[Tutorial] Vakuum's advance building tutorials

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  1. Vakuum Trailblazer

    I've been playing around with the different tools with the goal of unlocking their true potential. So far I've found some nice tricks that will help you create more unique buildings! :)

    My claim is located at Overlook (T3) on Courage if anyone want to come look.

    General stuff
    • When using a tool you can use ALT to pick a material from a voxel.
    • Use V to mirror an object you just pasted
    • Get a grappling hook, it makes building MUCH easier.
    [Tutorial] Stone wall
    Give your walls some texture with this trick. It helps remove the flatness you normally get.
    1. Add some rifts to the wall.[IMG]
    2. Select the rifts with a buffer of 1 voxel on each side.[IMG]
    3. Use the smoothing tool. Click until you like the result (about 10+ times).[IMG]
    4. Finished result! The effect is subtle but helps a lot. :)[IMG]
    [Tutorial] Wood planks
    The smallest voxel can be quite blocky for detailed work, but you can get around this by using the smoothing tool.
    1. Make the structure you want to make.
    2. Copy the support and create a longer version of it.[IMG]
    3. Use the select tool and select the support with a buffer of 1 voxel on each side.[IMG]
    4. Use the smoothing tool and apply about 4 clicks.[IMG]
    5. Select your desired length (Avoid the top and bottom voxel), and replace your old support planks.[IMG]
    6. For the railing we copy the railing and make it 3 voxels wide.[IMG]
    7. Select it and use the smoothing tool about 10 times. (Remember the buffer of 1 voxel around the item)[IMG]
    8. Select and copy the center. Ignore 2-4 voxels in each end as they are rounded.[IMG]
    9. Finished result![IMG][IMG]
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  2. WDL Trailblazer

    Awesome thanks! now...tell me how to make glorious roundness like the tower in your background! :)
  3. jensnap Trailblazer

    What tier is the smoothing tool - that's all I really care about and all that's desperately needed to take away the colossal ugliness that's out there.

    I'd *love* it if we had the option to ignore people's claims.
  4. Kordolin Trailblazer

    Great guide. I agree with WDL. Make a guide on your tower, I couldn't find a way to make that perfect roundness you have.
  5. Vakuum Trailblazer

    1. Use a tool like this to find the pattern for the desired width you want.
    2. Create your base circle
    3. Copy this a couple of times
    4. Select it with a buffer of 1 voxel on each side.
    5. Smooth the crap out of it!
    6. Select it but ignore the top and the bottom. Copy this and save it as a template. Then delete it all.
    7. Paste your template a couple of times on top of each other. Final result!
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  6. Mai Trailblazer

    Awesome! Thank you.

    Smoothing tool is Tier 3 I think? (Tungsten both types and Amethyst)
    Along with the Paint tool. (Tungsten both types and Emerald)
    Line tool is higher. (Cobalt both types and Sapphire).

    Oh I don't have them yet. I 'perused' someone else's work shop on Courage while I was waiting for EU servers to unlock. :)

    p.s. Why don't the workbenches show a name or level when they're place in the world? I haven't a clue how high that workbench was.
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  7. Vakuum Trailblazer

    1. Create a HUGE block!
    2. Use the delete tool and select the largest sphere.
    3. Select the center part of the sphere. (I had to spin it since the top had a hole, but the bottom was fine)
    4. Paste the selection a couple of times, then trim of the stuff not needed.
    5. Add lower walls and you are done! :)
    Had to update my bridge after I did this one :)
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  8. jensnap Trailblazer

    Thanks Mai!

    I'm not too keen on spending hours collecting/building just yet. Too many wipes as of yet to really commit. But once the wipes are over -- I fear for my sanity with how many hours I'm going to spend in this game!
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  9. rjackson85 Trailblazer

    Very helpful. Thanks a lot!
  10. TrillBilly Trailblazer

    This is great. I am bookmarking all these guides on building. Thank you for taking the time to help comm. out.
  11. CountessDragonia Trailblazer

    There are only two wipes planned (one after alpha in about a month, and one after beta). If I'm not mistaken, you will loose your tools, resources and stuff like that after the first wipe, but not the second. As for the stuff we build, we get a template of the entire claim if we delete it, or after the wipes. So all in all, we won't loose much anymore. :) (except if there are unexpected wipes, but it seems to be stable now.)

    @OP: Awesome tutorial. It shows how much can be done with very few tools. Creativity FTW. :)

    (oh, and I've been to Overlook, and considered a claim there. But if I got one there, how could I not make a hotel? Hehe.)
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  12. Ozymandius Trailblazer

    Great guide, thanks for posting it :)
  13. Curtis Trailblazer

    awesome tips with the selection and then apply smoothing!!!
  14. develsFyre Trailblazer

    Fantastic tips. Thanks Vakuum! :)
  15. jensnap Trailblazer

    fwiw, it was in the main video trailer for the game :p It was not a revolutionary idea by any means. He's just doing what the devs did in the video, pretty much exactly.

    I'm glad there aren't going to be too many wipes - but I've been burnt trusting that before in testing phases. I'll hedge my bets. My time is too precious lol
  16. MasterMagnus Trailblazer

    Fantastic thank you!

    The extra voxel buffer and using the central section are the pro tips I needed! You rock!
  17. Vakuum Trailblazer

    They didn't show how to smooth a larger item and then only use parts of it like I did. The devil is in the details :)

    This is a minor one, but still cool for those who want the perfect look.

    How to avoid vertical lines/artifacts on a wall that curves.

    1. Apply vertical lines here and there.
    2. Smooth it out and enjoy your nice wall :)
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  18. MasterMagnus Trailblazer

    Are you always in cube mode with the smoothing examples you've shown?
  19. Ozymandius Trailblazer

    I've found that the devs videos aren't that clear. I fought with the tools after watching them, which is why I made videos of my own after those fights for my friends/family.
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  20. Vakuum Trailblazer

    I only use the cube/selection tool. I haven't really played with the others that much. Except the line too to make a roof, but I don't think that is an advanced tutorial. (except if anyone wants me to?)