My 4 accounts are banned???

Discussion in 'Account Related Support' started by SoroxOnDrinal, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. SoroxOnDrinal New Member

    I just finished running lesson on my monk Sorox on Drinal in Feerrott. Noting my buffs were running low, I tried to log my shaman Slopox into game for buffs on a 2nd account. However, I received "your account is banned" message when logging in Slopox. I logged my monk Sorox out of game and tried to log back in and received the same message on my monk. The same message was received on my 2 mage accounts as well.

    How is this possible? And how do I file a support issue with one of the four accounts that are banned since I cannot log in to file the issue? I created this temp account just to post here....
    400+ days played, 11 year veteran accounts, banned with no email, no warning, no nothing. I don't even know why I was banned...
  2. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Not sure why it was banned but in some cases, if one account is banned, any card/email used on that account may cause other accounts using the same card/email to get banned. Let me look into this for you. Pm Sean or myself your ticket reference number so we can help.
  3. Bedawii Morimela New Member


    Try logging into game again. I had the same issue as well as my husband and some fellow guildies. But after 10 minutes we were able to log in again.
  4. timiddragon New Member

    I was playing 2 hours ago, logged out and about 10 minutes ago tried to log back in and actually didn't get the message that I was banned until I tried to access "My Account" screen. I wasn't able to log on at all. When I list all the accounts with SOE under my email addy, the one that I have been using since launch of EQ wasn't listed.
  5. roth Augur

    I was playing this afternoon, and logged out to do some RL stuff. I came back this evening and tried to log in, getting that banned issue that Sorox reported.

    I went through the process of creating a dummy account so I could even post here, or look for information on what was going on, but saw Bedawii's advice on trying to log in again. I got in fine this time.

    AlexS, my problem is that I never got any email saying my account was banned. I ran into a loop - if your account is banned, but you never got the email, then there is no way to sign in to submit a ticket about being banned - attempts to sign in just come back with that red line "Your account has been banned. For information, click here", even though I was on the page that the "click here" link was taking me to.
  6. Izcurly Augur

    I had the same problem, which went away during my diagnostic attempts. Clearly the login process was fubared for a while.

    I find it a little disturbing that the default feedback is to tell you you're banned rather than "I'm broken, try again later."
  7. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Hey guys! Just an update, we had some login server issues yesterday which may have sent an ban message by mistake. I am currently looking into this. If you can pm Sean and myself your station names, we will be happy to look over your accounts.
  8. Steffanie New Member

    This is not caused by any issue sent out by mistake. It is caused by vmware workstation, soe changed their policy and opted to ban loyal customers over notifying them beforehand to avoid any bans.
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  9. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    What I'd recommend on doing is contacting our support team via chat/phone to see if they can find an alternative solution.
  10. Piestro Augur

    No it was a bug that threw out incorrect error messages.
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  11. SolTrain New Member

    I just had the same thing happen tonite unknowingly loading up my second account on a VMware workstation. As soon as I hit login, I got the account banned notice. What gives?

  12. Leerah Augur

    Gah! When you logged on from another computer, was it 'unbanned?'
  13. SolTrain New Member

    Still banned now in the third day. I was told yesterday by a CSR that it would be unlocked but may take some time. I assumed it was ment that it would take hours not days.

  14. Piestro Augur

    Can you forward me the ticket number in a private conversation?

  15. Steffanie New Member

    No it was a ban due to vmware workstation, but thanks for playing. My account was banned because I ran my bazaar mule from vmware workstation on a server I use at home that stays on 24/7. This was confimed by your csr. There was no prior warning before the ban and I had to jump through hoops to get the account back. I have played eq since 2001 without a single black mark on my account and then suddenly I am treated in this completely unacceptable manner as have many here on these forums that suffered the same fate.

    My letter of complaint to soe got ignored, the petition I made to make said complaint got automatically closed down without proper response. SOE has treated loyal customers disgracefully over this and done nothing but make poor excuses and point the finger of blame at the customer. The truth is YOU as a company FAILED to inform customers of a critical policy change resulting in many accounts becoming banned without justification. Your pathetic reasoning being that the SOE cannot inform customers because they might be able to avoid hacking detection methods. Well excuse me but the last time I checked VMWare workstation was not a hacking tool, it is a perfectly legitimate virtualisation software package. YOU should apologise to EVERY customer banned incorrectly, but I won't hold my breath waiting for that apology. Unless you happen to have an enduring breath item lying around I might be able to use? I doubt even that would be enough however.
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  16. Mellifleur Augur

    Your banned Stef ?
  17. Steffanie New Member

    Not on the main account, only my second account that I use for the trader (the one that my other half uses). I have it back now but that is not the point, SOE still have not apologised to me for this blunder nor offered any compensation or proper justification for the ban. They have done nothing but point the finger of blame at customers, many of which are struggling to understand the levels of stupidity involved here. What a complete PR mess this is, could SOE have possibly handled it any worse I wonder?
  18. Piestro Augur

    Just to clarify a bit here, there are two separate issues that are being discussed. The first is this the first part of this thread, which was started because of a bug that caused incorrect error messages to be thrown out telling people they were banned. That's no bueno, but since it was quickly resolved it didn't have lasting harm. That was back on February 10 of this year. Notice the time stamps on those postings, and how they all stop on the same day.

    The second issue is the one SolTrain and Steffanie are posting about. Right now VMware is tripping some of our safeguards and resulting in suspensions of accounts. VMware isn't something we typically support, but there are legitimate reasons why people might want to use it. This is something we're working on, but for right now it's a bit sketchy to use VMware. That's no fun, especially if it is something that you've used for years and for that I apologize. Using 3rd party software can be difficult, because some of these programs uses some of the same tech that can be used to attack EQ.

    What I'd really appreciate is a note explaining why you use VMware, what the benefits are for you, and how this has impacted you. That gives me a lot more information to pass on to the folks I need to discuss this issue with so they can make informed decisions. I can think of reasons why I might want to use it, but they probably aren't as specific or as compelling as your reasons. Anything we can pass on to improve our policies or our procedures when things like this happen is a big help.

  19. Tobynn Augur

    If tomorrow SOE decides that Notepad is 3rd party software that violates their mysterious and shadowed policies, there isn't a thing that a note from a player will do to prevent the script-triggered bans that will occur en masse and without discussion. Obviously, as clearly demonstrated in this thread and all of the recent threads of similar nature, SOE's policy is to ban first and ask questions later. The number of people that have had to pull teeth in talking to CS to even get someone to admit why their account was banned is simply staggering. This is the gist of a typical CS exchange reported by a number of players banned recently:

    Player: Why was my account banned?
    CS: You did bad things.
    Player: What bad things do I do?
    CS: You used 3rd party software.
    Player: Which 3rd party software?
    CS: Yes.
    Player: No no, specifically to which 3rd party software do you refer?
    CS: A software detected client-side.
    Player: Yes, but again, specifically which software?
    CS: That's for us to know and for you to find out.
    Player: How can you be so obtuse?
    CS: I was trained well.
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  20. Jyve Augur

    Not used it (but had plans to). Running at home, throw it on a beefy PC, run EQ in a VM so my base machine doesn't need old versions of DirectX installed. When travelling, could throw it on an ok laptop and take that with me, easy to drag around the same settings. I use VM's significantly to have a stable OS for dev tools and my work, using it for games makes sense too (and keeps windows update from wrecking things, once i get a VM that works, back the whole 30-40gb up somewhere, then I have a known working version before something's broken with Updates/Drivers). Can I work around it if I need to? Sure. I thought it'd be a convenience to me for later.
    Other plans on mapping the output of that VM through a flash video encoder, and remoting in will have to be put on hold for now too!

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