Flame Tapestry... 5 charges for a furniture? what the heck?

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  1. Why does the recipe for the Flame Tapestry from Deep Forge have 5 charges on it? You can only make this T7 house item 5 times before you have to get the spell again? There's not even anything special about the tapestry. It's just a furniture item.... so why?
  2. Cusashorn wrote:
    Recipie is in deep forge. Same place everytime you go in. Common recipie? I dont know really , it is a nice looking thing though if your going with the red motif.
  3. I don't get why they are limited to 5 charges either. There is nothing special about the recipes, the status reduction is not impressive. I don't see any reason for keeping it a temp recipe. If there was something special about it, I could see it, but not in its current form.
  4. Cusashorn wrote:
    it gives you a reason to go back?
  5. With the amount of void shards needed to get to the t2 armor seems like there pleny of reason to go back hehe
  6. trovan2 wrote:
  7. Considering that the recipe is tradeable, and that anyone working on A Thread of Hope heritage quest is going to go to Deep Forge a gazillion times to get the 70 bricks of iron ore required to make the magmatic bronze armor, I'd guess that the recipes will begin appearing affordably on the broker at some point.
    This is no different than Bartending for Sadists or The Tender's Secrets recipe books, are a PITA to get /shrug.
  8. ARCHIVED-Val Guest

    It is a recipe upon which lower level adventurers must be dependentent upon high level adventurers if they want the recipe. I hope its not a trend away from crafter independence, but it seems like it might be.
  9. Valsehna@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    You can trade it. The product is fluff. imho its not a game breaker.
  10. zaneluke wrote:
    Where is it at?
  11. erin wrote:
    Southeast round room with the casters. It will be on a table or sitting on the floor, usually. You could conceivably get a level 80 to group with a level 50, mentor, zone in, and unmentor, then just stroll over and collect the recipe.
  12. Sigrdrifa@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Charged recipes were a bad idea then and a bad idea still.
    You have to go back for the ingredients, but forgetting how to make something after doing it a few times makes not roleplaying sense.
  13. On a table in the same room as the key mob.
  14. The recipe wasn't all that expensive on Butcherblock. Of course, I'd rather the recipe didn't disappear, but I got enough tapestries to decorate my living room windows. It makes lovely curtains. (However, it's not called Flame Tapestry exactly. I forget the actual name too.)
  15. Sigrdrifa@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Ah. So that is why iron ore is so expensive. And iron ore is the one thing I got none of when I was there. Need 10 to make anything.
  16. Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    I actually kind of want to make some of the armor just for appearance as well as for the HQ. This is what it looks like, and it's cloth, despite the plate appearance:
  17. This will make you very happy then...
    Gninja wrote:
  18. Hey Hey

    Good to hear abouth the aperance gear , i will now have two sets , The quest is not taged heratige in your quest log, while grabing missions , i cleaerd out some of my grey quests and that was one of them, Completly crafted a set of gear and when i went to run it in, well i did not have the quest ... Oh well send a tell to revrent on perma if you want a set ;>

    Welcome Home
  19. Terron@Splitpaw wrote:
    Completely agree. Bartending was very rare to drop as it was.

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