12-12-12 ESF TTK Video

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Faint, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. New video:

    Old videos:

    There is no difference in armor, health or damage between any of the ESF's. Stop claiming that there are.

    (The syncing is within 1/5 a second of true sync due to poor software usage).
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  2. THANK YOU, im gunna be using this :D
  4. Nice! So Mosquito doesn't lag behind anymore! =)

    Not like it was noticeably worse before but... =P Still worse ammo gain for magazine size upgrade on rotary?
  5. Good, everything is balanced. The health and damage are all the same, and each faction has their own advantage:
    Scythes are more maneuverable.
    Mosquitos are fastest.
    Reavers are... um... look the coolest? (and incidentally have the biggest hitbox because of their model)
  6. MGP

    Reavers got best hover and vertical thrusters.
    But don't worry, developers will buff your precious reaver to OP state soon enough. Then won't let their precious NC pets to have any weakness.
  7. So the Reaver has a 27% bonus to vertical thrust. I'm sure that more than compensates for the fact that it's 3 times easier to hit from behind.[IMG]
    (Image credit to Faint)
  8. I approve of these vids / pics.
  9. Qaz

    are those the actual hitboxes or just a visual representation of the ESF shape? Just asking in the name of getting proper infos, as i really dont know the current situation, but remember that someone (jaeger?) showed some pretty crazy inconsistencies in the hitboxes at the end of the beta.

    also, you forgot the arguably most important side: top!
  10. Did you watch his videos? He shows that the hitboxes now almost perfectly match the frame of the aircraft.
    Err wrong thread let me get a link.

  11. Top is coming when NC can finally cap a tech plant on Connery
  12. Qaz

    no i hadnt seen that thread! that's excellent work indeed, and i'm glad to see that they have been fixed! (only thing that could be improved is checking for any parts that are part of the esf, but not part of the hitbox .... but that's nitpicking at this point. fact is, these comparisons are now footed on solid data, which is good!)
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  13. Nice Work!
    Can we get the Bullet Speed of the Standard Nose Guns too, like in the Rotary Thread?
  14. Some quick tests on my part:

    Reaver = 420m in .73 seconds = 575.34m/s
    Mosquito = 401m in .7seconds = 572.85m/s
    Scythe= 389m in .7 seconds = 555.71m/s

    Margin of error is likely to be pretty large due to the timescales we're working with.
  15. So this (the OP) just further proves that the Reaver is a complete and utter joke versus other aircraft.
  16. Thank you, Spadar!
    So the Bullet Speed is a bit slower? That fits into my Observation.
  17. To me, the better view from the scythe's cockpit and the smaller hit model makes the most difference and is why I hate dog-fighting them.

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