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  1. I personally use the Razer Naga.
    It has a thumb-key numpad on the side, and is pretty useful for binding stuff such as the "Throw Grenade", "Melee Attack" and "Activate Utility" keys.

    I quite like it, as it's also a nice place to put the keys for tilting ESFs.
  2. MX-510 was replaced by MX-518. MX-518 was then replaced by G400.

    So the G400 is the new MX-518. It is an MX-510, but it has higher max dpi, up to 3600 now.

    They are $35-$40 depending on sale price:

    The G500 has the DPI buttons on the left side of mouse 1, like on the top, I don't like that at all.
    I want them in the middle above and below the scroll wheel, like on my MX-518.
    Here is a pic of the G500, notice the + - on the left mouse button, that is your on the fly dpi.
    See pic (best buy, it wont let me embed it):
    My finger rests way to close to where they put the DPI buttons on the G500.

    Here is my MX-518 (left) next to my G400 (right):


    And yes, I have a warn off the mouse 4 and 5 buttons, and have a left click warn spot.
  3. I have and like the Razer Deathadder. Logitech mice are supposed to be great but I've never had one I didn't dislike for some reason or another.
  4. Logitech mice can take a beating and last YEARS.
    I hear people complaining all over the internet that razers don't last long when abused.

    I also I like a heavy big mouse, I do not claw style...
    The last razer I played with felt too small, to low, and too light..

    Mouse choice is so personal... I spend all day with my hand on it. It needs to fit and be comfortable.
    The height on the logitech G400 gives me that perfect angle for hours of gameplay without wrist pain.
    When I game with a razer, I find my wrist is higher than hand, I don't have that happen on my logitech.
  5. Used a Razer Diamondback for years until I finally killed it. Currently using a Razer Abyssus and love it, although the lack of thumb buttons might put some people off.
  6. SteelSeries Sensei MLG
    Cyborg R.A.T.7 (The RAT9 is wireless, not my thing)
  7. How are the Cyborg and Razer mice for cleaning? Longevity? I took apart my old Mx500 for cleaning and it came apart and went back together like a dream. Can't stand owning stuff that's not meant to be taken apart but made to be thrown away.

    I still use a Cyborg EVO and always appreciated the design and it's ability to shape to your specifications...too bad Planetside no longer supports joysticks...now it collects dust...waiting :-(
  8. i can say hands down the naga hex wraith is by far the best gaming mouse its perfect fit for all games.

    - its a good mid size gaming mouse
    - 6 buttons on the side are perfect for FPS i have then set for aim, reload, crouch litterly everything i need i can keybind to the mouse and the only thing i need the keyboard for is movement

    there is a learning curve, it took me a few weeks to get used to, when i first bought it i hated it and i was ready to return it. i got it from best buy where they have a 30 day return policy,

    i tried other mice too from there, i googled top 10 gaming mouse and i sampled a few of them

    - razor death adder: good, just didnt have all the buttons i needed
    - naga 12 button. just too many buttons
    - logitech g9x: same great compact mouse but not enough buttons
    - logitech g400/500 very long mouse didnt like the fit same not enough buttons
    - cyborg: good customization but the mouse felt fragile, heat of the battle and mashing buttons on the mouse it just felt like i was goign to break it

    bottom line, out of all the mouse the naga hex just perfect. with the right size and right amount of buttons on the side.

    give you an idea and not to brag. i havent played a pc or owned a gaming pc since the days of quake 1, 2, and unreal tournament 1,2
    since then i have owned an xbox and my experience with FPS where borderlands and bioshock, never played COD or halo, or any otheres. jumped on PS2 with my sniper having he aim and hold breath all at the touch of my thumbs ive gone on a K/D ratio of 92/8 74/3 and several 60+ kills

    started playing engineer with shoot gun, and the last few weeks ive had 100+ kill days over a 4-6 hour season my K/D ratio is almost at 4.

    and thank my mouse for it. fact that i dont have to take my fingers off the movement keys and thatn i can do my aiming, crouching, reload, hold breath, sprint all with my thumbs and my fingers are always on the trigger helps alot.

    so for an average gamer whos been out of the loop i think ive done pretty good on PS2 considering im taking on real people and not the computer AI

    * there is a learning curve to it, i was mashing other side buttons by accident alot of times, why i hated it, took me a couple weeks to get it down pat, bought one for a friend on sale, same issue but he loves it too. if you can get to bestbuy or futureshop pick them up there and try and return, since they have a no question ask return policy. then remember to price match it, i got my naga hex for about $50 usually retail for about $80
  9. Cleaning the Cyborg RAT9 is a breeze, the mouse isn't encased in a shell just to hide the internals like most are. The palm and pinkie panels are removable (there are 3 variations of each to choose between) .The thumb and palm panels are adjustable to accommodate different hand sizes. The weight is also adjustable.

    Apart from the ergonomics, what I like most is the variations the the programming allows. 6 programmable buttons, 4 DPI settings, 3 toggleable modes (so you can have X + Y axis sensitivity equal for infantry, X 2x Y for Armour, or Y 2x X for Air).
  10. Not a gaming mouse but the Performance MX from Logitech is the most comfortable and responsive mouse I've ever had. I don't get wrist pain anymore. You can find them discounted on Ebay and other sites usually. I tend to think of gaming mouses as more for show than long hour playing. So I went for this instead. But of course lacks many buttons but I think wrist & hand comfort is more important in FPS. Up to you of course, just putting my 2 cents in.


  11. Razer Deathadder works for me

  12. I like the mouse and what I read but I never liked the idea of proprietary batteries. I don't know why companies go out of their way to create outlandish battery designs...a couple of 1.5 AA with a AA Li charger would have impressed me. The RAT 7 seems almost identical...think maybe I'll go with that one.
  13. I'm glad a couple of you guys have said that the razer deathadder is good because I'm pretty new to gaming but I found it here http://www.squidoo.com/gaming-mice-x and that's the mouse I was leaning towards getting cause it looks awesome and I've read pretty good reviews. Anyways, I'm mostly just looking for buying advice before I make a purchase, just let me know what mice to stay away from at least.
  14. Another vote for Razer - I have the Deathadder but would like the newer green version of it.

    Don't buy a Steelseries... worse piece of garbage software I ever saw, returned the mouse I got because it was totally unusable with the bad software it came with.
  15. I am also on the search for the perfect mouse for this game. So many keys I want to bind to the mouse. One thing I will NEVER do again though, is buy Razer. They make junk mice! It will die, without abuse, within a year or two. Meanwhile my logitech mx518 is coming up on damn near 6 years of use and still works perfectly.

    Looking at the R.A.T. 9 or the corsair vengeance m95. I need to goto frys and hold them both I guess.

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