Press Play, Game Doesn't Start

Discussion in 'Support: Game Issues' started by TheNamesPaul, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. TheNamesPaul New Member

    My problem is as simple as the title. I press play in the launcher, game doesn't start. I run in through steam, not sure how to do otherwise as i downloaded the game in steam. any help would be appreciated including how to submit a ticket
  2. Trogdor New Member

    Sounds like you're having the same problem as me.

    Data Execution Prevention seems to be blocking the game. To get around this, you need to run the game as admin, which it seems you can't do through Steam.

    Instead, you'll have to make a shortcut to the game's launcher on your desktop.

    In your Steam Library, find Dragon's Prophet. Right click it, click Properties. In the window that pops up, click on the Local Files tab. Then click the Browse Local Files... button.

    This should bring up a window with the game's install folder open, and you should be able to find "Launchpad.exe". The icon will be black with a big white S.

    Right click that file, and click 'Create Shortcut'. Then take the shortcut file you just created and move it to your desktop or wherever you want it.

    Finally, to launch the game you'll need to right click the shortcut and click 'Run as administrator'.

    Unfortunately, since in doing this you're not using Steam to start the launchpad, Steam won't be able to get its hooks into it and you won't be able to use the Steam Overlay ingame.
  3. macgyverjosh199 New Member

    im having a similar problem but I downloaded it from the website and I have no steam account it comes up engine error. please help?

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