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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Maksimus, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Maksimus

    I was wondering, since it's sale 50% off the 7 day exp boosts, if I purchase a few, would they automatically start auto equipping?

    For example, I would maybe like to use 1 boost right now, then use another in 3-4 months.. (at a later date). Would they be unactivated if I choose not to use the others and choose to only use 1?

    I read somewhere that the boosts start automatically activating one after another once the first one expires, is this true? Does it not ask for my permission to activate the others? Not sure if this has been fixed or just some bug, or intentional?
  2. Eyeklops

    They do not auto-equip and will stack in your boosts inventory.
    Un-equipping a boost loses any time remaining on it.
  3. Maksimus

  4. Eyeklops

    If that did happen it's fixed now, or a limited case problem. I bought a stack of 5 50% EXP Boosts in mid December and had to manually equip each one. Because pops are so low, I didn't equip the last one and have been saving it. I recently bought 8 more, and they did not auto-equip.
  5. Alexander Angelos

    I don't like the fact that they don't stack and you can actually loose you'r alpha squad boost
  6. sebo

    not correct, unless this was "fixed" boost will auto equip each time.. a serious flaw IMO.
  7. Eyeklops

  8. Shurrikken

    this has been fixed. I had to contact CS to get a booster back that equipped automatically while I was on xmas vacation, but its working now. (edit: with working, I mean they do NOT auto equip anymore, at least for me)

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