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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Kristabella, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Kahonen Active Member

    Having become "slightly" annoyed at the ongoing lack of the promised fix and for the sake of making some progress I decided to head in their with a guildy who has a level 95, fully raid equipped and mastered monk. He ran down the corridor with all of the golems in tow, ignored the adds, hit Frost until the pillar stopped glowing and then hit the pillar once and it "died". He then proceeded to one shot AOE all of the adds and killed Frost in just a few seconds.

    I'm pretty sure this isn't the intended strat for Frost but it worked and I got an awful lot of satisfaction from the result after spending so long trying to solo it.
  2. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Which did put some mmo into eq2 again ;) not as intended, but at least you done it not solo (as it was intended ^^)
  3. ZUES Active Member

    Took me forever to realize you need the stun clickies to beat this fight. Finally got him.
    Now I'm stuck on the red/blue guy. Got him to 25% and he healed to full. I clicked pillars, changed colors, etc and still can't figure out this darn fight. Someone update wiki please.
  4. ZUES Active Member

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  5. Lamatu Member

    The fix to nerf the regen buffs on the pillars should go in soon. All of my alts can drop one pillar just fine then kill Frost and my Bruiser can kill him without doing any pillars.

    I imagine this will be tweaked so any toon with 280 AA and expert spells can do this with killing 2 or more pillars.

    The final statue can also just be killed ignoring the script with dps and a Inquisitor merc is useful as he verdicts all names there at 25%.
  6. Xille New Member

    I just got done beating my head against this wall. Level 92 Guardian, 320 AAs, all combat arts at master, good gear, with an inquisitor merc. I managed to get all four pillars deactivated, but could barely put a dent in one of them. I eventually ran out of orbs, and I'd get knocked away, and by the time I could get back what little damage I'd been able to inflict would have healed. Very frustrating. Please let us know when this has been fixed. I'm going to do something different until then.
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  7. AngryConjy New Member

    ok, I have tried this fight at the min. of 10 times with 2 different people and once solo.
    Geared decent and spells all mastered
    on Frost, I can deactive the pillars, but CANNOT put a dent in them.
    I have one spell that worked woderful in denting the pillars, Elemental blast, took out half of tone pillars health, but
    then Frost will attack me unrelentlestly, I will not have the 2 minute recast cast time to put on the pillar again. Frost attacks me until i am dead. The attacks are time so that i do not have time to cast another spell before i am interrupted.
    My fried have tried and the same thing happens
    do not know how to procced, after thrying with a Bruiser, warden, and a pally.
    will try with a sk next.
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  8. GrouchyMouse Active Member

    Since we're on this subject, how in th world do you take down the final mob?

    I couldn't figure it out, went with what the droag said, never could get him down past 70%. I just grabbed the paper I needed and beat feet. >_<
  9. Kahonen Active Member

    Perhaps a little exaggertion but it made the point ;)
  10. Naldiian New Member

    So, it seems I could finally take down Frost by changing tactics a little - I think having Merc attacking frost while I was trying to take down a pillar was healing the pillar. Once I had my merc in back off mode, where all it did was heal me, I was able to continuously damage the pillar rather than watching it regen rapidly. I took out a couple of pillars with ease, and then killed Frost in no time, with my merc just healing me and standing around watching.
  11. Ridolain Member

    Hah! Brought in a Wizard and still couldn't bring down Frost. *shrugs* Of course as a Guard, I don't have the heals and the stinking pillars would not die and regenned to darn fast.

    So for now, I'm just chilling doing book quests and other things. Can't wait for the hotfix.
  12. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    I gave it another try, thinking the fix might have gone in. I had to die and get the healer merc to hold aggro in order to take a pillar down and beat Frost.

    Watch for a red or blue aura to show on the statue. When either one comes up, you counter with the opposite color by clicking any pillar. These have 3 settings (red, blue and reset) When you have the right color counter, you have to keep bringing the statue back onto the pedestal when you change the color of the pillars. You'll get a popup message that its aura is being disrupted and has dissipated.

    If you just want the map and don't care about the statue kill, don't talk to the droag. I was able to just kill two book mobs and walk up and get it.
  13. GrouchyMouse Active Member

    Ahah, thank you! Heh, since that post I wound up killing the statue twice.

    The first was my Paladin kept the statue up at the pedestal while the Mystic changed the pillars during the fight. The second time around, my husband's Illy and my Paladin stayed at the statue and just burned it down. It started to heal but we had so much firepower going that for every three percent it went up we brought it down two until dead. I love the Paladin/Illusionist combo. :D
  14. Menelag New Member

    When I did this quest on my 92 Necro (not particularly well geared) with the wolfie templar, I fought Frost and died a few times, then I just went and ran around the room, and found the quest update lying on the ground (north east part of the room I believe). So, in short, you don't have to kill him to update the quest. At least I didn't.

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