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  1. So after alt # 15, I'm feeling lazy decided to check out the name generator. Is the name generator implemented to easily identify gold farmers? because the names it comes with are simply atrocious.
  2. I think all the good names were claimed a long time ago :(
  3. Lateana@The Bazaar wrote:
    I have had very few problems getting most of the names I want. When I want to make a new character name for a character, I start with a name or some words, then I make an anagram. Here is an example.
    I was making a character for a 40K RPG campaign. The flavor is quite a bit Imperial Rome. The character was going to have an affinity for the color blue, so I started with Singulus Khroma. That was going to be his name, but I decided to play with anagrams and see if I could do better. If nothing else, it is nice to have an alias ready. From this I got Gulsumas Khroin, which I decided was better and used instead of Singulus Khroma. I liked the name well enough to also use it for my #2 character in EQ2, a shadow knight.
    If you look at classic D&D, there are a lot of character names that are anagram based names, which allows for creation of new names without requiring you to make up a whole name. It places a boundary on the problem, then you can just play with the sounds to make the name work. It also allows a name to have meaning without being plain dumb like a good portion of those in the game.
  4. Lateana@The Bazaar wrote:
    The random name generator does not take into account if a name is in use or not.
  5. I like when the name generator comes up with names that fail the censor check.
    Also, my all time favorite name generator name was an inquisitor named:
    Thanks name generator!
  6. LOL, that is a great example.
    I once tried for the name Misskitty and was rejected by the name generator. I had to petition to get the name for my little Kerra.
    I used to see really cool names appear on the generator, but now they all look like Chineses plat farmer names:(
  7. I once had the random name generator give a ratonga the name "Cooked".
    Epic win!
  8. Xalmat wrote:
    More like epic fail.
  9. Naming is generally easy for me. I think of how I view my character, a word which describes her, and I hunt for a name which has that meaning, or a variation thereof.
  10. Silverzx wrote:
    I don't know, sometimes if I haven't already thought of a name before I get to the 'name' part of character creation I'll hit the random for a bit. Came up with a few decent ones (some of which I wrote down for later use) and I've occassionally used the ones that popped up. Sometimes it'll pop out some good name parts, add or remove some letters and you get a pretty decent name.
    It does have some...oddness about it though. I've seen it throw "names" out that were certainly not going to get past the name filter, such as a certain naughty C word. When that one popped up I nearly choked on my drink and had to show it to my husband lest no one ever believe me that the name generater would pop up such a thing.
  11. I have actually had a few that were decent. Off the top of my head, Abuc and Othan are two that I used that were random; I am sure I have used a few others, but don't remember them...probably either deleted the character or just got used to it. Can't just hit it once and expect to get a good one.
    I can tell you that in my haste to click I have sped past passable names though. You're like, "dang, that was a good one." lol
  12. My name from eq1 is Xdatinelia. It is randomly generated, but it's been mine fo 11 years now. Sometimes even the flubs become nice.

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