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  1. Used to be I could let useless items drop to the ground while skilling up (i.e., bottles from brewing) but now I'm stuck with manually deleting them each time. I had to reinstall EQ recently so I'm wondering if there's some setting I missed or if this got changed when I wasn't looking.
  2. "upgraded"

    ya, I had the same feeling... anyone else notice that when you drag and drop to the auto inventory it takes a lot LONGER before it drops off the cursor?
  3. I hate this as well.
    I WANT the foraged items to drop in inventory or the ground if my inventory is full!! Go back to the old way!
  4. well they took it out the ablity to auto drop items if you bags are full for various reasons but they should add a command

    add a /dropitemoncurser command !yes it should not drop NO TRADE

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