Alpha Squad Boost, fix it now...

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by RottenGroinArea, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. RottenGroinArea

    I am tired of being penalized for buying the Alpha Squad.

    The boost needs to be made passive and should not take up any slot.

    I can't use a 50% boost unless I discard the 6 month 10% boost.

    Whomever the fool was that thought people would want to be stuck with a 10%
    boost for 6 months with no ability to use the other boosts should be taken out
    of the decision making process.
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  2. minty

  3. Krona

    Yes do this.

    Also give me my ******* boost back, I haven't had it since the 20th because of your stupid weapon trial bug, and you STILL haven't refunded it.
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  4. Jac70

    I agree with you - I've realised that my Cert point gain is absolutely glacial so I bought a 50% boost. I don't want to equip it because I'm sure that I'll lose my Alpha Squad boost. I even considered getting a months subscription just so I can get some certs and work towards getting the kit I want and getting it upgraded.

    The thing that stopped me was the requirement of registering a credit card on their systems - don't want to do that.
  5. Scorponok

    i made a ticket to get mine back vanished the 20th as well...about maybe tops 12hrs later i had a notice ingame and that was a yes no option to gain a alpha squad booster.And yes if you have installed it and buy a 50% exp buff the buff will replace the squad one and wipe the squad buff away.So do this at your own risk..cant have the best of both worlds.
  6. MixedupJim

    I bought tha alpha squad and then bought the 6 month sub so I now get a 60% bonus. I don't see why they can't make the alpha squad stack with a purchased xp boost.
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  7. BadLlama

    This was brought to their attention over two months ago. Some moron Financial officer at SOE just doesn't like money which is funny considering $OE.
  8. ArcaneGuardian

    Man, companies really need to avoid using the letter 's' in their name.

    That's why everyone loves Apple. No 'S' there.
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  9. Cidroyz


    I was hoping to use a boost with my alpha squad, now we are stucked with 10% unless we want to waste it :( seriously that sucksz!
  10. BadLlama

    Apple is Actually $$Ap$$pl$$le$$
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  11. Iadien

    The only reason I purchased the Alpha Squad was to support the devs. It is not a great deal, imo. I'm not using any of the weapons included, and the 10% boost is laughable.
  12. ArcaneGuardian

    The camos look nice.

    But it really is just about supporting the Devs.

    That's why I buy and spend those delicious SmedBux(tm).
  13. Setsuna

    You might not be using the weapons, but that's your choice. Some of the people who purchase Alpha Squad do infact use the weapons which in essence you got for free anyway since the price you paid already got you 4000 SC.

    The H-V45 is one of the best AR's in the game and the Pulsar C and V10 are also solid weapons. Apart from that, you got exclusive decals, camo and a 10% boost which might be laughable but over the course of 6 months, the extra certs do make a difference.

    That being said, it is absolutely stupid not to be able to stack the Alpha Squad boost with another one.
  14. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    A solution for this issue is being worked on by our development team, and will be rolled out as soon as possible. I can't say whether the boost will become un-equippable, or will stack, or how they'll implement the fix, but one is being worked on.

    We'd ask that all feedback be posted in the General Gameplay section, as that board is regularly reviewed for feedback, whereas this board is for customer-service resolvable account issues.
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  15. RottenGroinArea

    I'm tired of waiting.

    We supported SOE by purchasing the Alpha Squad SOE should return the favor and get this crap fixed immediately.
  16. Goodkat

    This is an account issue though. Both the Alpha Squad and 50% boost are bought and billed for on a certain account and this is the "Account and Billing Support" section. Regardless, this is an inexcusable situation and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. I know this is something that the development team has to do, but you guys are the interface with the customer. You should try and pry an ETA on the fix from the development team. I work in web services and if we had a similar situation, our paying clients would expect nothing less.
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  17. RottenGroinArea

    Exactly, this is an account based issue and has jack to do with gameplay.

    The "we're working on it" line is leaving a lot of people stuck with a 10% boost
    fearing that the SOE mismanagment team will leave them hanging out to dry.

    Nice way to treat the "founders"...

    Next time they should change the name to "Sucker Pack", pay more get less !
  18. xpsyclosarinx

    Thanks for the response however this IS a billing and account issue and should be escalated accordingly. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what the channel is, so long as it gets back to the people who can fix this. As you have said it's currently being worked on so you shouldn't require any more examples as this is a known issue with ALL alpha squad members. So yes, I'm not sure why we'd need to post there as well.

    The boost should be a passive boost or at least reusable.
  19. WarChimp

    Man, people really do get demanding about something small like this. The game has been out all of a week, they are working on a fix. Do people make posts like this just so when they finally do fix it they can feel like they won some sort of fight? Odd.
  20. Stinglock

    I like the fact RottenGroinArea felt the need to add
    to the title, customer service should have seen that and known he didn't want to know anything respone other than than ITS FIXED

    I mean, try and advise someone it's being looked into and known about and you get met with this kind of mindelss 8yr old, i want it now, i want it now mommy crap.
    Yeah, good one champ, nice way to react to someone who provided you with some information about your problem and whose job it is to help you as a customer.
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