Alpha Squad Boost, fix it now...

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by RottenGroinArea, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. RottenGroinArea

    Tell you what, champ, try minding your manners and I'll mind mine.

    This situation is caused by greed and lack of foresight, neither of which are my problem.

    Being penalized for purchasing Alpha Squad is not tolerable, you go ahead and bend over, Nancy, I'll stick up for my rights.
  2. Havoc11


    This is sad, I completely regret purchasing Alpha Squad, it was a terrible decision.
  3. Goodkat

    The game has been out a week, but this was a known issue two months before the game was released. People get demanding because they want their money's worth. This is not a case of game balance or bug fixing. This is elevated above those issues because they people who are Alpha Squad are PAYING customers.
  4. Scorponok

    what sucks is i got the alpha implant in and trying to take that out will make it thats not really a option either.
  5. ThreePi

    So I wonder if those of us who abandoned their Alpha Squad boost because it was entirely ineffectual will get get some reprieve as well?
  6. Scorponok

    i lost mine at the start due to the trial gun it back slotted it in and then to only find out i cannot take it out because it will be deleted then..and then i can put a other one in there but the alpha squad booster will be gone for good :(
  7. Kardes

    So any ETA on when I will get my 10% boost back?

    I lost mine day 1 when i used the boost before anybody knew it was a problem.

    Anyway I can get a bit more of a boost for the lost time?

    Just kinda wanted to know what was going on with this.
  8. Scorponok

    you should make a ticket and get it fixed that way otherwise it will never get fixed by itself...i made a ticket got mine was a full 6month charge on the one i got.
  9. AuntLou42

    I warned everyone months ago on the forums that this is how it was going to work. A big enough deal was not made of it so here we are. Everyone instinctively just pops that Alpha squad booster right in. What a mess.
  10. Colmad

    I was going to sub till I saw this post whats the point unless I get the bonus of both boosts?
  11. Grizzz

    Thankfully I was warned about this problem by my outfit before I wasted the boost. I agree this needs to be fixed ASAP. As a paying customer in a F2P game, I expect a quick reaction.
  12. AuntLou42

    Subbing is different. The subbing is passive and stacks w/ boosts. This is about the 6 month boost that came w/ alpha squad. If removed it is deleted leaving anyone that slotted it unable to try the other boosts for 6 months(unless they are willing to delete their 6 month Alpha squad boost).
  13. Natty Bumpo

    Yeah imagine my surprise when it happened to me...if I had known this would happen I would have saved my £30 and just bought 7 day 50% boosts here and there.
    Where in the game or on this site does it say that boosts are non swappable if your a founder??
    Maybe it's in some stupidly small print somewhere.
    I am not happy about this..I now have 2 7 day boosts sat in my inventory that I can't use for 6 months?? and my founders boost vanished..great work.
  14. BR4DDERS

    I have lost my 6 month AS boost, it never said anywhere when I bought the AS that I would have to equip an in game booster and if I tried to use a different boost it would overwrite the AS. All the ad said was
    "Six Month 10% XP and Resource Boost",

    I could unequip the AS boost when the game first launched so I thought there would be no problem using other boosts.

    It seems their way of solving the problem is to make boosts unequipable and make you override it to use a different one.

    I wish that was the case at launch. They need return the AS boost to people that have lost it and make it passive so we can equip other boosts.

    I am not spending any more money until they do.
  15. Freyar

    Make sure you put a ticket in. They'll get you taken care of as they're usually pretty good about it. Sometimes slow-ish, but yeah..
  16. BR4DDERS

    I have, they said that it is by design. It must me a error though, they couldn't possibly of meant for us to use the AS boost for 6 months and not want to equip a 7 day boost.

    The AS should of unequipped and stayed in the inventory so it could be equipped again when the 7 day boost ran out.

    I told support that I would create a new character so I could use the AS boost again, if they refunded my 500SC for the 7 day boost.

    I ended up keeping the character though and spending the rest of my SC because SOE said they were working on a fix.

    I got a email saying that they have added 500 SC to my account (that was nice of them) for the 7 day boost, but the AS boost disappearing was by design, so I am ******.

    I could create a new character but that would be 4000 SC worth of items wasted and I would be unable to buy any other boosts for 6 months.

    I will say it again they really need to make the AS boost passive.
  17. Freyar

    This is just a cluster**** at this point. I'm disappointed to hear that hardlining.
  18. RottenGroinArea

    "Working as intended" ?????????????????

    Are you joking ?

    Why on Earth expect the people that supported you by purchasing
    the Alpha Squad to be stuck for 6 months with a 10% boost ????

    This is beyond my understanding.

    Passive 10% boost BECAUSE WE SUPPORTED YOU.

  19. Sobieski14

    Why didn't they do that for every alpha squad buyer?
  20. xpsyclosarinx

    Aha, Micro$oft jokes.
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