[Suggestion] Allow Cross-Faction Alliances

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by DrPlump, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Sometimes the players of opposing factions need to work as a team to face a larger enemy. This has become a reality on Mattherson where a permanent alliance between VS and NC was needed to offset the superior weapons of TR combined with the superior tactics and skill of TR players on this particular server. For a while it seemed like if TR wanted to do something it was just impossible to stop them if they wanted you dead you and all your friends just had to pick up and move to another continent. Part of it is superior players making the smart decision to pick the faction with the most powerful weapons but I think a large part of it is the player skill on TR and a few players really helping bring them together to work as a team. They will just walk across Indar in a single file line killing every single player they come across while taking all bases and nothing can stop them. After that they would use the canyons to trap all of VS and NC and make them fight for their amusement whilst shooting people as they please from the tops of cliffs.

    Ever since ATRA (Anti-TR Alliance) has formed the game is fun again. Now my friends and I do not get killed by unstoppable forces of red. The problem is now that I see a magrider on fire and I am sad that I cannot help them. Also sometimes it would be fun to meet up with fellow ESF pilots and trade them airplanes after a long hug. There should be a way to make everyone on a faction vote to ally with another faction. This would allow them to go into each others bases and warpgates and drive in sunderers and stuff with each other. What is someone started out as an NC player but over time slowly realized they are really a VS inside shouldn't they be allowed to ride in a sunderer with other VS?

    If the developers do not want to do this for all players then at least allow outfits to invite people other factions. This is an URGENTLY needed feature.
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  2. As a proud member of ATRA, I fully support this. The inability for us to truly work as a team with our NC brethren is painful; We don't even benefit from one anothers' radar flashes and spotting, let alone medic and engineer fixins. I think, in order to truly allow ATRA to defend against the red menace, we need full integrated support for cross-faction platoons. :)
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  3. I oppose encouraging 2 factions to form an alliance and whomp on the 3rd.

    That being said, why can't we have a floating 4th "Mercenary" faction where players could start up a new character in it?

    I'd even love some sort of odd system where the mercenaries might just be some sort of odd aliens or monsters to control.
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  4. I will admit that there are some very large, and in a few cases, highly organized TR outfits on Mattherson. I will also let you in on the fact that a lot of those outfits are known to work together as a single unit to eliminate their enemies with force and efficiency. But our weapons are so far from superior it would be comical for anyone to suggest it, if it weren't such an insultingly ignorant statement. I spent 15 minutes using the NC Guass SAW out of curiosity the other day and almost joined the 4th faction on the spot. And didn't the VS just get a buff to all of its weapons as well as the Magrider. I will concede that there are a few very powerful weapons in our arsenal, but that is true of EVERY faction. The NC has been treating Mattherson like it's personal playground, dominating the populations of all three continents for the last 2 months (what I now suspect to be an ATRA conceived phenomenon), and you're complaining about the TR.

    Instead of whining about losing to what you admit are superior tactics, skill, and cooperation on our part, why don't you form some alliances within your own factions and get better at working together before suggesting game breaking practices that undermine the entire concept and design of a game that has stood the test of time. If anything there should be better tools to allow outfits within the same faction to work better together. It's appalling that the NC and VS are allowed to team up against the TR on a near daily basis and it really shows the weakness and lack of skill and coordination of your forces to even suggest such nonsense.

    Shame on you.
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  5. I'm sooooo sick of hearing VS scrubs cheerleading on the NC. This is supposed to be a three way war, not 'War on the TR and an NAP with the other guy.' I find it more obnoxious than even the most annoying TR forum posters.

    I haven't played the other factions, but I fail to see how TR weaponry is 'superior.' I would take less recoil over bigger magazine, or better accuracy over fire rate any day. I play the TR because I like the community I play with (LOC and AOD) and I like the stylization of the faction. That and I like playing the underdogs. When I make my next Toon, it's going to be VS because the VS have serious population problems on other servers.

    I like the idea of 'mercenary characters' that allow a flow between factions, but certs shouldn't be cross faction [though SPs ought to, to make them worth more.]
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  6. TR usually has 28-33% world pop.
    VS usually has 32-37%
    NC usually has 38-44%

    Surely NC and VS do not need to team up in order to handle the most underpopulated faction?
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  7. Sorry, but no. This would ruin the very core of this game. It is known for it's three-way combat system that should not be tarnished in such a way. I'm sure this would be abused as well.
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  8. Uhhh, no. If you want to try some kind of non-aggression thing, you already can obviously. If you want to 'ally', go play that faction. I really doubt they're going to let you vote to force some kind of alliance on the remaining players, and if they did you might find your enemy suddenly gets even larger than before.
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  9. Im still dumbfounded.

    a supposed "cease-fire" happened once at the sky dock, (and it was hardly enforced or held to by either side)
    Now the TR have run with it and will not stop crying about an Alliance, that doesn't exist.

    Cross faction alliances are not a good idea. But then again people question why there are 3 factions (an odd number) in teh first place.

    Well.. the idea is simple. If there are factions A, B and C and lets say C gets too strong or has more people, then A and B can fight them together (I use together extreamly loosly). It can also go backwards and have 2 factions fight back 1 even if its the weaker.

    This is an unfortunate byproduct of the 3 faction system but removing a faction or adding another would only make it worse (could you imagine 3 vs 1? or 1 being far larger then the other 1?)

    The OP is a troll. there is no ATRA...

    dumb as bricks forums just eating it up
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  10. I've never wanted to drop an F Bomb on the internet as much as I do now.

    Cry More...
  11. they had that in PS1, It was called Black Ops, and I hear it didn't work out so good.
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  12. I am all for this, and it seems to be in the spirit of the game. Two factions uniting to combat a stronger third faction is only natural. I've already felt a kinship with VS as we both fight TR rather than each other more often than not. I was proud to have been a part of the alliance at the skydock, I was thrilled the way both factions united to end TRs continent lock and have greatly enjoyed undermining TR by backcapping each time they go after the Vanu lock. I'll take disco and freedom over TR's fascist hacking and exploiting any day. Make ATRA official SOE, grant us an official alliance.
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  13. Actually we let them keep, and help them defend, their Amerish and Esamir cont locks, in exchange for Indar. It's pretty fair, the infantry resource thing is about as good as the other two combined. We also help them out during alerts. It's a very fair deal, for both sides.
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  14. As an official spokesperson for ATRA I would like to take a moment to let you all know that we have nothing to do with any alleged Anti Terran Republic Alliances. HOWEVER, the Arkansas Teen Rodeo Association (ATRA) continues to grow in power and influence by the day.
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  15. BRETHEREN?!?! Not only is this non canon, its unethical and terrible sportsmanship. If faction alliances can be confirmed by SOE staff, all outfit members should be kicked for 1 hour and warned of a possible character ban. Alliances between factions are just a step above TK orders.
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  16. It really is a pretty fair trade, and it lets us both benefit. I haven't seen TR hold a continent for any amount of time in awhile. While the bonuses may be small, it's not like they need any additional help.

    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" - Son Tsu
  17. Wow, tone down the homophobia.
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  18. guys this already happens ...you know that right....? some of you even seem surprised...this has happens on helios a number of times already i have just learned to roll with it, is it right? no, is it in an way sportsman like? no, is it very frustrating to see enemy platoons detected all along the nc border and 1 in all the tr/vs border? (of course it's a bio lab) yes, it happens mostly on alerts, do i understand why they do it? yes nc on helios is over populated and some of the enemy oufits have gotten frustrated and use this tactic mostly when it's prime time, i remember losing the indar cap bonus due to this but honestly it was a awesome fight, im fine with getting rolled once in a while because i know the vs and tr get rolled unfortunately a lot more.
  19. Stopped reading right there.
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  20. I'm glad we're finally having a public conversation about these improvements. Unity is strength, and it is patently unfair that the game mechanics actively work against that strength.

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