Add a Frigate Class Warship into the game

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  1. I think this game needs to add a Frigate class warship into the game you cant have a open warfare like this without battleships or aircraft carriers i know this is mainly FPS so they can simply be scaled down in size and firepower not to mention Costs and Cool downs I like the idea of a large slow moving ship going at 25~50 Kph with turrets similar to Station turrets which are destructible acting as a mobile air rearm station and mobile anti Air platform modest but not strong ground support weapons with limited numbers maybe only 1 but mostly anti air capabilities while it might help zone control the skies I believe its weakness should be strong AA ground based vehicles since its a advanced warship it should have shielding and limited ability to self heal cant have something impossible to kill after all. Would be awesome if players could get inside them and blow up there Cores on the inside to destroy the ship faster just to make things interesting :p but the main roll of the warship should be to serve as a mobile air rearm & AA ship maybe even serve as a aircraft carrier would make this game way more interesting since I'm a Australian my net is not super awesome like US so slow moving Vehicles work best for me which is why I want to push this Post hard I want a big discussion on it and not have it simply dismissed by randoms not willing to have intelligent Debate with me.
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  2. I too wish my landlocked spawn points to spawn a large ocean going vessel

    I could sit in for a small amount of time before it leans to one side and keels over.

    i would call this vehicle the ..."Plunderer" and refer to it with a pirate accent

    but :)

    there is legs to this suggestion on a ocean map with moving bases and mini subs the amount of 'haaaar' speak on my teamspeak might seem unsual to some.

    i can see it now a brisk but choppy day on 'Oceanish' the sun shining down and the shells raining down on the enemy, the spray on my visor

    (also i would like space battles a la Babylon 5 style vehicles to capture planets, but that is another post)
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  3. I thought i kinda made it clear it was a air based ship a Frigate class warship anyway this game reminds me of that old battlefield 1942 but you know a little more high tech you need Big bad ships Period will give those fighter pilots something else to shoot at other then ground teams its not like i want something 5 Km long maybe 1.5~2X bigger then a galaxy and slow as hell so its a big fat target and requires a little teamwork to bring down. If a old game like battlefield 1942 can make a sea going ship not flip its **** when stuff runs into it i think this more modern game can handle a ship you can walk around on and hell Crash into.

    PS: i cant tell if your being Snide or for real.
  4. fo real here :)

    Frigates Battleships and aircraft carriers i took as water craft
  5. So something like a Titan from BF 2142? It'd be pretty awesome but difficult as all hell to balance I'd imagine
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  6. Water continent, with small islands for infantry, underwater bases.
    City continent, moar indoor fighting!
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  7. IT wouldn't be too hard to balance if you make it's weapons defense only and it provides ammo to in air pilots and people could gal drop into it, would make PS@ 10x better , all with a single vehicle, look into to this devs!
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  8. lol this idea is very interesting, but its turn rate and speed would have to be almost none existent and cert unlockment huge, like tens of thousands.
  9. Why put more things in the air for bad pilots to crash into? It's already apparent they have a hard time dodging Liberators and Galaxies. Imagine avoiding that mobile fortress.
  10. Ocean going pish posh... Anti-grav airship is where its at.
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  11. man, would lowe to fly some air frigate :D like 5+man crewed. but things like that to be balanced needs to be killable from ground too.
    tanks, AV rokets etc should be able to hit it with much less eforts. after all its flying fortress of some sorts.

    could be used for logistics and support roles, like landpad, constant respawn point, drop options like galaxy, but would mowe much much slower than galaxy( which means- no suport-frigate is dead)

    well actualy id say not the frigate but carrier of some sort. would be epic sight to see

    but frankly ... theres so much fixing to this game that we should not expect to see such wonders in near future
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  12. Isn't one thread of your wishful thinking on the exact same subject enough?

    Will... not... happen.
  13. I like the idea of ground AA vehicle's being its weakness and good pilots to if its got destructible turrets like base turrets then it should be somewhat balanced just like capping any old base only slightly easier since the whole thing is destructible, it would still take a team just to defend 1 of these mobile bases air and ground support beneath it so when you think about it the numbers to defend even one such station it changes map control completely how many times do you see a race nearly take over the whole dam map iv seen it at least 2 times this could change the rules and make things even more competitive.
  14. Assuming that the Frigate is well scripted and cant flip its lid when people run into it that's more dead pilots running into a steel wall you don't have to worry about they need to learn to fly or die its that simple so take your pick them crashing into a Frigate that wont be harmed much or them crashing into you? I believe this will also limit people that love air a little since it should be 750 resources and maybe a global cool down on all air craft if used while only being like i said 1.5 ~ 2X bigger then a galaxy it would reduce the number of air units on the field. specially if you make it a 15~30 min global cool down on air craft use.
  15. So anyway moving onto more detail on it i was thinking maybe 7 AA guns 4 top 3 bottom with 1 cannon used for ground support maybe a shield generator on its outer hull that can be destroyed once shields go down to hinder shield recharging and have destructible engines to so no retreat if they are destroyed all repairable but the ship itself cannot be repaired instead for balance reasons should only have passive healing ability out of combat like the max and that could be a big unlockable like 150 points ect ect. So that brings us to a total crew of 9 (including Captain) this does not include any other repair crew numbers or soldiers stationed to repel boarding the Frigate, imagine shooting one of these monsters down the points would be amazing *.* but well earned and would help reduce the number of people wanting vehicles and Air units since its a big number for crewing just 1 ship. thats only about 1.5 ~ 3X bigger then a galaxy roughly.
  16. Walk before you run, we need corvette class before we get frigates. Don't sizes too far.
  17. I like this idea, but how do you intend to limit people from spamming these things? I imagine the skies are going to be filled with these if everyone can pull one.

    You could tie them to a certain number of people required before the squad commander can pull them but lonewolfs would start sreaming. You could limit the number allowed on the map per faction, but people will start blowing eachother out of the sky so they can get one.

    The best thing I can imagine is to make them cost a lot, say all your air credits and give them a serious cooldown say an hour. People would have to realize that pulling this thing is a large investment for a group and would have to reflect in how you get one.

    I am all for this, but would hate to see it gt abbused by having the zerg switch from tanks to these.
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  18. The guns are not automated they require a Crew the captain only drives it so if you got 1 without manning it you waste all your resources for air support and get hit for a 15~30 min global cool down on all air support vehicles a ship with no crew is a dead ship.
    so you would pay a massive price for being that stupid. Hell it can be also a donor ship if need be, by no means would this be a unit you can spam you pay a heavy price for it along with the risks for maintaining it in the air without support.
  19. I understand that it is a team vehicle. There are a lot of teams out there. If you for example make it a 8 man vehicle, thats potentially 6 for every platoon out there and some outfits can field multiple platoons. Depending on how strong these would be, having 6 of them moving as the air division of an outfit seems a bit much. This is just conisdering 1 outfit. if every outfit could field 2-3 you could likely space them all out withing range of eachother along an entire frontline or alternatively blob them all on one place.
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  20. Remember the enemy teams are likely to have the same ships on field to counter yours not including ground AA crews, and they will only have 1 ground support cannon per Frigate so in a way you might eliminate a couple pilots that might otherwise get Libs on the field bombing the **** out of ground forces this helps Zone control the skies and makes ground teams days more enjoyable I would imagine its a acquired taste to pilot one of these things since all you do is fly a slow moving ship and nothing else but gain assist points so by no means would it be amazing for them they have to understand they carry a lot of responsibility after all these things are mainly support craft for locking down the skies not ground forces so much, So by making the main roll of such a ship boring, it might help limit its numbers also.

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