at me because i used old method, but i was brought up that way, I like to take my time in game not be rushing everywhere, i did that in RL and got a stroke from it, and apart from that using the mouse actually hurts my wrist which was smashed in 6 places a few yrs back and doesnt work under stress very well.
    I had to quit games that solely used this method, because carpel tunnel syndrome kicks in after 20 mins, and its too painful to play:-(
    I think its really sad that young people are all rush rush on everything as is this mouse targeting, also apart from this problem another thing I dont see is how the combo system works you have no guides out for beginners, do u actually want people to play this game?????
  8. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    This active combat system is much more rewarding and involved then the old point targeting systems. You trigger a skill on the hot-bar and then use the mouse to continue the chain and depending on the chain you may have to go back and forth between hot-bar and clicking. If you learn your chains and do them well you can get quite a bit out of combat. It has nothing to do with rushing, and all to do with combat involvement.

    Sorry to hear that you have an injury preventing you from getting the most of the game, but don't misunderstand the purpose of these combat mechanics.

    Also in the future, please don't bring back threads from so many months and simply start a new one.

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