4th july 'Flare gun' Price Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Arod, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. I cannot believe the amount of people who are having trouble with the concept of a limited time offer.
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  2. I see a lot of people saying things like "Well don't buy it, it doesn't change your game experience!" Well it will change my game experience months down the line when ******** are spamming this crap in bio-labs and wherever else they please. How will you feel when you're trying to quietly assault a base when pubs pop out and flare spam those mossies you were trying to avoid? Flare gun needs to be 1. Free 2. Last until the end of the holiday, problem fixed.
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  3. Exactly. You can only buy it for 4 days, but ownership will be permanent.
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  4. I think these guns will just drop my fps more. I get 40-60 fps in WG but now that everyone is trialing them....30-20 fps seem to be poping up on my screen.
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  5. Because this is the same company you were defending a moment ago the right to make money off these cosmetic items.

    It might not last for ever if loads of people buy it. SOE then realises "hey, these people actually buy these things. We should release more of the same thing just market it differently with a little change here and there".

    SOE at this point could sell snow to Eskimos, all credit to them, they really have got people paying for things that other Dev's might give for free.
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  6. Tbh this sort of cosmetic item is exactly the sort of thing they should be selling.

    It has ZERO impact on play, does not cause balance issues and adds fun to the community.
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  7. soe may well one day grasp the concept you can give your customers a little somthing without having to charge them. Im from the uk, so its no big deal for us, but the us its a big thing and quite disgusting there only motivation for this event is to profit from it, shamefull.
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  8. After they've sold you the game for £40?
  9. RadarX Community Relations

    Folks I appreciate your patience on this. I'm clarifying how this item works with the team and apologize it wasn't clear in our messaging. We will absolutely let you know.
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  10. Wait what? It does damage my good man.... that must impact a little?
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  11. Good man, thanks for the almost instant forum moderation and Dev feedback.
  12. Is the player base really that lopsided that Americans are in the minority? Honestly curious.

    I find this weapon's addition amusing (as well as the fact that so many people can't wrap their head around a limited time offer). I may consider getting one for laughs. Not to mention the fact that if this thing does in fact cause people's frames to plummet, outfits with strong rigs could lead their attacks with a sea of pretty fireworks to dazzle and delay their enemy's reactions! TACTICS!
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  13. Zero impact on play (i.e. the general way the game works/goes on).
  14. I believe European users are the clear majority of players in PS2. Not sure though.
  15. And that's before even launching in China.
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  16. Ah, cool.

    May impact me a little with my terrible toaster of a PC and people start letting these things off in a Bio-Lab. At least it will be pretty right up until the 560Ti burns out.
  17. i'm really dumping 1000 certs on this thing?


  18. HAHA! They wish their marketing team was that good!:p
  19. Already spent 1000 certs on this thing cause RadarX said it would not be removed, if it is going to be removed I WANT REFUNDS
  20. I don't know mate, people are buying these flare guns and that's pretty close in my eyes.

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