And BR50, with 10k kills.

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  1. It needed a post.

    stats are alittle slow updating...about 4 hours to so, but it happened. anyway thought id post the stats breakdown on what im using.


    Im obviously using an XP boost implant along with 6 month a sub.

    GOT afew proper vids inc, but will have to wait till like the server is down to edit them.... and no i dont stream, I'm in Australia, so it cant happen not that I would anyway, its too flamboyant... even for a Future Crew officer.
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  2. Congrats!

    Edit: Liking the Pulsar LSW myself.
  3. Grats.

    Inb4 jelly people telling you have no life etc etc etc.
  4. f0d

    gratz mate well done
  5. Gratz for what?
  6. [IMG]
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  7. Dunno, I'd say you take this way too seriously more than anything else. I shouldn't be talking too much, I'm on that page too, just not at the top. Woo #62. Anyways, I'm more of a one trick pony with my medic, I really only use the one class. Got my medic pretty ****** atm though. :D

    EDIT: The real question is, how in god's name is that guy #2 with barely a single day played. That's a third of you... with 250 kills? What's going on there O_O

  8. I saw you on the leaderboard and just assumed you'd be one of the rocket-pod-farmers, but I'm impressed - especially with the Lightning stat. Is that AA, AI or a mix?

    Also, what is up with the Nova? 127% accuracy!

    Are you playing on Briggs, or another server?
  9. You have been playing online for 3 straight days? Don't know if that's commitment or you need to be committed... ;)

    Still... Wow...
  10. Bought the pulsar LSW yesterday when it was on sale, I'll give it a whirl.

    GG Future Crew. No longer in the west coast, but I wish you guys well. Bring the fight to the enemy!
  11. The Nova is a shotgun so it's possible to get over 100% accuracy. You shoot once and buckshot (or the Vanu equivilent) shoots out, each piece of shrapnel can count as a hit. If more than one piece of shrapnel hits then it counts as more than 100% because the game registered more than 1 hit when you only shot once.

    Or something like that.
  12. Wow. So out of the 6 days since launch (~142 hours) you've logged nearly 73 hours, leaving only about 69 remaining. I don't even know what to say to that...
  13. you're vanu it ruin all the prestige you could get from this accomplishment.
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  14. try addiction.^^
  15. It's fun when you don't have to work, I guess.

    Grats on 1st?
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  16. Congrats, dude. That's pretty insane. I'm BR 7 at this point, with Thanksgiving last week, I haven't been home, hah.

    Love how the leaderboard has a few names of people who "hate PS2" and yet seem to be playing it an awful lot for how bad it is.
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  17. Naj

    Markov bred the best killwhores. ;]
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  18. You know, there is a world outside...
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