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  1. I'm curious as to why there is 3rd person view for vehicles. Infantry doesn't have this childish feature, why do vehicles? other than catering to 12 year olds I cant imagine a reason myself, and to those that use it, just lol

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  2. cool story bro. can i subscribe to your newsletter?
  3. It is useful for sundie and flash drivers. Flash drivers feel like they have their necks in a brace, so they kind of need the extra field of view.

    It helps sundies identify those last few stragglers desperately chasing after your battle bus.

    For everything else, it is just ezmode for unrealistically large fields of view and eyes in the back of your head so you don't get C4'ed.
  4. It is also worth noting that in 3rd person view tanks have fully stabilised turrets, but because of the positioning of the 3rd person view being too low you can't actually use that view to shoot except at short range. I'm guessing that was a design decision to allow people to drive a bit more easily/see if they've snagged on something without allowing them to engage targets in that view.

    However, and this just proves that the Devs love aircraft too much, it is perfectly possible to fly and shoot accurately while in 3rd person view with any ESF or Lib. You just have to stick a dot to your monitor to show where your shots will go (approximately 2/3 of the screen height rather than dead centre). I'm assuming that because the 3rd person camera is perfectly positioned to do this that it was also a design decision to make flying and shooting while flying easier. :cool:
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  5. Probably so they can give vehicles terrible internal vision and no FOV adjustments.

    You should record that. Difficulty: no air to air missiles.
  6. Aaaaah the old 'Blu-Tac' hack. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

    This one turns Lightnings into World of Tanks, no more derping around crashing into trees in first person.
  7. I have no idea why vehicles have 3rd person view. It's not like we run over infantry by accident all the time or

    Oh... [v][8] sorry.
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  8. It is indeed useful for driving a Flash (hard not to crash in first person view), Sunderer or aircraft for that matter. In tanks it doesn't help much at all and you loose your ability to aim.

    I also find it very useful to avoid moving down hordes for friendlies when driving around, especially backwards.
  9. In tanks it helps a lot in not crashing into stuff.
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  10. I do drive tanks. and I can tell you if there was no 3rd person (which is also limited) it would be terrible to drive those vehicles with what you see through front view. You know you cannot just drag your mouse and look all over in a second as you can while playing infantry.
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  11. Thanks for all the perspectives on this. "To make it easier" is why I assumed they did it, and that seems to be the consensus here. I guess I have a mental block such that I refuse to use 3rd, and while it doesn't bother me that ground craft use it, it does infuriate me that aircraft can.

    Is there a camera trailing behind the aircraft on a cable and is the pilot wearing VR goggles? I know its not going to be nerfed though so Ill just shut up about it, but for those pilots that use it, please spare us your self aggrandizing 3rd person view 'pwnage' air combat videos, they just attract children to the game. Thanks in advance!
  12. Obviously the jet trail of the ESFs deploys a stream of nanites that continuously take pictures of the back of the ESF. So, our answers are:
    1. Nanites.
    2. Your vision is augmented.
    Though, I think it wouldn't be too much to ask for to have some HUD elements for third person so I can see my speed, altitude, afterburner charge, whether my flares are ready, and a crosshair while in third person. It would really help people admire all the fancy crap they spend station cash on, and might be a useful tool against the severely OP A2A missiles.
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  13. The big issue with ESFs is that you use the mouse to steer. If you want to look any direction other than in front, you literally have to stop steering and fly straight ahead like an idiot while you look around. That's just begging to get shot down (or just flat-out crash). It's not like infantry where you can look around freely without compromising your ability to move.

    Situational awareness is critical for vehicles, even more so for ESFs. We don't come to a stop if we hit terrain, we explode. Besides that, most air-to-air battles are decided by who spots the other guy first. The majority of my air-to-air kills come from simply sliding up behind another ESF that didn't even realize I was there until he was on fire. If you were to look over my shoulder while I fly or drive, you'd see me switching between views so often you'd think I was trying to trigger epilepsy.

    Ditching the third person view would be feasible IF we got a decent replacement for it - without the ability to look around easily while still steering, third person is here to stay.
  14. I fly with joystick and even the hat switch on it doesn't work properly.
    But i agree 3rd person is kind of ridiculous I didn't even know it was in game until after weeks of playing it.
  15. I have to assume you're being serious and truly think A2A is overpowered. I would simply suggest this is not the case at all, they are nearly useless as compared to rocket pods. A2A is useless because

    - the first one is wasted because the target chaffs it
    - the second one is useless because your non-coward target has closed the distance on you and you cannot lock
    - they hit like a school girl, a single dalton round is way more destructive

    A2A missiles are a pathetic joke, a waste of certs, and only useful for those pilots that cherry pick

    For me all they have to do is let us use our stick hats, even though that would interupt flight, it would be just for a moment, far less time wasted than the current hold+look implementation
  16. I've asked my self this very question since tech test. But at least it isn't as bad as having full on 3d person.
  17. What game are you playing?

    The tanks in this game have superb fields of view from the first person perspective.
  18. If you like the FOV, you've probably never tried to adjust it and thus, would not notice.
  19. The Prowler has excellent fields of view when you're firing from behind [s[slightly behind[/s] more than halfway out of cover.
  20. For tanks, there pretty much needs to be third person, because the turret traverse is limited. If you've ever tried to check your *** while in tank using first person, you know just how obnoxious it is.

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