Please help with devouring dragon blood quest.

Discussion in 'Support: Game Issues' started by Maeroth, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Maeroth New Member

    I was playing last night when i got to this quest "Sharp claw and devouring dragon blood", its a story line quest and was going fine. I was playing the quest without a problem until I got to the chiefs tent and it told me to get the devouring dragon blood. it then had a little yellow marker in the corner. People have been telling me that the chick comes out of there says something then that's that. Well, the first time she did come from the corner and say something, but then her and the other guy were just standing outside the tent killing things. I've restarted the public event, I've run it through several times, but they stay outside the tent. Since it is a story quest I can not simply abandon it and retry. Could someone please help me out here, because I have no clue what to do.
  2. Ayazur New Member

    Same and everyone else attempting the quest has the same error stuck at lvl 30 and cant advance, been a few days now
  3. Brut4 Member

    I've heard if you leave the area and walk back into the camp from a certain direction it triggers. < something to try anyways> :/
  4. Ayazur New Member

    still not working .. tried so many things ><
  5. Ayazur New Member

    Finally got it to work! The two npc's outside the tent who are bugged needs to be pulled into the tent, i kept pulling mobs and have the dude help out while Backpaddling 1 or 2 steps each time into the tent, eventually he will reach midway across the table and despawn.

    After a while ( around 20 seconds), he spawns with boss at front of the tent . Kill boss help npcs and win!
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  6. Maeroth New Member

    THANK YOU AYAZUR! I just did that and now i am a hero to the kronos server! LMFAO XD i credited you though, dont worry!
  7. kori New Member

    where is the npc? because i've tried entering that area many times but no sign of the npc. i even got mocked at by some player for not being able to find the blood...
  8. kori New Member

    ok nvm. the npc appeared after the 4th time going there x.x and yea, took some time to keep the npc inside the tent. X_X

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