[Suggestion] Alert XP Needs to show longer / In chat

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by LOLZebra, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Plenty of times I have been in Alerts, fought them for 2 hours, helped my faction out etc. When the alert ends it is really difficult to see how much XP you have received. I know its based on the territory control but then you have to account things like membership and boosts. Sometimes when I am in a safe spot and the alert is about to end I actively have to look for the amount of XP I receive. Even then it seems to flash for literally 0.2 seconds before going away. If you are dead or just died you won't see it.

    Make the XP received from the end of an Alert show up longer than 0.2 seconds.
    Perhaps put it into the chat. [You earned 5873 XP from this alert] ; in case you are dead and don't see it.
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  2. I agree, this would be nice and wouldn't hurt anyone.
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  3. Why limit this to Alerts? Many times I'm in the heat of battle, kill someone, but the battle is still raging... I see that I'm getting a bunch of XP bonuses... but I'm too busy trying not to die to read them... would like to go back and see what they were. Some of them are interesting and others are very similar but hard to see so quickly... was it a a "kill streak" bonus or "kill streak stop" bonus?

    Would love to see a separate tab to log XP received in the chat window. Something I could refer back to.
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  4. Exactly this. If we could just have a separate window in the chat log that would just tell you what the XP was for, that would be awesome.

    [105xp Gunner kill bonus]
    [64xp Kill Assist]

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  5. i totally agree with everything above, staring at the center of your screen in the heat of battle to see what kinda xp you got is very hard, can we please have this at the very least posted in chat as well?

    My two pence
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  6. you get (10000xp/percentage of territory owned)x(experience bonus)
    i.e: you own 10% of the territory you get 1000xp+20% for being on an alert+15% for standing in a large facility you own+ 10% for population bonus=1450xp
    Easy to calculate on the fly.
  7. It is even easier than that, your xp bonus is shown on the left hand side of the screen, multiply that with 10k times how much of the continent you own.

    On the other hand, I really like statistics, and it would be nice to go back and check sometimes. What would be even better would be if all the xp, and really all you're statistics would be able to be saved to a file, so you could compose your own spreadsheets and graphs, and do interesting stuff like calculating the derivatives of you're xp/h, accuracy with each weapon and so on :) Graphs to the people!

    As long as they put this on a different thread, it would have 0 game impact as it currently use about 25-30% of my CPU, and from what I have heard, that is rather common...
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