And BR50, with 10k kills.

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  1. For Vanu!
  2. Well there is no way the Lightning is AA.
  3. I love how 90% of people dont realize how the spawn room shields work.

    Welldone comrade. You make vanu proud. Now take our flag to the top by hitting 100 first.


  4. hahaha....
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  5. This video makes me embarrassed to be an Aussie.

    This doesn't happen on other servers, occasionally you get a couple guys who will walk into los but nothing like this.
  6. Heres a proper video:

  7. so does that mean I can post videos of Team Rival for counterstrike and show you how cool I was back in the day, I mean if were gonna act like were all fkcn bada$$es in here lol....skill is irrelevant in the gaming world unless you have done something to make it worth while.....and buzzcut is no exception, his epeen is easily hurt, always has been...
  8. Let it be hurt then.
  9. Standard iron sight on your LSW? :eek: Hate the default ones on VS weapons with a passion. No reflex on it? :) EDIT. Oh, one turns up on it later on in the vid'.

    Otherwise you can do everything I can't, head-shot consistently for instance. It's skipping every FPS that came out between Ps1 and Ps2 that's to, that's not true. It's just old-man-reflexes a lot of the time. :p
  10. I havnt put any decent amount of time into an FPS since COD:MW, even the time i spent on that wasn't that much, most of the recent trash does nothing for me, i played afew like BF3 and BF:BC2 just to see what the fuss is all about, but meh, i probably havnt put this much time into a shooter since PS1 or UT2K4. Mind you though I play UT1 against super agile bots with low accuracy on instantgib to practise my aim pre PS2, would have liked to on BF3 but I had issues disabling mouse acceleration on it, been the terrible console port that it is, so F that ****.

    Yea I dont mind the ironsight, i recently switched to X2 though, the VS 1X we're under the impression doesn't line up properly when you straif, causing alot of shots to miss, so most of FC and TRF have stopped using the x1. I dont think the 2x has the same issues. or if it does its manageable since everything is BIGGER.
  11. Good work SKYeXille.

    But its seems like a hand full of good players fighting extremely terrible players.

    They aim with arrow keys on OZ server? As it looks like shooting fish in a barrel.
  12. I dunno man, like there are some really good players on the server but others are...lacking.

    I would have liked to play on Connery, but i got fedup with what i believe are sync issues where my shots just don't register and the obvious issues with the ping and response time.

    I was concerned about the pops on Briggs, but they have been amazing.
  13. Wish I wasn't a real person.
  14. you dont get a "server first",you dont get a world first message,no point in posting this,proves you need to go outside is all.
  15. Yeh, must admit I've now tried the HE variant of the lightning. It really is a murder machine.
  16. Lies, tanks are underpowered, Air is the thing thats OP and needs nerfs.

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