Update Notes - 02/12/2014

Discussion in 'Alpha Update Notes' started by Fairan, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Fairan Developer

    Here they are! Hope everyone enjoys the new stuff and the fixes!

    • Procedural props will no longer spawn on your claim. If they previously did, they will be removed and free you up to manipulate your claim appropriately!
    • Fixed an exploit that would allow people to place props on other people’s claims and have them be “immune” to manipulation by the claim owner.
    • Added 8 new props! Their recipes can be found on the Copper Reinforced Saw Table, the Tin Trimmed Work Bench and the Rubicite Trimmed Work Bench.
    • Add 12 new materials to use when building! Sand, Stucco, Plaster and 9 different Sandstones are now usable in game!
    • Fixed an issue with a tree that has been harvested would still be visible for a few seconds after the destruction happened.
    • Fixed an issue that made the quantity arrows on the crafting or stack splitting windows difficult to click.
    • Fixed an issue where your selected server could change while sitting on the character select screen.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when placing a claim.
    • Fixed the “white box” issue when dragging items from window to window in the UI.
    • Fixed an issue where the game settings window was too small by default and cutting off some of the sliders and options.
    • Fixed a bug when strafing while running that could cause issues.
    • The Trade window has gotten a facelift.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a template (or a paste) to come in to the world with the wrong rotation than the preview showed.
    • Fixed a bug where the chat window wouldn’t auto-scroll to the bottom as things happened around you or chat came in.
    • Fixed an issue on laptops with the intro movie being choppy.
    • F1 should now open the start menu.
    • ‘U’ should now properly open claim management.
    • Fixed a problem with the Explorer and Trailblazer flag recipes showing up incorrectly.
    • Fixed an issue where the inventory window would be behave differently if you closed it with escape versus closing it with the ‘I’ key.
    • Changed the default screenshot folder from being EQNext to being EQNLandmark.
    • Chat should now be colored appropriately for different types of messages.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause some of the controls (rotate, scale, move) to stay in the world after you finished using different building tools or prop manipulation tools.
    • Evac To Safety should work reliably now.
    • Added stats to the upper left corner (with the framerate) to help diagnose issues some people are having with lag.
    • We now stop a trade from going through if it would result in either player losing items. You now have to have enough open space in your inventory for the incoming items.
    • You can now drop items on the tabs in the inventory to move them between your main and your collection inventory.
    • Icons on the hotbar of items that you’ve consumed or moved to your void vault will now be inactive instead of disappearing.
    • You should now only see the health bars of trees you’re currently harvesting.
    • Added item quantity to the drag icon as you drag and drop stacks between windows.
    • Adjust lighting so that it is consistent between islands and more consistent as the day progresses.
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  2. Yeshes Trailblazer

    Thank you!
  3. Grimfeather Trailblazer

    Keep the updates coming, I like it!
  4. Aywren Explorer

    Yaaay! Ready to build! :)
  5. SilverOak Trailblazer

    Thank you! :D
  6. bobalobabingbong Trailblazer

    Sweet! Thanks!
  7. twignberry Trailblazer

    awesome thank you all for your hard work
  8. Jazabelle Trailblazer

    Awesome updates this round. Thanks!
  9. Teraphina Trailblazer

    nice me likes
  10. xrist04 Trailblazer

    Excellent set of fixes! Thanks for getting this stuff done.
  11. Alden Explorer

    Super,, keep it up!
  12. HughGM Explorer

    Alot of good fixes to little issues that have been bugging me. Thanks guys! Keep up the top notch work!
  13. Nikaa Explorer

    Many things in here I like to see :) This is my first alpha (I've never even done a beta before.) It's SO cool to see a game come together from the bare bones stage upwards!
  14. Hira Explorer

    Can't wait to check out the new materials. :D
  15. Zennia Trailblazer

    Looks fantastic, can't wait to check everything out (especially the new textures and props!). Great job guys!

    ......."• Adjust lighting so that it is consistent between islands and more consistent as the day progresses."

    Hoping that is referencing the incredibly annoying "Really, really dark!! No, just kidding, here's some light again. PSYCH! Really *really* dark!!" effect that goes on mostly at dusk and sunrise.
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  16. The Fake McCoy Explorer

    Yaaa Evac might work for me again :)
  17. Fiben Trailblazer

    " Fixed a bug where the chat window wouldn’t auto-scroll to the bottom as things happened around you or chat came in."

    I'm hoping you meant Would and not Wouldn't. Kinda irritating to scroll up to catch something and have to fight all the join and quit spam dragging you to the bottom all the time.
  18. Ophinerated Trailblazer

    Excellent news! Thank you!
  19. Tool Trailblazer

    thanks for the communication, keep it up
  20. Mboten Trailblazer

    nice update , was hoping for water , but this will do fine :) , keep up the good work
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