Accidently Ejected LALR Hilariously Lucky Pilot!

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Krogothor, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    - Low Altitude Low Recovery (LALR-HALR) haha.

    Was using FRAPS a little during our Platoon Corp Ops and caught this beauty right at the beginning. While i was attempting to attack the 2nd reaver I tried to press (1) for my Primary weapon. I pressed ~ insead which ejected me when facing the elevated Reaver I bail out of my vehicle. Instead of switching to the primary weapon i find myself drifting through the air. Lucky for me the vehicle spun 1.5times and a final .5 after I got in. This left me in perfect orientation to somehow survive.I didn't edit the video I just cropped it. Enjoy the short, Divine Intervention LOL.

    Genudine, [TED]Krogothor
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  2. Link will take you to my 30second Youtube Clip.
  3. Nice, kinda like what I do, except you don't repair your aircraft


  4. That's awesome :D

  5. Battlefield 1942 Zook Loop... Now that's awesome :p
  6. After that I would of immediately gone out and bought a power ball ticket.:cool:
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  7. OP, that was awesome. Make a tricking video!
  8. Haha yeah nice video! The thing is mine was 100% accidental so I was holding my breathe saying GET IN GET IN GET IN GET IN! while I was falling! :)
  9. New Video in Slow Motion with music! lol

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  10. Yea thats a pretty sweet view in the air from the side..

    I've only bailed once by accident and was able to recover.. Had LA, so I had to kinda fly back up to my Scythe. LoL Good thing I wasn't going full speed or I wouldn't of had a chance..

    Good video tho... Cool
  11. This happened to me once except I fell and died. I rebound my exit key after that.
  12. Possibly one of the most epic manuvers I've seen in FPS'ing.. I come up with some wild **** myself.. Really appreciate that one..
  13. Well here is another little video I just put together thought I would share inside my original thread! This isn't the best footage but it was filmed on the fly and I'm still learning. :) Sorry to the NC fans there wasn't any TR around to kill so I apologize in advance.

  14. My personal favourite.
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  15. while in combat at that too.

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