A30 WALKER - Needs a buff!

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by thePyro1, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Agreed the walker needs a buff heck most my tailgunnres are now using the bulldog for AA saying "At least the bulldog bites worse than it barks unlike the walker"
  2. It should be called Fail-gunner for how bad it is. Worst vehicle weapon unlock in the game for sure. Even worse than the skyguard.
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  3. Yes, A30 Walker need a buff now! :cool:
  4. We said the walker was bad in beta, they then proceeded to make it even WORSE by halving its rate of fire, and giving it no compensation.

    The walker is now ATROCIOUS.

    On a tank it has the mild ability of being able to aim upwards, but on a lib it is a direct downgrade from the Basilisk.
  5. /signed /agreed

    I use it on my lib tail, and i have to say its really worthless.
  6. I bought this friggen thing off my experience with it in beta. I really wish I had not wasted my MONEY on it. I hope they plan on fixing it because the default gun actually works better.
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  7. A30 Fai is Fail if you like to spend points for tail gun get the Bulldog for 100% bomber or use the normal gun how is xxxxx times nicer as the A30 Failer
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  8. Agreed, I do not understand the point of even taking the walker over the standard tail gun on the lib. They seem to shoot at the same rate but the walker does less damage.
  9. Agreed with OP. Purchased with SOE cash and this gun is worse than the default one.
  10. A30 Walker? Is that the rocket upgrade for the Prowler? Lol, you want bad? Its the Lightning Tank......it was horrid in PS1, its terrible now...I spawned up right in front of one as an HA, ran right up to it and into a building, he was firing at me, hitting me and didnt even get me to half before i made it inside.....I think he had 4 gun barrels, so maybe FLAK Cannons just do not do much to infantry.....but so far....they seem very poor....
  11. It really is a joke I don't remember at what point but in Beta this was a formidable weapon and was to be feared now we got ESF flying with no respect at all just camping the tails of aircraft we prefer the mortar on a lib for AA more than a machine gun how does that make sense?
  12. Agree with OP and many others,

    The A30 walker during beta for the Lib was great, aircraft would actually dis-engage if you shot them enough! The current version is more like a spitball & straw combo.

    At the very least, give us a Performance Cert option to increase the rate of fire to get back to the old A30 version.
  13. FLAK cannon. That is all.
  14. Agreed, it's completely broken now and doesn't seem to hit anything... in beta it was a beast and I even had a flying fortress galaxy with these on every turret purely for the sake of having a mobile AA tower, it was awesome.

    Now it's actually better to fly my Gal into hostile ESFs
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  15. I said it before and i will say it again.

    Just replace it with the AP30 shredder, with a range buff!
    No one uses the shredder effectively on ground targets without sucking so might as well re purpose it.
  16. Last time I checked we were using the AP30 for AA cover and Mortars for ground.
  17. agreed. the walker either needs to be buffed, or the tailgun needs a flak cannon option.

    make it about 3/4's as powerful damage-wise as a max's single burster. keep every other parameter (RoF, CoF, projectile speed, ect) the same.

    either that or make the shredder also able to be mounted on the tail, and give it a very slight clip-size buff.

    libs needs SOMETHING to deter fighters from getting 2-3 free kills.
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  18. i missed the stream but a outfit mate said Matt spat off something about the Walker getting a boost. can anyone back that up?
  19. The Liberators back gun should win in a straight exchange of fire with any ESF. The Liberator has a huge blind spot and fighters are the ones deciding when and where to attack a Liberator. If they pick "Directly in the cone of fire of the tailgun" then they they shouldn't win even if the Liberator gunner does everything right, and they have done everything wrong.
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  20. Bought two for my Galaxy and boy do I feel ripped off.

    Beta sucked me into thinking I was making the right choice.

    Screw wishing for a A30 buff, I agree with Oddzball.

    Refund my SC so I can use it towards something useful.

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