Your favorite sound in Eq2 ?

Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-Skazi, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Lately it has been the combat noises of the female rotanga...

    reeew ruhhh reeeww!
  2. /playsound ding

    Hands down.
  3. The sound of any weapon hitting a skeleton.
    ...I like the crunchy sound
  4. Other then the /ding sound (which is #1 for me lol) I like the sound of my gnome getting hit when she is fighting. "Tsuuuuaaaaah!"

    I think the crunchy sound is cool too lol

    Oh oh! The sound of my boyfriends gnome when he gets hit is hilarious too! lol
  5. My male Sarnak Dirge sounds like he's swearing during melee combat...

    gotta love that...
  6. I think Iksars, well female anyway, have the cutest combat sounds.
  7. Does music count as sound? The music in the Starcrest section of Qeynos. When I first started playing, that was the section of city for my character (I'm all Freeport now). At the end of the night, I'd teleport back mail....just very nostalgic for me.
    I keep a Warden over there just to hear the music every once in a while.
  8. interstellarmatter wrote:
    I turned my music off about a week into the game.. I find it more annoying then not and prefer to just hear the other sounds in the game.
  9. chest drop sound... but ratonga fighting is close 2nd.
  10. The whoosh sound of the Guild levelling up.
  11. The sound of my entire group "dying" when i force them to feign death out of the blue :D
  12. In order from favorite to less favorite:

    AA ding
    Coin being transacted/looted
    Opening/Closing bags; Looting corpses
    Goblin Lotto Winnings
    Chest Drop
    Warlock puke-and-die line of spells (also neat when fighting a giant and he pukes all over the group)
  13. I love the sound of the quest ding, especially after seeing my most hated words several times "no quest items found".

    For vocalisations, I think my arasai coercer's afk vocalisation is just perfect for her: "Prepare to be ignored."

    I also really like the chest drop sound.. except if I'm fighting in water.. without any water breathing spells.
  14. Rahatmattata wrote:
    I think I know this sound!

    I think its the same sound that is used for the Defiler encounter AE poison as well as the Fury Hybernate. I love this sound!
  15. rare harvest sound ftw!
  16. Chest drop sound-(is there a setting for this? I stopped hearing it a LONG while back) I used to listen for that and if I didn't hear it just keep going. Now I have to stop -- look around to make sure the chest did't drop under my feet or some other place before I head toward the next mob.
    Next would be the Crazy Gnome??(Can't think of voice setting) -- TIME OUT --/crazy laugh-- my kids get a kick out the emotes for that one.. Like -- The Voices tell me to HURT you--
  17. I love the rare harvest sound..and I love the heartbeat going into the basement of Nek castle.
    I absolutely hate the laughing skeleton sound, especially after it has crumbled dead and keeps going.
    I think the most unsettling sound is the sound of the houseplant crunching on the bones after you feed it.
  18. I love the music in Fallen Dynasty. It's an under-utilized zone IMO.
  19. some really good ones, I agree with most of the sounds of level ups , be it guild or AA
    Zone music , Greater Faydark and Runnyeye
    and always the sound of loot and chests is good :)
    laughing skeleton.. yes it is annoying, but when you are a necro and can do it... it can be fun :)
  20. That's easy! My favorite is the EQ1 Rivervale music which can be heard in one corner of Teren's Grasp. I love hanging out there and remembering old times!

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