Air-frame Synergy: Reaver=Hover, Mossy=Racer, Scythe=XXXX

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  1. Since we are in the midst of overhauling ESF, how about we finally fix an age old oversight:
    Scythes simply do not have air-frame synergy.

    Mossy and Reaver pilots get to pick a frame each and still have top tier performance in another.
    As a Scythe pilot you are forced to choose 1 of the three because you don't get one for free.

    In detail:
    • The Mossy still has "Racer" (comparatively) even if the pilot decides to choose "Hover" or "DF".
    • The Reaver can still v-thrust almost like it had "Hover" even tough the pilot picks "Racer" or "DF".
    • As a Scythe pilot, you only get to have the benefits of "Racer" or "Hover" or "DF". Never two at the same time. Not even partially.
    Logic (and the faction trait for that matter) would tell us that the Scythe should get better roll and yaw not unlike the dogfighting frame passively - just like the other two get partial air-frames for free - but instead we get slower vertical descent and slightly better brakes in a straight line.

    I'd gladly give that up for fair treatment when it comes to synergy.

    Come up with another idea than "DF" if you think giving the scythe more yaw and roll passively would somehow brake the game. Invent an new air-frame and get creative.. but don't just leave it as is.

    Don't make this thread about "what ESF is best" people. That's not my intention. All I want is for a 3rd of all ESF pilots not to be left outside in the cold while the other two get to sit next to the fireplace and have milk and cookies.
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  2. Having the best hitbox for hover fighting is a solid upside, the scythe is hardly without its perks. It doesn't make sense to say it deserves a passive airframe.

  3. By that logic the Mossy should not get one either since they have the best over all hit-box.
    You are comparing apples and oranges.
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  4. Let's be honest, most of these forums thinks that the Scythe is already the most maneuverable and that the Reaver is the worst ESF.
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  5. But that has no value because hover fighting is all that matters.
  6. scythe is by far the worst in AvA since it has nothing going for it and on top of that the terrible V-thrust it has. I give props to all scythe pilots i fight because i can do circles around them and get above them faster then they wish they could. Be it reaver or mossy well the reaver makes scythe look like a ***** since of the super duper stock v-thrust it has but its still possible to kill a no life ace in a scythe as a mid level pilot.

  7. True, some people still think that. Doesn't make them right tough.
    I don't want to make this another thread about what ESF is "best". Kinda tired of the discussion really.

    What I'd like is for for a 3rd of the ESF pilot base not to be left out when it comes to a air-frame synergy.
  8. The scythe gets a special unofficial 'air-frame synergy', the groundhugger frame. Pancake shape for tight spots, low inertia outside hover mode, strongest vthrust outside hover mode, and air cushion landing gear combine for unmatched very low altitude performance.

    That's a little something, right?
  9. The deceleration is actually a very good advantage, but it gets cancelled out by the ****** acceleration. It's very annoying when someone just blasts away and gets a head start when you ambush them because it takes you ages to get into flight mode.
  10. So every rank would make the scythe flatter, make it stop faster, and instantly shoot up to flight ceiling at lvl3 when pressing V-thrust?

    Also i'd rather have landing gear, that cushion tends to Flip my scythe whenever i land a tad too hard on a 2 degree inclination... Sometimes i can jump back in and hit the crtl key with my fist to prevent the Flip... Sometimes...
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  11. Lucky you, when i do that i don't even flip; i instantly explode.
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  12. From a standstill, if you afterburn + move nose up at the same time you'll snap into flight mode instantly.

    I think you will find the skeeter flips even easier. The reaver is pretty stable though, unless your invisible tail tripod is hanging off the edge of a pad.
  13. Not quite sure if you're asking for a buff to the Scythe (which it honestly doesn't need), or what. The Scythe is thoroughly middle-ground in most of it's stats, where the Reaver or Mosquito give up in other areas for their more specialized attributes, though it does have it's unique strong points. What exactly are you proposing they change?
  14. Why do you guys think air needs to be changed? Air-Frames only make flying easier, not better. If you are a good ESF pilot this stuff wouldn't matter.

  15. I am pointing out that 2 our of three ESF get a kin to a free air-frame. Racer and Hover respectively.
    Effectively letting them fly around with 2 air-frames. The last third has to pick one out of the three.

    My suggestion would be to go either full circle and give the Scythe the dogfighting frame or add an additional air-frame to the game and give its attributes to the Scythe.
  16. Except that the Scythe doesn't give up in the same way that the other ESFs do for their "free air frame". If the Scythe was at some particular disadvantage in the air, then maybe I'd agree with you, but it simply isn't.
  17. In what ways are the others "giving up" that merit a free 700 cert air-frame and additional, paid air-frame as oppose to the Scythes one?
  18. Do you even fly?

    When the scythe is banking its entire top or bottom is exposed, its the easiest hit box ever, but when they're coming straight at you its a big more difficult. I'd say its not that much different than the mosquitoes hit box. The mossie is just a cigar but you can still hit their long body when they are banking.

  19. Reaver:
    • Terrible Hitbox (Arguably the easiest to hit from all angles, Box vs Horseshoe debate)
    • Low Cruise Acceleration
    • High AB Acceleration
    • Low Straight-line Braking
    • High Drift
    • Low Dive/Climb Speeds
    • High speed loss while maneuvering due to drift/acceleration
    • High Hovering Vertical Thrust
    • Low Forward Vertical Thrust
    • Model has both a tail fin and protruding wings that make flying in tight spaces more difficult.
    • Good Hitbox, Hardest to hit from all angles except front/rear
    • Low AB Acceleration
    • High Cruise Acceleration
    • Medium Straight-line Braking
    • Medium Drift
    • High Climb Speeds/Low Dive Speeds
    • Low speed loss while maneuvering due to acceleration
    • Low Hovering Vertical Thrust
    • Medium Forward Vertical Thrust
    • Somewhat "Clean Model" - Tail fin can sometimes get caught up in something if you're not careful, but otherwise slim.
    • Good Hitbox, "Pancake" weakness can be offset by player skill in a dogfight.
    • Medium AB Acceleration
    • Low Cruise Acceleration
    • High Straight-line Braking
    • Low Drift (Drift increases when hovering)
    • High Climb/High Dive Speeds (Uncapped Dive Speeds w/ AB)
    • Low speed loss while maneuvering due to lack of drift
    • Medium Hovering Vertical Thrust
    • High Forward Vertical Thrust
    • "Clean Model" - Lack of "Wings" or random protrusions make flying around structures and in tight spaces a breeze.
    I'm sure some moron will come over here and "Count up the differences", as if the pros and cons are all of equal weight. I intentionally left out reference to "Reverse Maneuvers" because all ESFs can perform them proficiently. If anything would be worth mentioning in that regard it would be that the Scythe has no visual reference for its thruster orientation. It results in a slightly higher learning curve, but doesn't make them unable to perform certain maneuvers.

    This is all semantics though. No one's going to be able to look at these differences and say exactly how important each characteristic is in a dogfight and then say with certainty that X aircraft is OP and Y aircraft is UP. It's a completely pointless argument. If you really want to show that the Scythe is underperforming, collect some statistical data regarding performance of the various ESFs ingame, with a large sample size, since the last game update.
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  20. anyone who thinks the reaver is the worst can gladly fall off a cliff and it wouldn't bother me.
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