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Discussion in 'Support: Performance / Network Issues' started by Webuydreams, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Webuydreams New Member

    It seems like everyone is having this same problem, and I'm wondering when they're going to fix this? I've been waiting some time now and I'm real eager to play but the game is simply unplayable. I apologize but I'm not going to send a ticket as I said "everyone is having this same problem" so sending a ticket won't solve anything. I like the game and all but will there be a solution to all this or do the unfortunate ones with low Pc requirements be out of luck? It's really frustrating because I like Dragon Prophet so far but I haven't been able to play because of this accursed lag. Will they update or are we all going to be unfortunately out of luck for a couple of months?
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  2. GM-Vedan Customer Service

    Please make sure that your system exceeds the games minimum requirements. Most of those that have issues with poor frame rates are not using pc's that meet or exceed the games recommended requirems.

    As for Lag and Ping there have been issues in Las Vegas for last few weeks that have been effecting anyone who's data is being routed though the region.
  3. Burbankian New Member

    I hope the ping problem gets fixed soon

    my ping jumps up to 1k+

    this didn't happen before
  4. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    We will be more than happy to update the forums once we an update about it.
  5. Neige New Member

    what i do for the meantime is just lower the shadow details and those plant density settings. those 2 alone give me around 10-15fps more.
    it seems that the game is more heavily required on processors rather than relying on the gfx cards (70% proc - 30%gfx card)
    + the game is giving out too much memory leaks. ave phy memory the game takes is 2.5-3gb of ram, but from time to time it shoots to 4-5gb thus people experiencing dc issues and FPS drops.
    so i hope my post helps the devs in anyway on fixing these issues because these are major.
  6. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Appreciate the info!
  7. Hadriax New Member

    Your not telling the whole truth, There is a memory leak, you know it, you've acklnowledged it. re-starting the game (client) is not, and should never be an option let alone the answer to the problem.

    I know S.O.E. is just a " distribtor", but if you expect anyone to belive that you have no influnce with" Runwaker" , as to what needs to be done and what problems are being experienced then i have a bridge i want to sell you.

    Bottom line , the game is un-playable, there is a memory leak, fix it. You can say beta all you want, but if people are reporting the same problem and you never address it. The game will never make it out of beta, or any where else for that matter.

    People talk, they talk all over the internet, and you can be assured they are talking about this game, it's problems and it's future, or lack there of.

    Ball is in your court now, here's to hoping you do something other than punt.
  8. Sharlize New Member

    I live in Canada my Ping is now well over 113ms the lag is horrible and my graphics are ALL set on low, my internet is with Bell Fibe and my laptop is only a few months old. I played the game for well over a week and yeah there were FREEZING issues and d/c up to 8 times on certain days with the FPS jumping up to 60 but for the most part I could at least still play it. I have ABSOLUTELY no problem playing any other games so I don't think it has anything to do with a problem on my end. My husband lives in India and is now experiencing 300-390ms since they "FIXED" the graphics for release date... What a joke so guess this game is ONLY for Americans but ONLY those that are in certain States from what I hear... GL with that.. anyone recommend any other new games that are actually playable!!?? This game is going belly up FAST no one is listening and fixing the ongoing known problems!!!! :confused:
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  9. Alcondragon New Member

    settings all the way down i get 13-18 fps. Choppy, laggy gameplay makes for a boring and un-inviting evening of gaming. sometimes i can't tell if im hitting targets i attack. and when i look at something moving in the background it just seems to chop across the screen like a stop-motion train wreck.

    6GB ram

    AMD 2.7Ghz dual core processor (good enough for crysis 2)

    1TB Hdd (irrelevant)

    Nvidia Geforce GT 640 2GB GPU

    Why can't I run this game like i run Neverwinter? A game on level ground with dragons prophet as far as graphics go.
    I manage a steady 45 fps on defaults there.

    Will this issue be fixed?
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  10. Kandamo New Member

    Same happening to me, and i run games like crysis 2 or Assassins creed graphics full and i can really enjoy those games, something i dont while playing Dragon's prophet, even when in its in low graphic settings.

    sorry for my english, any humble correction will be appreciated.
  11. Rezzy Active Member

    And this is the reason I think "open" betas are a bad idea. When you have to explain latency, ping and frame rates in 2 lines or less because that is all most of the people can read before their attention span has moved on...
  12. Alcondragon New Member

    I run Neverwinter, Skyrim, Crysis 2 and other games like D/P graphically with no problems at all
  13. Rezzy Active Member

    I am just going to put this out there, please take no offense. Coming to a forum and talking about lag, fps etc... Is certainly helpful, but you do understand comparing X game with Y game, so why should I experience problems in this game is difficult. Now, if you compare DP to other games running on the RENA game engine that would be something. You just can't compare your performance to the game title, it is the engine, like crysis2 runs off of an engine called CryENGINE, different engines preform differently, and also have a cost associated WITH them. Just saying, hope this helps
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  14. Alcondragon New Member

    So your're saying this game demands more than crysis 2? What engine is this game running? Put it on the Same Engine Crysis runs and i should be just fine huh? But I can tell you i run every other game SOE hosts with 0 fps problems.
  15. Rezzy Active Member

    No, that's not at all what I am saying. What I am saying is this game engine is DIFFERENT than any other game engine. ALL game engines are different from each other or they would be in court suing one another all the time. I have tried many times to explain technical terms on these forums, and they are just lost for the most part. But maybe this analogy can help explain. Car A goes 0-60 in 10 seconds, Car B goes 0-60 in 5 seconds, Car C goes 0-60 instantly. ALL are cars but perform differently. Same as in game Engines. First person shooters use the best game engines, (IMO) because everything is happening in "real-time" nothing is really scripted, but the cost associated with building a game using that technology is more expensive, but first person shooters drive the market so they have the best of the best normally.
    The length of this post would be a text wall if I tried to explain this extensively. But to sum it up, *shrug* its a F2P game, perhaps they used a cheap engine? I don't know because I can find nothing except for the Korean language stuff talking about the RENA game engine.
    For very high end machines this game is very easy to play, I myself never drop below 55 frames, with 60 (due to Vsync) being the norm. I hope this helps explain why it is difficult to compare different games running different game engines :)
    Oh and you can't just "put it on a different game engine" just saying
  16. Alucross New Member

    Even so a game shouldn't be so difficult to play. If some one is able to play crysis and not this with decent frames then SOMETHING is wrong with the game. It also doesn't help to say "meet our requirments" when even at the lowest settings looking as bad as they are it doesn't help. Then it just translates to "too bad, not our fault your computer sucks lel". You can defend them all you like but it doesn't matter that you can run it if 90% of the people who want to play the game can't. This game is too unplayable to too many people for them to have an excuse.
  17. Rider Well-Known Member

    Your information is correct, but I couldn't disagree more.
    Let's bring it back from cars to games.
    Running this at 5 fps. Running TERA at 25 fps. Clearly I would play TERA.
    Consumers don't care if it's running on a different engine, this is a game on the market which is competing with other games. No pity will be given. If someone gets on and has an unenjoyable experience due to the engine, they will quit and go to a game with a better engine. Nobody will say "Oh this game runs like crap but I'll still play it because it has a crappy engine". That doesn't make any sense.
    Let's bring it back to cars shall we.
    Car A goes 0-60 in 10 seconds.
    Car B goes 0-60 in 5 seconds.
    Car A costs twice as much as car B.
    I will buy car B, obviously.
    The point is again that Dragon's Prophet is an asset competing on the market and if it gets outshined by other games, consumers will not stick with Dragon's Prophet out of pity.
  18. Rezzy Active Member

    I am sorry, I didn't mean to come off "defending" them... Because I agree with you, why build a game with such a demanding structure. It plays extremely well for me but I have no doubt I am in the top 10% of the of PC performance, it should not require very high end systems to play. On a side note, I think you are correct in your view as well with problems in the game. If things are not in sync, it will force everyone's system to keep up with all the glitches. I was just stateing the fact you can't compare game engines because of the reasons, and many more that I stated. Perhaps the problems in the game with patching, glitches, faulty hit boxes, etc... ALL have to do with just a bad engine, I don't know enough about all that yet. Hope this makes me more understandable :)
  19. ChiefSlappaho New Member

    I've been trying to log in for over an hour (best I've done is 46% loaded). I had connection problems earlier (captured dragons 3 times and immediately DC'd) but at least I was able to log into the game. I'll try for a while tomorrow but I really don't think this game is worth all the effort yet.
  20. Rezzy Active Member

    But, I don't understand what you're saying here. It wasn't a post to agree or disagree with me, I feel your frustrations. I enjoy the game, and want everyone to enjoy the game. I was just pointing out you can't compare the engines. / SMH I am never going to get this whole public relations down.

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