A30 WALKER - Needs a buff!

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by thePyro1, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Ok so I got A30 walker on my liberator. (Got it for vanguard too and same issue)

    As it is now it's completley useless. Even all rounder M20 Basilisk does better against aircraft.
    I admit it does its job when aircraft are really (but really) close to the liberator and chasing from behind. But then again it has dead end where EFSs take advantage and rocket pod the libs. Anyway its effective range should be improved. Not saying it needs to be sniper turret to down aircraft but it should protect the liberators from midrange attack.

    It has no sense that Aircraft turret has worse preformance in its job then the Universal turret.
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  2. Sure does.
  3. Yes indeed.
    yes indeed...

    but doubt that'll ever happen. if this was still beta, then yes, it would. but now its release.
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  4. We have been saying this for a while. It seriously needs either a bullet velocity increase, damage increase or AOE like the bursters. Infact, why can't we just have a burster on top of our vanguards/libs. The lack of damage, range, and complete lack of ability to function as an anti air weapon makes this near useless. It's only useful on the lib when you get a tail thats at half health or less.... even then it rely's on a good gunner and the pilot of the enemy ESF to be a complete moron and stay on your tail when its slowly dieing. Can we get some sort of balance with this weapon? No one is asking for a skyguard, we just want to be able to use the damn thing. 75 rounds isn't anything if your hit rate is 3%
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  5. aye in beta was a good AA gun to pick up for your rides.. now i might has well Toss ammo packs out the window at enemy ESF chasing my Gal,Lib
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  6. Hmm making it a flak gun would help, you cant find 2nd gunner because the cant shoot down anything :\
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  7. Agreed, i want a dman refund for my A30, what a piece of garbage.
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  8. From the last beta build to the release...seemed they halved the rate of fire and decreased bullet speed alot. And did nothing to compensate for those nerfs. Would be nice to have a good option for AA besides dual-burster and hawks.
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  9. it really needs a buff hugely right now its totally worthless
  10. Defo agree, walker is a bag of..
    Has anyone noticed however that it pwns troops in a few shots (or it did last time i used it), so long as you can get the angle on them of course. Great to kill LAs trying to fly over you and C4, but thats the only 'air' it can shoot.
  11. Don't know, never seen a Light Assault fly up to an A30 on the Liberator XD
  12. This is pretty much what I have noticed too. The beta Walker had a nice high ROF to help with leading. It's like they forgot to buff the dmg when they halved the ROF. TBH, the beta Walker was a bit OP, but not super OP. IMO all they needed to do was bump the COF very, very slightly and reduce the ROF by 10%.

    Gotta love when the pendulum swings. o_O Problem is this isn't beta anymore (released too early?) and these pendulum swings are not acceptable for a released product that we are investing $$ into.

    SOE WEAPON DESIGNERS READ HERE: SMALL CHANGES 4TW. Why did you pendulum a weapon from end of beta to release when things were starting to feel pretty balanced??????? :mad:
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  13. Totally agree... I bought this thinking it would be slightly better than the Basilisk for anti-air, turned out to actually be worse. I regret buying it and spending cert points to upgrade it.

    Please SOE do something about this weapon, I don't care how you do it, but just make it useful again.
  14. Agreed, this was a waste of station cash. It deserves a buff devs, and I don't think you are going to find very many that disagree with that assesment. How often does that happen? So ...make it so!.
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  15. I ran it as a trial weapon and just thought I was using it wrong.. lol

    What about the other weapon for infantry... is that at least effective for them?
  16. M12 Kobalt cuts infantry down nicely, but does nothing to armor.
  17. To be more specific the Kobalt can kill all infantry ground units, Flash's, and ESF's. It cannot damage any sort of tank, the Liberator, or the Galaxy. But yes, providing it didn't also get hit by a pendulum, in beta it slaughtered infantry.
  18. Why not allow for the Kobalt to be mounted on Libs and Galaxies? It is *MUCH* more effective at bringing down (or scaring off) ESF than the post launch A30.
  19. LOL. Dude, I was just hunting down a Lib with a full crew in my Scythe, and I could tell he had the A30. The poor gunner was trying to hit me, but he just couldn't for the longest time. Then he finally starts hitting me and I just get a smirk on my face while thinking "Wow... that thing is ****. I'm not even going to dodge, I'm just going to keep shooting it with my PPA".

    It was a mix of sadistic glee with pitty, while laughing at the ridiculous state of that weapon. Much like the feeling I would get when I would hunt down those useless MAX units in beta with my shotgun infiltrator... not sure which one is more pathetic.
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  20. My point exactly. If an ESF can simply hover behind a Liberator and unload without consequence, the "anti-air" Walker tailgunner is utterly worthless. It needs to be good enough to AT LEAST make a ESF pilot think twice about coming from behind, because they know they might take some heavy damage. Smarter pilots will still be able to avoid the tailgunner by coming from above or the sides, but they wont be able to fly directly behind without even trying to dodge or fly smart.

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