Stuck at 68 % loading screen.

Discussion in 'Support: Game Issues' started by Antfunk, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Antfunk New Member

    So I have been playing this game with my friend and really enjoying it. After restarting my router I am no longer able to get past 68 % on the loading screen. Seen lots of posts now about people getting stuck at 68 %. I can hear background noises like birds and such as though I have logged in but it never actually logs in and I have waited a long time. I have tried uninstalling the game, re-downloading and installing, that didn't work. I also found a post about switching channels on the character selection screen and that did not work either. Can someone PLEASE help with this as it is getting extremely frustrating. I have tried other characters, different servers and even a new character all together. The new character got to the choose starting screen and when I selected one the game just crashed.

    If anyone has had success with the channel switching method could they please advise which server they are on and which channel? I am on the second server, Lysaia (not sure how you spell it but basically not Kronos).

    Thanks in advance and I hope somebody can help me soon!
  2. Antfunk New Member

    OK, so I just created a brand new account entirely and new character of course and that let me log in.

    Im not going to get any enjoyment from the game though if I need to create a new account every time I want to play and start from scratch again and it will also encourage me to not spend any money on my account as it will just be pointless. Any ideas?
  3. Antfunk New Member

    Sigh! In the time it took me to minimise the game to post here again the game crashed and now this account to is stuck at 68 % loading screen!
  4. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Is the server even back up completely though?

    This sounds ridiculous!
  5. Antfunk New Member

    I have had this problem since yesterday afternoon and my friend was still able to get in. There seems to be lots of posts about this 68% thing :(!
  6. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Oh darn :/ I hope an SOE agent gets to you fast!
  7. GM-Vedan Customer Service

    If your character is still stuck click the Help Link in my signature, select the In Game Issues - Stuck Character category and list your character's name and server, also include which city you want to be moved to, either Fatoia or Hunak.
  8. Antfunk New Member

    OK so it worked earlier and now it is stuck on 59 %. The best thing is that if I give my friend my login details he can login fine. I even watched on Skype shared screen as he took my character to a city and parked it there. I try to load up the game and still 59 %. Really ready to give up on on this game and play something else.

    I have uninstalled, redownloaded, reinstalled and nothing. I have turned off firewalls. I have reset my router. I have an excellent internet speed and no problems with any other game.
  9. Poolpen New Member

    same here stuck at 68%
  10. Bearman New Member

    This is the second time I've had this problem :-(

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