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  1. Hello all you awesome PlanetSide 2 players you! WNxKarneck here from VS Waterson.

    You know since the launch of PlanetSide 2 back in November, I've been waiting for SOE to do MORE things with the community. Contests or something. Sadly the only thing we got was the rather pointless "Empire Showdown".
    They haven't even announced anything else since then about it because quite frankly, it was very poorly planned and executed.
    Still why don't they do like "awesome" video of the month or something? I mean come on! Easy way to promote player activity is to hold small contests like this. But I digress. Let's get on what what this is and what it means to you!

    So this $15 Game Card Giveaway is open to all players and Factions from any server of at least BR rank 15 and above. This is to prevent spammers from just making a level one BR, and sending me a video.

    Post a video or a video link to something you have recorded (or have someone else record you) that shows you doing something crazy awesome. NO, I don't mean something like you threw down two C4 and blew up a Sundy full of duders or you sat at 1000m in a Lib shooting at one infantry guy.

    Maybe you somehow jumped a tank from the Crown to TI Alloys, perhaps you managed to fly your ESF and splatter 15 MAX's in a row. Regardless of how you do the awesome. Make sure it is awesome.

    Because I won't be choosing which one is the winner. The Community will be. And we all know how harsh the Community can be. And those that can vote on the video is anybody (of at least BR 15) from any server or faction.

    How to win this crazy Contest
    Contest is open from March 1st to March 25th. Only video's posted from March 1st and onwards will be considered.
    Than from March 26th though the 31st players will vote on the best Video via a PM to me. On April 1st the winner will be announced and the game code given away.

    So let me break it down.
    1. Be a player of at least BR 15 (Post a link from a source that proves it. Like PSU)
    2. Post a video(or link it) of something crazy awesome you did here.
    3. Wait Patiently for the results.

    I can't wait to see what everyone will come up with. Any questions or comments, please post or PM me.
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  2. Along with an "April fools! That's a used code. You don't get anything :p "

    Better if April 2nd for [some form of] legitimacy. o_O
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  3. Fair enough, award date changed to March 31st!
  4. Shameless bump
  5. Just give it to me... I bought PS1 at the store back when computer games were sold in those huge 1 by 1 and a half foot boxs when i was a wee lad! First mmo ever.

    I am ultimate worthy.
  6. bumpbump! Start putting up some videos folks!

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