[PSA] A compilation of the ever-increasing list of unresolved ESF Bugs

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  1. I will post videos to those which I have documented, some of them are obvious enough that I shouldn't have to waste the time to go record.

    Without further ado:

    1. Pitching down to a hover position causes vertical thrust to fail.

    2. Sharp Turns will glitch the third person camera into an ESF.

    3. ESFs behave as if they have no mass.
    Fall Speed:
    Dive Speeds:

    4. ESF bounce and refuse to stay still when landed, like they're sitting on frictionless springs.

    5. Lock-On Missile warning tones/indicators fail to trigger.
    5a. Lock-On Missile warning tones/indicators get stuck on.

    6. Pulling an ESF from a non-warpgate spawner will often cause performance upgrades to break.

    7. Scythes have uncapped dive speeds with afterburners.

    8. High Ping players are almost impossible to hit.

    Too many videos for me to embed, I'll just post links.

    These aren't just paltry bugs, they cause rather annoying ramifications to gameplay. It's a death of a thousand needles. I find myself spending more time trying to counteract and deal with these bugs than I do dealing with an enemy.
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  2. 4. ESF bounce and refuse to stay still when landed, like they're sitting on frictionless springs.

    I often chase my reaver down a hill as I repair it... sometimes It runs me over...
  3. Or when, in the Reavers unbridled excitement, it begins jumping up and down on almost perfectly flat land only to flip itself over and explode.

    I've had that happen to me more than a few times.
  4. That has only happened to me once, but you fly more than I do (im sure).

    its kinda funny to see. its the same way you can land fairly hard and not take damage (or very little). It is like our aircraft have the portal boots for landing gear....
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  5. Bugs are bugs and they should be fixed, but exaggerating about their severity makes you sound like a prima donna. These should be noted and taken care of when the time is right, but there are far more pressing issues for the devs to work on.
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  6. If you get out of a scythe and it slides against you it can make you fall through the level. I've actually had this happen 2 times within 15 minutes but i've been super cautious about it and havn't encountered it. (Also, not surviving long enough to land because I'm practising flying low and always CLIP a tree)
  7. The reaver tail has 99% of reavers total mass. If you ever try to land a reaver on a landing pad and you tail is off the pad it starts dipping down.
  8. I have had this since launch now and i've recently discovered that pressing W once when this happens will cause the ESF to behave normally.

    If i would hazard i would say that it is caused by that key (forgot its name) that reduces your speed to zero, so pressing and releasing that key will make your ESF act as if you are holding down the S button.
  9. I know that this has nothing to do with the thread. But I need to ask you Spadar, what do you use in your AA missiles utility?(i think thats it) slot. Do you use the lock on timer reduction or the increased range?
  10. Signed, stamped & approved.

    Please tweet/forward this thread to your favourite PS2 Dev and we might actually get an answer.
  11. *signing here*
  12. I use decreased lock on timer. The range increase is pretty small, even at max rank. Lock on time will help your acquisition in combat more than the a 50m range increase.
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  13. Nah, these are ESF balancing features.
  14. and the Rocked Pods need to be removed until EACH esf killed at least 5 libs
  15. Reminds me of when I rev my car with the bonnet up and the rocking movement makes the thing jerk lower and lower then slam shut. Good thing I can't stick my head under there and press the pedal at the same time. :p

    Nah, that thing stops when you get out. It's just the demented game physics, like how tanks slide slowly when they come to a stop on almost any ground, and deployed sunderers slowly wander off...

    And pitching up from a hover position causes you to get stuck in it. o_O
  16. Thanks for collating these spadar and nice flying =)
  17. Thx man
  18. D0n

    You forgot when the ESF gets stuck in the middle of the airpad if you land and bounce to the side, the wing stays stuck and your last resort is to crash.

    Also forgot that afterburning push depends on the location of the wing turbines even as you push forward the turbines sometimes as you rotate get stuck pointing down and the use of AB even after 2 seconds of holding the key forward still push you upwards.

    You pretty much nailed most of the problems.
  19. This isn't a glitch but more of a misunderstanding on how the aircraft mechanics work. Your thruster orientation is a direct reflection of where your velocity is heading. If you are drifting backwards, you won't immediately go forward until you have some forward velocity. This can be solved by holding space bar and pitching down slightly if you're aiming for a particular direction, then pitching up and continuing as normal. This puts your velocity forward and your thrusters go into position.
  20. D0n

    Hmm, I could have sworn that only happened to the reaver, the slow shift and sometimes stuck between turbine positions, so it affects all other ESF?

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