How do I redeem/claim my preorder items ?

Discussion in 'Support: Game Issues' started by Zoin, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Zoin New Member

    So I havent had the chance to actually play at all since the game released - I did however pre-order(pre-purchase even ?) where I remember that you'd get these items from them, even so I haven't been able to figure out where you exactly get those items ?

    So any help on this would be greatly appriciated.
  2. Ablazin New Member

    Open game up create character do tutorial. After the tutorial you will press B = open inventory.
    The there's market bag tab. Market place = item mall loot.
    Then you will have a package to open then you will receive all items from package to that one character.
    If you only got basic pack all items go to just 1 character. If you got middle or highest pack you get dragons on any characters in that account. But items still on first char to open. Hope this is all correct and helpfull this is as much as I know. Seeing how I just had basic pack don't know all the details.
  3. Eyum Active Member

    You should have gotten a code in your e-mail for the pack. After you finish the tutorial and the 'starting quests' and move into the starting city, you can open the marketplace (default key is ";" ). There is a button on top next to add station cash that is "redeem item code" (or something similar, not in game to check atm). You type in the code there on the character you want to redeem everything on. All of your characters on the server you claim the code on will get the dragon egg and the title after finishing the starter quests and moving into a newbie city. Only the character you claim the code on will get everything else. Hope this helps :)
  4. Zoin New Member

    That is odd really, cos I didden't get any code at all - only got a email confirmation on my purchase of it saying that my account would be granted with the items provided with the pack that I bought, but no email anywhere with a code.
  5. Eyum Active Member

    If you didn't receive your code then submit a petition and they will send you one. Many of us had that happen.
  6. Zoin New Member

    Thanks a lot Eyum - has helped me a lot :)
  7. Eyum Active Member

    Welcome hon :) Glad I could help. Enjoy your dragon pack stuffs!! ^_^
  8. GM-Vedan Customer Service

    Yep we can verify the account and send you the code. Once you have the code you need to consume it in game on the character you want to have the items. If you do it on the website it will not grant you the in game items, so don't do that.

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