Any chance to get our weekly xp booster increased by 1 day

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by WilliamB, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. WilliamB

    With all the crash Miller suffered and now a full downtime at peek time, is it possible to get a compensation on our booster?
    I paid for a week and have kept crashing because Miller wasn't stable and now i can't even play... You should really reconsider making them ingame time instead of offline time.

    Anyway is there any chance to get a boost at the time or to refund some SC?

    Thanks in advance for your reply!
  2. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Hey Will (Bill)! Miller has had it's fair of issues and our dev's are still working hard to optimize that server to the fullest. As for compensation of lost time, I'd recommend submitting a ticket to our accounts/billing team so we can find a solution to this. As I mentioned in other posts, I play on Miller sometimes because it has a very high population. Once the server is fully optimized, the battles are going to be uber intense. :D
  3. WilliamB

    Thanks just did that, will keep you updated.
  4. Phragg

    Yeah what a joke. I asked live chat about getting a small time extension on my 7 day 50% XP boost since the servers have been down A TON over the last 7 days...
    Absolutely insane. I have been extremely happy with SOE up until this point. If this is the way you conduct business, you will not be getting any more from me. Wow.
  5. Lazaruz

    The downtimes have been eating away at the xp-boosts quite effectively. I think it would be a nice gesture to give all the players a little 2-day boost or something, I know at least some other gaming companies that act this way after extended server troubles.
    Actions speak louder than numerous apologies on Twitter...

    One way to solve these things in the future, that I would like to see, would be the transition from real time to actual game time when it comes to xp-boosts.
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  6. Phragg

    Exactly. Excellent post, sir.

    Instead of a 7 day 50% XP boost, make it a 72 hour GAME TIME 50% XP boost for the same price - would make SO much more sense.

    I'm pretty sure I didn't even get 20 hours of that 7 days.
  7. WolfStar76

    You know.

    7+ years ago, I'd have sided with SOE on this and pointed out "Caveat Emptor" and talked about servers go down, and you can't really expect an MMO company to refund ever little server downtime and the like.

    But that was in the days of monthly fees, and contracts that spelled out such things. It was also before watching customer paid time became the norm. WoW - the giant juggernaut that it is, extends playtime to cover the few hours every week (which add up over the course of a month, or multiple months) that servers are down for maintenance/patches and the like.

    In a world of micro-transactions, where what's being paid for is a time-based benefit, a policy of "We can't refund you for time lost that's because of our servers" is more than a little antiquated.

    While I'm more than willing to understand that's a knee-jerk reply based on a monthly subscription fee model - it doesn't really fit well with a micro-transaction model. I'd heartily suggest SOE reconsider this stance, or else people are going to have to think long and hard about buying boosts and spending money on the game. I'm sure nobody wants that to happen.

    As a customer, I certainly don't want to have to question if I'll get my $$ worth out of a boost. I'm sure SOE doesn't want me hesitating either. A micro-transaction should really be like buying a pack of gum at the checkout line. You don't really stop to think about it, it should be available on a whim - an impulse.

    Just my $.02.
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  8. Discopotato

    excellent post. I bought the alpha squad package and regret it so much. My options feel so limited i dont want to get a membership if i cant buy boost to accompany it..
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  9. Jaamaw

    It would be awful for SOE to have the reputation of "take your money and run".
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  10. Freyar

    SOE seems to be taking a radical 12-hour shift away from fair dealing to "screw you" at least on the business/account support side.
  11. sebo

    they should start reimbursing time. i can understand if you're a monthly member where it doesn't matter much, but if you're on a timed booster a hour or two ever couple days or so DOES ADD UP. not to mention the counter continues to chew through time when you aren't playing.

    I give credit to Tribes Ascend team, they gave out time lost each time there was an outage... i mean seriously, this is digital world. it would cost Sony NOTHING to give customers lost time.
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  12. paradroid

    In World of Tanks (the only other Free-to-play mmo that I play), if they have extended server downtime (eg a new patch being rolled out) they generally give the premium users and timed purchases an extra day, even if the servers had only been down 4-6 hours.

    Bold is my emphasis
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  13. Wrek

    why not just make boosters... not tick down... when not logged in?

    I KNOW! its unorthodox to even think this would work but maybe... just maybe.
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  14. Phragg

    It would be nice to have some sort of official reply on this stating a decision either way. In case you haven't noticed, SOE, none of us are happy about this matter.
  15. Phragg

    Just logged in to my account and noticed I was reimbursed for lost time more than adequately. Thank you for this, consider faith restored and then some. Excellent work.

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