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  1. rodohx New Member

    No matter what settings the most I get is 10-15 FPS and 3-4 FPS in towns.


    CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 220 64bit 2.8 GHz
    GPU: AMD Radeon 5670, 1 GB GDDR5 VRAM
    RAM: 4.0 GB
    OS: Win7 64bit
  2. Laoi New Member

    Hmm, your FPS shouldn't be that low, your system specs aren't much different from mine - you have 1GB more ram, while I have the 6770 AMD card and a 2.9Ghz AMD Athlon II X2 CPU. My FPS has been relatively constant at 40-50 in wilderness and outposts/quest hubs, 20-30 in actual cities or on the sky islands. I haven't really changed any settings from the defaults, apart from setting the game to windowed mode.

    Do you have a lot of programs running in the background? Specifically, antivirus programs. I had to add the Dragon's Prophet install folder to my antivirus's white list because it's file system protection was constantly scanning the folder during gameplay. I'd suggest closing out any non-essentials while DP is running, if that is the case.

    Also, what kind of temperatures are you running? A good, free, program to check temperatures with is Speccy from Piriform. I am assuming that you have a desktop, when is the last time you have thoroughly cleaned out your computer tower? Dusty hardware can have a huge impact on game performance, especially a dusty power supply. I'm personally guilty of having overlooked cleaning my power supply until recently, cleaning that has had a huge impact on my various games performances and my systems overall temperatures.

    And, are your drivers up-to-date? I have the latest from AMD if it helps, though DP does seem to be more CPU intensive than GPU dependent.
  3. Kalintz Member

    I have a Hd6870 and i get around 30 fps in most areas, 45+ inside dungeons and 7~19 in massive event like sanc boss fifhgt or frontier.
  4. rodohx New Member

    I have the latest drivers, and at the moment I'm running about 140 degrees on my GPU, and 98 on my CPU. I haven't cleaned out in a while. And the most i have in the background is firefox with 1 tab open.
  5. xirangeix New Member

    Yeah I also get about 20-30fps if I am lucky in the middle of nowhere, 10-15 in towns and down to 1-5fps in combat. I do not know why. When I run the game in 32bit mode it runs much smoother (although not as good as I'd like it is playable), but then crashes because it uses more then 2gb of ram which 32bit mode cannot use. 64bit mode generally never crashes but is super slow, no matter the settings set at

    My specs are

    AMD Phenom II x6 1090t Processor 3.2GHz
    16.0 GB of ram
    and a 6770 AMD radeon video card. (approx. total memory 4096MB)

    With a 1920x1080 monitor.

    I change the settings low, and the graphics along with the fps do not change, or if they do it is very marginal. Also when I change the resolution to see if that helps, the resolution seems to not change as well and my fps stays the same.

    Help please, thanks.
  6. Laoi New Member

    If those are in Fahrenheit, those are ok temperatures. I do wonder if some of you are running into GPU throttling, though. My boyfriend mentioned that some cards will start throttling at about 60C. I don't know much about it, personally, since it isn't something I've run into. Cleaning out your case never hurts, though, so you could give it a good cleaning and see if that helps. This might sound silly, but picking up an inexpensive mascara brush at a dollar store is really helpful for cleaning out fan's and the interior of heatsinks and powersupplies.

    @xirangeix: Are you changing your resolution in fullscreen, or in windowed mode? In windowed mode, you won't notice a difference at all, because the resolution setting has no affect on windowed mode's resolution. You could try windowed, non-maximized, and shrinking the borders (click and drag). If it helps, for reference, I am running in windowed maximized, and my monitor runs at 1440x900 resolution.

    On an aside, there is this thread about disabling shadows, it may help: https://forums.station.sony.com/dragonsprophet/index.php?threads/disable-shadows.2493/

    It has replacement shader files linked, and someone posted their config file. I'd try their config settings before touching the shadow files, personally.
  7. Arcangelx77 New Member

    Same issue here... usually run around 80-90 FPS but after the patch im lucky to pull in 15-20... during altar boss I was hitting about 10-12. Everything was working fine pre-patch so I know it's not my system. I noticed changing any settings at all had little to no effect. Decreasing them seemed to only make it worse. Latest drivers are up to date.

    CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k
    GPU: 2 x Asus GTX 770 2GB 256bit GDDR5 in Sli
    Ram: 16GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer (PC-14900)
    OS:Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit
  8. rodohx New Member

    Yea its Fahrenheit I'll check out that thread.
  9. Xazur Member

    The main issue for this game is bad optimization and the fact that we run the game on the 64 bit version by default. There is a 32 bit version but there is no setting to set it as main to use. There is a work around, but you need to do it every time the game is launched.

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