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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Rednalos, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I am looking to make a character to duo with my bard (currently 63). I know leveling to the same level is pretty quick so am wondering what would be the best class to duo with a bard is. Thanks!
  2. Haven't seen many bard duos, but of the ones that I've seen, the two that work the best seem to be Shadow Knight w/ Bard and Bard w/ Cleric. If you do SK + bard, you will most likely be using either 1 healer + dps or 2 healers. If you use bard + cleric, you will most likely always be using 2 dps mercs, but your bard will be puller and tank. I'd probably recommend bard + cleric the most.
  3. I have seen some pretty sucessful bard/shammy combos as well
  4. Literally any class in the game will do great with a bard. The only class that you might not want is an Enchanter, but even that will work fine if it's the class you want to play.
  5. If you're doing group stuff (and if you're boxing, you're likely doing just that) almost anything WILL work with a bard.
    I have done with just about everything, and I'll say this - you want something with dps, and until you get serious gear, you'll want a tank merc.
    Casters really seem to be easier to box, especially if you're pulling with the bard. Melee w/ bard is just too many buttons, even with /melody.
  6. Thanks, I have a 71 druid I will box with it with a tank merc to do back up heals and dps. Seems to be working well so far as not planning to much more than grouping.
  7. Id say bard with shammy then a tank and healer merc so you can dps with the sham aswell as help the merc heal I currently run zerker/ranger/wiz/sham with a tank merc and healer merc I use sham for slows and dps the cleric merc heals the tank fine in SS only time I use sham for heals is when I get 2 mobs in camp or for namers But a bard can definitely benefit being paired with just about any class especially with mercs now so id say box whatever class you like best with bard
  8. My current setup is a Warrior + healer merc and my bard (alt) + rogue merc.
    I just started playing a bard 2 months ago and I keep asking myself why I hadn't created one sooner.

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