And BR50, with 10k kills.

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  1. Er, does this happen frequently on Briggs? Because if so.. wow. I can do that on Mattherson, but only 2 - 3 people are as dumb as those NC per base. I've never seen that many people asking to be farmed.
  2. why people are this stupid.
  3. Nice work Sky
  4. Oh my yes, i like to call it culling.
  5. Wat. Well, then your 120 kills an hour is slightly less impressive. ;)

    Still well done over all though.
  6. Should i post pics of my 70k AUD performance car then?
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  7. eh probably got about 3 farms like that yesterday.
  8. Implying you didn't download your car.
  9. I remember being TKed by you yesterday lol. I want to see more gameplay footage though would be nice to see what you use on your vehicles and playstyle.
  10. Is 50 max BR?
  11. Let the haters hate - someones got to be on top - I'm just glad it's an Australian!

    Carn' The Aussies!
  12. wish ppl on Miller was so stupid

    anyway killing lemmings is nothing to be proud :)
    these ppl are just dumb
  13. Im BR13, what do i get?
  14. 100
  15. That video reminds me of the day unlocked the underslung in beta. One hit someone reverse spawn camping, medic trots up, one hit them, second medic and on it went. What was worse was it was an outfit, you'd think someone at some point would have said. "Leave them in there, stay away from the doors, cap the point".

    Common sense, it can't be bought with station cash. :eek: But I bet Smed' wishes it could be. ;)
  16. Bit sad but to be fair to the bloke it's summer here and it's un****inbarable, can't go outside without turnin to ash, little else to do if you ain't workin.
  17. I gotta go back to work tomorrow so doubt ill be doing 11k kills in a week again until the holidays, but yes...i took time off work for a game that's the sequel to my favorite game of all time, a sequel iv been waiting for for like 6 years...*gasp*
  18. If you look at his time with it also shows he spent nearly as much time in the Sycthe to the Lightning but yet people insist the rockets are overpwoered. Even full ammo you cannot farm anywhere near as many kills with it as you can a Light tank or MBT if they are used correctly an hose things kill in 1 hit not 3-4 like rockets.
  19. yea, well people are dumb.
  20. Yep, its all about perception, the fact that a fighter death to a tank death feels harsher is down to it being in the air. For that reason people scream OP without taking the time to look at it. 1 clip = 1 kill 2 if one of the grunts was already hurt or up to 4 if they are al bunched. 1 tank shell can be anywhere between 1-5 kills if they are close together and reload faster. Lightning AI much more and again reload faster. The tanks also have less AA, lock ons and other fighters(tanks in their case) to contend with most of the time.

    BTW grats, glad its a VS :)

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