[Suggestion] Best Rocket Launcher vs tanks (NC)

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  1. I am going to buy a few weapons as NC. I would like to know which rocket launcher is most effective against ground vehicles. Not too worried about air or infantry atm. Thanks in advance!
  2. Can't go wrong with the decimator.
  3. phoenix annoys me the most... decimator is also good
  4. Phoenix is the only AV weapon an NC needs for ground targets. Incredible damage and able to be guided to a target. With practice you can dumbfire it just like a decimator. Its drawback is it is limited to 300 meters, which actually helps you focus on the close/higher threat targets, and that while using the camera the user is immobile.
  5. don't bother with the decimator, either get the phoenix or use the default.
  6. Phoenix, or engineer AV turret (if you're interested in an engineer).
  7. I actually am interested in the Engi class. Is the AV turret the one that is AI controlled?
    Also, is the Phoenix honestly worth the $7?

    Lastly, I have noticed that C4s in this game can be pretty devastating. Is C4 worth it, or is it too situational?

    EDIT-I see now that C4 is cert only. Disregard :)
  8. honestly - no, phoenix is not worth

    get Av turret - it IS worth.

    [have both]
  9. Phoenix does Decimator-equivalent damage to vehicles with the advantage of being camera-guided, as well as one-shotting any ESF that decides hovering is a good idea.

    So yeah, I'd say get the Phoenix. Engi turret is good but makes you a giant, immobile target.
  10. Is AV turret available as NC? I can't seem to find it.

    Nevermind, I found it. Been a long day lol.
  11. Decimator is still deadly and great, infact many of us prefer it more than the Phoenix.
  12. Yes and thats great also.
  13. Yeah, I have the decimator as well. It is a great weapon, but if I had a choice between the two and HAD to choose one over the other, I'd pickthe Phoenix. Can do everything the decimator can do and more, so long as it's within 300 meters. Same damage, better accuracy, greater versatility.
  14. The 300m is a big killer blow though especially as more and more tanks are sitting back now.
  15. Pheonix is a lot more fun, so I would grab it first. Decimator has a better fire rate and therefore better damage output though.
  16. Which kind of illustrates how effective the Phoenix is.

    This is true, though you can get the fire rate pretty close by pressing E right after firing (using the Phoenix as a dumbfire), then it's almost identical. Getting the Phoenix before the decimator is the right choice, you're right about that.
  17. Don't eject from the missile if you plan on hitting anything. The thing falls so fast that it actually falls backwards if you fire it at a high enough angle.

    The Phoenix is the best unless you're stupid accurate with the decimator aka really close aka probably dead. Phoenix is great for shots on target and I've been averaging 25k exp/hr in my Phoenix/SAW loadout. Best of all, nobody can touch you and you can create a "NO VEHICLES ALLOWED" zone for 300 meters. Once you get good you can even one-shot ESFs, but they have to be pretty dumb.

    Decimator is great for killing MAXes and is worth it for that reason alone, because we're going to be seeing a lot more of them around.
  18. The default Shrike is a beast... Whatever you get, stick with it so you can get used to whatever aim adjustment they require at longer ranges. I love the travel distance of the Shrike and it doesn't fall down so quickly as the Decimator does. I can hit targets pretty damn far with it. The damage is pretty damn good too, 2-3 hits on tanks, except for that damn VS glider ****, that thing seems stronger than a Sunderer. 5 hits with the Shrike can take out a Sundy, the reload rate isn't as bad as the Decimator or Pheonix either. I have gotten very used to the Shrike and it is my most accurate weapon with the 2nd most kills behind the default SAW which I use for CQC.

    I plan on getting the Pheonix though just for fun as well as the AV Turret...

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