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  1. Ever since I started playing Planetside 2 I felt there was something missing from the games arsenal, a medium to long range weapon for assault classes, what one could call a battle rifle or sometimes a scout rifle.

    Now with additional shotguns and SMGs for close quarters, it seems even more like there is a bigger gap between the assault rifles and extreme long range weapons such as the bolt action sniper rifles.

    I mainly play Infiltrator myself because as an infiltrator I would get something close to what I wanted but it's still not quite what I was looking for.

    This is why I drew up some concepts for what I thought these battle rifles would look like:

    New Conglomerate Battle Rifle

    Vanu Sovereignty Battle Rifle

    Terran Republic Battle Rifle

    Note that these are just concepts but you get the general idea.
    Classes that would use these rifles would be the Light Assault class, Medics and possibly Infiltrators since they have similar weapons already.
    It would be a semi automatic rifle with somewhere in between 15 to 20 rounds in each clip (depending on the faction).

    I think Medics would benefit the most from this weapon since they are always on the front line helping people out. If you don't see an application for this weapon, then imagine World War I trench warfare and the rifles they used then. I think that should give you a great idea of what use this weapon would be.

    TL;DR: I think the game should have battle rifles because they are cool and because they are something the game hasn't got yet.
  2. Kon

    Battle Rifles Are in the game and are going to be getting a Pass, to make them better same with burst weapons
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  3. If they are in the game, it's pretty hard to distinguish them from regular rifles. Granted, most weapons in the game do look pretty much the same, but still...
  4. They will buff them as far as I know, btw these are awesome concepts. Looking better than the current ones.
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  5. Yeah, we need more BR's. Better yet, BR's that do different things like have different firemodes or something.
  6. I would say that as long as they get the damage right, realistically speaking. I'm sold. But yeah, the existing weapons the devs called battle rifles could really use a design change, if only just a slightly longer barrel.
  7. No further input?
  8. I really like the Battle Rifles like the Warden but it doesn't really standout from the very standard Carbine and ARs...Main problem with them is that their muzzle velocity is very low compared to some fully automatic weapons, and their bullet drop is too high to be used for mid range battles. if these problems could be addressed they would be more attractive...Another note is that its completely overshadowed by other weapons by their low mid range damage output...Using the Warden in some major engagements wasn't the brightest ideal weapon for mid range firefights as I keep getting more Assist scores than kills. Up close, BattleRifles are just like their high powered pistol in terms of shots needed to kill in close range....They're not effective as a average defaults weapon from their fully automatic counterparts.

    What I also find lacking with BattleRifles is that theres no variation like you see with other Carbines and ARs...a fast firing and accurate 3 round burst version of these BattleRifle could add some options to players needing flexibility in both low and mid range battles.

    TLDR : Needs slightly more damage i.e. about 300 instead of 200, Less Bullet drop at mid range, Needs better Muzzle Velocity (at least higher than 500m/s), and more battle rifles variations and designs to fill different combat situations and play-style...

    I never tried using any Scout Rifles but I'm guessing they fill a similar role to BattleRifles in terms of performance.

    And yes this goes to all 3 factions weapons in general...
  9. I previewed the Eidolon Battle Rifle (Vanu), but it's only for Engineers and Heavies and doesn't even show up in the store. I even won some close range engagements so I'm mostly sold. It didn't have a scope but the accuracy at range was not good. Also having to click for every shot was sort of annoying, burst fire would be appreciated.
  10. I think it's a bad idea to give heavies battle rifles, not only for balancing reasons but also because the purpose of their class is suppression, not necessarily direct assault. Not to mention they already have far to much variety as it is making them the most popular class played.
    I'd like to see the light assault getting these types of battle rifles not only because they are an assault class but also because they feel a bit weak to me now.
    Medics are even more important that they have a powerful rifle, they are constantly on the front line healing people running out of cover most of the time.
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  11. LA: Carbine, shotgun, SMG
    Infil: Sniping rifles, scout rifle, SMG
    Engy: Carbine, shotgun, battle rifle, SMG
    Heavy Assault: LMG, SMG, battle rifle, shotgun
    Medic: Assault Rifle, SMG

    I'd love to see some long ranged rifles go to the Light Assault, and give the infiltrator some Infiltration options, instead of being a cloaky sniper. An LA with a battle rifle would provide interesting battlefield support but it's contrary to most vanilla LA play.
  12. I like your Concepts, they look realy nice.

    Like the others allready said, Battlerifles are allready in the game for Engineer and HA. They only show up in the shop if you dont use filters, they dont have there own category and dont show if you filter for class. The BR, as it currently is in game, looks like a last minutae addition, you dont have much attachments available (no ammo) and it is more like an AR 'light'. You get a bit more dmg, lower velocity and its nearly impossible to kill anything at range with it, you simply need to much bullets and can be lucky if you can score 2 or 3 hits befor your target moves into cover. For VS its better to use a Slug Shotgun as it gets the long range Job done alot better and performs better in CQC.

    Higby twittered that they doing a pass on all weapons, this was a month ago, they dont said anything else until now.
  13. Thanks!

    And yeah, I mainly play Infiltrator and that's the only class I have bought new weapons for so I've never tried out the existing "battle rifles" for any of the other classes.
    I have a friend though who mentioned the rifles were indeed somewhat "nerfed", if that's the term.
  14. Kon

    SAS-R that is a good gun,
  15. I like the SAS-R. I've been using it for quite some time. Still not quite the same though since it's bolt action.
  16. I use the phantom a lot on my infil with iron sights, it's similar to the Nyx but has slightly more damage and scope sway. I consider the trade-off worth it in most fights.

    Still, I think it's stupid that to be a DMR type player, you have to play the sniper class. I trialed the Eidolon on HA/Engi and fired twice as many shots as when I trialed the Nyx and got the same number of kills.. basically it's very inefficient damage wise, at range. I think the biggest issue is that all of the faction Battle Rifles have identical stats, so the VS AR's like the Corvus have projectile velocities faster than the battle rifle (500m/s). I hope they do a few small buffs to it, velocity and maybe slight damage increase... but as it stands now you pretty much have to play infiltrator to have any type of accurate medium range semi-auto rifle.

    To me the whole point of a battle rifle is that you could equip it on a class like HA or Engi and not only pick troops off, but provide support to the rest of the team. The infil, while fun, is basically dedicated to counter-sniping or to pick off seperated troops... it's not really a "team-player" type class in *most* situations.
  17. I'm afraid I haven't played enough VS to have any say in the matter. Their weapons always confused me...
  18. Possibly there could be the option of some other scopes as well.

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