[Suggestion] 0.75 ADS Multiplier and the Story Behind it.

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  1. The 0.75 Aim Down Sight (Strafing) Speed of weapons.

    Now I am not saying that it needs to be nerfed, what I am saying is that it needs to be normalized. There are a lot of things that a noob can pick up and be instantly 'do well' with like certain abilities or projectiles, but 0.75 ADS is not one of those. It awards players who know what they are doing more so than a lock on awards a player for their achievements.

    As an explanation to what a 0.75 ADS multiplier is I'll guide you through the weapons that use the advantage and why it's not fairly balanced

    NS Weapons
    Let's start of with NS weapons, every single NS primary has 0.75 ADS multiplier, and that might be why YOU prefer it to some of your other options these guns consist of, the NS-15M, NS-11A, NS-11, and the NS7 PDW. Overall it is a beneficial stat to have and provides no downside and is balanced since every faction has access to these weapons

    There are two things you need to know about carbines right away; they are meant for close range engagements and they have (most of the time) amazing hipfire accuracy. There are two faction specific guns that have the 0.75 ads multiplier and TR hold both in their arsenal.

    The Jaguar, and the Lynx. I have more experience with the Jaguar than I do with the lynx, but it is for the most part agreed that the Jaguar is a *better* gun than the lynx is, having AMAZING (read: near perfect) hip fire accuracy and a fire rate of 750 rpm. Having used the jaguar for an extended period of time I've relied more so on my hipfire and I would rarely ever aim down sight with the gun when I can accomplish the same thing hipfiring and be doing it faster.

    I do not think 0.75 ADS multiplier is a make or break stat on a carbine.

    Assault Rifles
    Now with assault rifles it gets a little tricky. Every faction was promised a weapon category they would have a distinct advantage in, the devs chose that the NC would receive this 'advantage' and they certainly did during the first month of launch. Unfortunately with the release of a new 'set' of Assault Rifles lead to the TR and VS getting their own assault rifle with the deemed 'OP' 0.75 ADS multiplier. So without further ado here is each factions respective assault rifle(s)
    NC: GR-22, Carnage BR
    TR: TAR
    VS: H-V45

    Now, before I get any heat for this statement, I do not believe any of these guns are imbalanced, they actually all function very much the same, and I would say they are my favorite guns in the game by miles.
    But I do find it a little strange that the VS and TR get the advantage that the NC were promised and it upset me a little when I found out that the NC assault rifles weren't 'better' than the competitors.
    The point 0.75 ADS multiplier serves assault rifles well, allowing medics to be effective duelers in 1v1 and putting the "Combat" in the Combat Medic

    Light Machine Guns
    Here lies the most worthy point of contention, center of a lot of controversial weapon balance discussions, I present you the Light Machine guns, of which are graced with the 0.75 ADS multiplier.

    The Vanu Sovereignty have in their arsenal the Orion, a 750 RPM, 143 damage per bullet LMG that spews lasers and uses the enemies tears as ammunition. Along with the Orion, is a jack of all trades, master of none you would think, the savior of the sovereignty and bringer of death, the SVA-88. A 698 RPM, 143 damage per bullet LMG, one of the more popular LMGs used by Vanu and a favorite among a lot of other players who play all factions equally.

    Now before you respond with a heated message I would like to point out that I do not believe the DPS of the guns make them OP, in fact the GUN is actually fairly balanced, it is only the 0.75 ADS players have qualms with. And the countless times I have recited this argument the most common response concerned with how the Vanu have the faction specific trait of mobility. Obviously that is not the case with the multiplier as they are actually suppose to be divided among factions.

    The Heavy Assault is the de facto best dueler and slaughterer of men and divider of sea in this game. The LMGs they are equipped with hold some of the most ammo capacity you can have as an infantry man and their damage/dps are nothing to be scoffed at, and a combination of their high health allows each Heavy Assault player to be a big player, and a big threat on the battlefield. With the addition of the 0.75 ADS multiplier it allows the players who are comfortable with the art of AD AD spam to avoid head shots by simply side stepping and dodging 50% faster than a Heavy who is using a .50 ADS multiplier gun (i.e every single I v I gun in this game)

    This is a big advantage and I have voiced my solutions for a long time concerning them.

    First off, give every faction 2, and only 2 weapons in each category that have the 0.75 ADS multiplier. Why this change? Because it allows each faction a chance to equalize that competitive edge 0.75 ADS gives you.

    My second suggestion is a lot more drastic, remove the stat from the game, it may seem like I'm saying "Well If I can't have it, than no one can!" when I say this, but I deeply believe, along with my other infantry men that the stat is too much of an advantage, and there is nothing a player can do to bridge that gap either through skill or positioning.
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  2. I have a third option which I feel better defines class roles. Remove the .75x movespeed from all LMGs, add it to all carbines, and give the VS and TR one more assault rifle with the stat. This emphasizes the Light assault's roles as the mobility assault unit while retaining the heavy as a unit which relies on its health, not its speed to survive.
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  3. Emphasis the LA's role? I think the SMG's do better at that.

    Honestly, .75x should be given to some ADS oriented weapons and removed from most CQC weapons (since they are good enough to be used w/o ADS).

    .75x on the AC-X11 and Reaper DMR would help make them a bit less underwhelming without touching damage.
  4. Back when Jimmy was working on weapons, he said that not all the guns were in the game yet (they expect to add more). So I assume NC will get another 0.75x AR
  5. Aww doo-doo, mang, if we had more posters like you. . .
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback so far guys, I plan on writing up a more detailed post this weekend along with a video for people who would rather watch that and include weapon comparisons and advantages of the multiplier that I overlooked in my original post, I will update this thread than.

    Although I think I made a compelling enough argument here I do want to iron out any possibility of doubt and hopefully get a dev response on this issue.

    Also where can I post this to besides Reddit (already posted there) where this will be seen by as much people as possible? I picked the suggestions forums as I saw it as the most appropriate. But I'm still new to forum side so I don't know exactly how to min max publicity/discussion.
  7. I would just slap the .75 on every gun in the game.
  8. Ummm... what? It's an overall move speed modifier. It affects going forward, backwards, strafing and any combination thereof.
    For the most part, it is agreed the Jaguar is a better gun than the Lynx *because* it has more forgiving recoil allowing it greater range flexibility which is something you would need to ADS a lot to appreciate. Hipfire is (IIRC) identical between the two, the Lynx offering raw DPS (800 RPM) to enable its CQC specialisation. So if you primarily hipfire the Jaguar you would probably perform better with the Lynx.
  9. If you ask me the 0.75 should be a NS stat only so it makes the weapons a sidegrade .
    This way every faction would have it on the same guns too.

    Another idea is to make it a suit slot or an option for adrenalin.
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  10. Sorry, the original post was a reddit comment I made and I did not take that off.

  11. This would be a better implementation than removing ADS altogether.

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