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  1. Smokejumper Developer

    Two versions. The one on the left is alphabetized by island name. The one on the right is ordered by Tier.


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  2. Ice Queen Trailblazer

  3. Karrane Trailblazer

    Sweet !! Ty!
  4. Lord_Shaleph Trailblazer

    Oooh. That is mean... I just saw the title, and jumped in to find my new home!!!
  5. Fenny Trailblazer

  6. Fenny Trailblazer

    You have gotten better at Reformatting (23)!
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  7. Estred Founder

    Your Reformating Skill is not high enough to edit this thread.
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  9. Sunraiser Trailblazer

    Bring back Cape and Highland! *chants* T____T </3
  10. Feral Wolf Trailblazer

    WOOT!!! THNX for the fast info!!
  11. Decalin Trailblazer

    Yay - now to stress over something else :D
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  12. VentureOn Trailblazer

    Oh that's nice!
  13. Tradezcat Founder

    Old_Forest = snow, right?
  14. Smokejumper Developer

    Seriously? If that's the case, then what is "tundra"? :)
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  15. OneFiftyFour Trailblazer

    Thanks Smokejumper :D
  16. LoneGunman Founder

    Permafrost? :)
  17. Amika Mamutoi Trailblazer

    Tundra is snow :D

    Thank you for the list!!!!
  18. Acid Trailblazer

    Woot for Tier 4! Thanks Dave :)
  19. Tradezcat Founder

    a tundra is a biome where the tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons (wiki)

    I was just hoping to get same weather as Alpha
  20. Trezore Founder

    Sorry... but what is Biome 1 and Biome 2? Does that mean biome1 is the center and biome2 is the surrounding land?
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