My Fish Aquarium!

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  1. Just started working on it today, hope you like it! Thought it would get the ball rolling for more creative ideas on this thread, since we've all been wanting something like this for a long, long time.
    List so far, for those who requested it...
    4-Ornate Ferrite Tables
    2-Small Fancy Mahogany Counters
    2-Large Fancy Mahogany Counters
    2-Comely Iron Chandeliers
    2-bonsai from Fallen Dynasty adventure pack /claim
    The fish is a quest reward from the questline starting with "Fish of the Chrykori Isle" and the other stuff is just odds and ends I had around the house.
    I will post more pics as I decide on what else to use in the tank. I mainly wanted to show the basic structure, as well as show the one fish currently available.
    I hope this is just the beginning, give us more fish! I miss the aquarium I made in SWG! Until then, poor George will be all alone.
  2. That is very clever, I like it a lot. Where in the world did you get that fish from?

    Also is there any items that have glass in it? I'm sure there are, I know of one, the Display Case from Qeynos Tradeskill Faction merchants, can't think of any others off the top of my head.
    I don't recognize most of the items you use & won't get much time in the next month to play (darn kids, thinking just cause I'm the mommy I don't need my toys just as much as they need theirs , ah well, only another month till they can start worring about X-mas '08 ).
  4. Nice work .. simple yet very inventive :)

    looks to me like it is some of the new tables (4) with the new counters (4?) ... 2 of the tunarian trees (collection quest)... A skull (forget).. no idea where the fish is from ... bloodstone shards (collection quest) ..
  5. That is just too damned cool.
  6. Absolutely fantastic! I hope you don't mind if I borrow (aka: blatantly steal) your idea. I've been wanting something to this effect, but I'm still working on getting my carpentry capped.
  7. Please borrow, steal away! I started this thread to give my idea and hope more get posted here. So, let the creative juices flow people and post your own pics!
  8. I started an alt to do the quest fromt he npc since its a newbie quest but in the end never got the fish just a weap reward. Do you have any more info on how do get the fish?
  9. That is brilliant!

    /runs off to redecorate

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  10. lol! Thats just too cool!

    Awesome job :D
  11. That is awesome!! It looks really really cool!
  12. A nice addition to this might be the trident trophy from the yha-lei L&L under or above the tank.
  13. I absolutely love this! I might have to tinker around and see what I can do myself :)
    Have you thought about putting in some mystical mirrors? I don't know if they would obscure everything...hmmm
    Anyways, this is so very fantastic! Congratulations on making something so purty hehe
  14. Fantastic!!!!
    I have 5 fish tanks in my RL home. I always wanted one in my EQ2 homes.
    The funny this is I have almost finished that quest series on my new Sarnak so if you don't mind I will be stealing your idea.
  15. Gahhh I can't get the pic to come up so i cant see the aquarium /cry
  16. I want to see fishies! Right now their just an ugly red X .. rare breed? (pouts)
  17. Sorry about that, I fixed it, so you should be able to see it now.
  18. woah...
    VERY cool!
  19. Oh! I love it! That's so cute.
    /petition we need more fish trophies/plushies.
    oh .. if you have it you could add in the Griffon tower or Wizard Spires (rewards).
    Now, if only we had a minature of the Qeynos/Freeport Castles *ponders*

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