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  1. lets imagine for a second that you pushed out a heap like a big net to clear skies you would still have the problem facing ground teams massing to counter your Frigates you cant just mass a small fleet of these they take 9+ men if the enemy had no Frigates they could push back with 9+ AA ground vehicles per ship you would blow them clean out of the skies with that much flak and missles its all about numbers these ships cant be massed because the idea is ground hard counters them specially when you factor in crew numbers per ship, people would adjust to the concepts of how many they need quickly once they realize they cant spam them. 9 people makes a huge difference after all think about it.
  2. thsi idea really got me intrigued but needs some serious thinking and concept layout before even presentign it to say a dev.

    thing is id say max 1 per continent.
  3. Im down for this but you should have to:
    1. Capture a certain type of facility and a certain number of them
    2. Collectively pool resources 9x750 aerospace resources
    3. If cert capable, have a cert tree that unlocks the bombardment feature for squad commanders to call in, marking targets on a map for it to hit.
    4. Do not make it stupid OP or it will break the game like BFR's did to Planetside 1.
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  4. if an enemy spammed a small Fleet of these all maned the enemy could then mass 9 AA ground vehicles per ship 1 ship = 9 people = enemy retaliation with 9 AA if you mass a Air unit you build its Counter its counter is Ground AA you might surprise the enemy but it would not last long they would mass AA and tanks to back up the AA and GG you just lost your best air defence unit there has to be balance and teamwork with this unit.
  5. So:
    A slow moving aircraft carrier that to be fully manned requires 9 people.
    It would feature:
    1 Pilot/Captain.
    2 Phalanx Anti-Armor turrets, 1 on each side.
    4 Phalanx Anti-Air turrets, 2 on each side.
    2: replaceable (starts as basilisk i'd think) mounted turrets, maybe even 4 to get it evenly.

    All turrets except the small replaceable ones should be destructable.

    as for the craft itself:
    1 maybe 2 at max landing pads for ESF and libs. IF aircraft is to be spawned from this i think limiting it to ESFs only seems fair.
    Unsure if I like the idea of a shield on this, but here's 2 concepts:
    1: it has a shield taht can tank a decent damage, this shield has a very long recharge timer. targetable destructible generator points disable the shield completly if taken out.
    2: no shield at all just a massive HP pool

    1 maybe 2 generators inside the ship, so if ou get a gal above it and drop troops in, and they overload these, the ship will destroy quicker than if you just pound its armor.

    repairable engines that are also destructable to completly void the craft of manuverability. since the ship is slow it might not be needed but lock on rockets should be able to lock on to all different destructable parts of the ship than just the main hull.

    Maximum of 1 per continent and requires the whole squad of 9/10 people to dump 750 air rez.
    Global Cooldown, to make the ma rarer sight.

    Just a few thoughts I have about it, but this starts to sound more liek gusn of icarus than anything, so I'll stay realistic and say:

    Will... Not... Happen...

    However if they ever get around to make a "space continent" or the seamless waterways between continents, I can see this concept revitalized. but as it is currently its all but a dream.
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  6. I kinda like what your saying about the whole team needing to pay Aerospace Resources 9X750 that and a global cool down for the Frigate over the whole Squad would help balance the unit from being spammed if said Squad invests there points into one that would limit the numbers by a huge amount.
    I don't know about a bombardment feature perhaps give it the ability to be a moving spawn point and give it drop Pods to hot drop down on places besides the one Cannon for ground support should be more then enough to support the boys on the ground without being as annoying as say 9 libs giving people a bad day :p
  7. You cant have a 9 people crew if its only got 1 driver and 6 guns 2 miss out after spending all there points.
    2 ground turrets is reasonable I guess, but remember you need air turrets above and below this thing and 2 top 2 below might not be enough for such a pricey unit you would need 3 top side at least and 3 bottom then have your 2 ground cannons bringing the crew total to 9. 2 ground bombardment cannons might be pushing it a little 2 much but then again who knows without testing such a unit in battle.
  8. 1 captain
    4 AA
    2 AG
    2 standard turret mounts

  9. +1, would love to see bigger air ships.
  10. sorry i missed the 2 normal turrets part, but I still think the normal turrets would sacrifice to much of its Air defence like i said 3 anti air top and bottom would be best galaxies would have it too easy i think with just 2 top specially with air support they could blow up just 1 gun then hot drop clean in with zero worries that 1 extra turret would make the difference I think. So it would be

    1: Captain
    3: AA topside
    3: AA bottom
    2: AG for ground support bombardment
  11. While far fetched and probably not going to happen I really like this idea. Though I think to try to attempt and sort of balance it needs to be setup to support air or support ground not both. Something like if we were to go with the idea of an air base then:

    1. Needs to be first and foremost a way to prevent mass spawning, such as using collective resources, extreme cert cost, extreme Cooldown, or at least something.
    2. Lack any sort of significant ground attack including AT guns. Already enough **** being dropped from the air without a flying fortress doing it too.
    3. To compensate for number 2 it needs something like a indestructable base shield protecting the bottom from ground attack. The shield like base shields would have a generator or generators (maybe have a independant shield each side controlled by its own generator). These generators would be somewhere on the stop and presumably only targetable by aircraft or infantry on the craft. Lowering the shields would then make it vulnerable to ground attack.
    4. Resupply pads for aircraft of course and AA phalanx guns protecting the top.
    5. Needs to have a way to spawn so people launch aircraft off it though not sure how you would work infantry running around on a moving vehicle. As we all know as of right now you can't stand on a moving vehicle without falling or sliding off. Also I think to prevent using as a high altitude drop spawn you should take full fall damage when jumping off it. That way to use it as a ground spawn either need to lower it and bring it under further attack or cordinate galaxies moving men off it.
    6. I think its special ability should be something unique to that aids ground combat without killing everything. I think something like a localized EMP beam (or whatever it would be called) being shot down from the center to temporarily disable a base shield hit by it (maybe vehicles too if it wasn't OP) then have it on a lengthy CD like 2 to 3 min.

    This was just some quick thoughts and I doubt we will see anything like this but its a neat idea to think about.
  12. Have you read the whole article? lets have a recap this is a 9 person team air Support Vehicle and to spawn one all 9 must pay 750 aerospace resources and be hit for a ~15~30 min global cool down on air based vehicles its been debated over where the guns go and what type goes where but my 1st suggestion was 1 AG weapon 4 AA topside and 3 AA underneath the ship the purpose of the ship was Air support / Zone control of skies with only limited ground support ability since ground AA ground teams could mobilize and destroy this thing remember its a 9 man crewed vehicle not including teams inside to defend it the enemy could use 9 AA ground vehicles to counter it its not as imbalanced as you think 9 people is alot for 1 Unit a very heavy price. To balance the lose of numbers of vehicles missing on the map the ship is equipped with shields ( that take forever to recharge and can be disabled if you destroy its shield generator) you can also destroy engines its also been suggested that enemy teams can board and blow up its core to destroy the ship completely and its weapons all can be repaired with time has a high Hp Pool with hp Regen like a Max when out of combat since having a team of engineers healing it inside would be bloody OP I also liked the idea of it being like a drop ship where people can spawn on it and use drop pods from it.

    PS: nearly every vehicle in the game can to a degree do 2 tasks but do one task best that's why the ships only equipped with 1 AG weapon on my 1st post was later debated to have 2 AG weapons but that really would start making ground units feel the hurt since they are all station level guns.
  13. I also came up with another idea on this Unit we all know we can see enemy activity on the map in real time along with friendly squad team positions and vehicles I think a Frigate like this should be visible to the enemy in real time on there map this would help enemy teams coordinate an attack more effectively against such units and would force players to work as a more focused team to support and defend there frigates moving collectively if they wish maintain there air defenses more effectively as this would be a front line air defense unit.
  14. I think your underestimating how overwhelming this would be for a base. I just look back to when galaxies could spawn troops and how that easily overwhelmed bases and now we are talking about taking the same idea of a flying spawn but making it bigger, have more heath and shields, phalanx turrets for defense, the ability to spawn aircraft (you didn't specify but I would assume it could), an actual AG weapon, and the ability to spawn without being forced to land or deploy. Yes using up 9 peoples resources makes it expensive but with that much ability its all but a guarenteed base capture. Also the idea that 9 AA ground vehicles can destroy is very disproportionate. Your talking about a vehicle that not only requires 9 people working together to spawn but also cost 6750 resources and your saying it should be able to be destroyed by 9 randoms spending a total 1575 resources to buy skyguards. Thats why I emphasized little to no ground attack (including bottom mounted AA turrets because the would end up pointed down at the ground anyways) with an indestructable shield protecting the bottom and only disabled by destroying shield generaters from the top. If this Airbase requires such an investment in cordination and resources it should require almost as much to destroy it so doing something like that requires at least a cordinated air assault to fight though the AA on the top to bring down the shields so that then ground vehicles could attack. That is one of the reasons I would be hesitant to put free spawning on it, for something this large it can't be brought down quickly because that would defeat the purpose but if you allow people to spawn off it then by the time you kill it so many people have spawned and dropped behind your base defenses that you've lost the base anyways. I feel like if you truly wanted spawning on it then you would have to do something like limit it to only your groups outfit or platoon could spawn from it much like SOE plans on doing squad galaxy spawns in the future. Also the reason I picked a non lethal ground attack ability such as an EMP is that requires you to already have ground forces there supporting you so it encourages using it in joint ground/air assaults rather than just a spam air assault.

    Something like this that requires cordination and large amount of resources to destroy yet doesn't have the power required to drastically turn the tide of ground combat except though the supporting air force it brings I believe is the most sensible way to do something like this. By adding ANY ground attack abilities (even bottom mounted AA guns) and spawning I fear that by the time it was destroyed it would have affected the battle to such an extent that its destruction would no longer stop the loss of a base. This is what i'm concerned about with balancing, its a lot of resources (we're talking 27 MBTs worth) so it has to be extremely durable and practicle to use but not so much that bringing one with your army guarantees victory.
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  15. You raise some very interesting points here and your right it would basically guarantee taking A base but remember this is a SLOW moving Ship 15~50Kmh speed is also factored into game and the enemy can see it in real time on the map also the reason for AA guns underneath the ship is to stop the ship getting guttered by Libs or air units because it would be a massive blind spot it would require guns on the belly of the ship and it only has 1 AG weapon a Lib has More Fire power pointed downwards But lets say your right about the AA turrets on the bottom are to lethal for ground forces then they could be replaced with AA missiles or maybe a modified AA gun that does weak damage to infantry its a resource heavy unit but slow used for front line assaults when you factor alot of the penalties in its not that OP.
  16. Outfit-buyable "Flying Towers".

    Guns, spawnpoint, vehicle pad.

    Just don't lose yours to the pesky infiltrator...
  17. Galaxies would be more OP as spawns because of there HIGH speeds high armor taking bases would be faster and more effective which is why it was removed this ship would cap bases at about the same speeds as say a tank platoon and escort of AA vehicles about same price tag but the rules are different you would drop down on the bases with no tank support your just infantry if you went solo with the Frigate but that's not how it should be used it should have ground support also the main investment would be from having zone control of the skies so i guess you could say your paying 2X as much as the other team in vehicle costs for the ship but it would pay itself off with time for the zone control if you lost it quickly however it would be a huge setback for the team resource wise.
  18. You will never see approval for player controlled vehicles that are limited per continent I think, because that goes massively against the "pull whatever you like" philosophy of the game.
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  19. lol well you would probably want some people defending the ship on the inside they would need a Lib or galaxy to get a annoying infiltrator inside not a easy task my hat would go off to them for achieving such hacking, messing the ship systems up xD
  20. you are right which is why I believe it would have to be a team based resource system 9 people paying 750 resources

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