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  1. I can't be sure that the following would work with those of you who are experiencing poor performance on Intel systems, but it may well do. If someone with an Intel system could test it out and let us know that would be good. I however know for a fact that with Deneb and Thuban processors you should experience an almost 100% increase in FPS and you might well find that you're no longer CPU bound, but GPU bound which is the way it should be.

    While the following settings can be found on all OS's this information has only been confirmed to work with Windows 7 X64 systems. Again feel free to test and see if it improves things for you and post back your findings.

    Firstly in order to achieve this fix you will need to have at least 6GB of RAM although 8GB+ is desirable.

    1. Click Start and then right click on Computer and select "Properties" from the list.
    2. Click the "Advanced system settings" link on the left.
    3. From the System Properties menu select the "Advanced tab"
    4. Click the "Settings" button.
    5. Select the "Advanced" tab and click "Change".
    6. Now for all hard drives ensure that the "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" is unticked.
    7. Set each hard drive to "No Paging file" and then click the "Set" button.
    8. Click OK and exit out.
    9. Reboot your PC.


    What this has done is turn the paging file off that the operating system uses as a means of swapping things out of memory onto the hard drive. Providing you have enough memory and a 64bit OS this is a completely redundant process mainly used for low memory systems. In the case of Planetside 2, it's getting a hell of a lot of new data every time you travel to a new area and thus it drops the old information out of memory and dumps it into the paging file on your hard drive. Now this process is incredibly inefficient and thus the application could be bottlenecked by either the speed of the hard drive or the SATA bus. By turning it off you're removing that bottleneck and ensuring it uses the full 4GB it can address in the 32bit client.

    This is an optional setting which won't hurt to set:

    1. Go to the run box and type in the following command: msconfig
    2. Select the "Boot" tab.
    3. Click the "Advanced Options" button.
    4. Tick the "Number of processors" checkbox and select the maximum number you have available.
    5. Reboot your PC.


    For those of you with Bulldozer processors you might want to play around with this setting as technically it's mainly for diagnostic purposes, but as Windows 7 doesn't understand how to schedule AMD's 8 core chips properly it might be useful for setting the system to 6 cores. Although the same should be able to be achieved by setting affinity on the Planetside 2 process to just 6 rather than all 8.

    This is by no means a complete fix as it's it's quite obvious that the game is still poorly optimised and doesn't utilise even remotely a 100% of the CPU's power on top end systems and If there was any game that badly needed a 64 bit client it would be Planetside 2.

    Thanks to Frost for discovering this rather simple, but effective tweak.
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  2. bump, this needs to be seen.
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  3. I got AMD processor i Will check on it, thanks. Normal trick is to create a dedicated partition equal to your ram size for SWAP FILE and put it on partition with fastest read/write operation. SSD will work like charm. Do not put SWAP file on C or on the partition where game is installed, it will clog and slow down game. Also do not forget to defrag your HDD (not in case if you got SSD) SATA or PATA daily. Just put it to defrag when you sleep and schedule task it to auto-shutdown when done.
  4. Tried out both of these- but no good. :/ Planetside2.exe still wont' use more than 20% of my total processing power.
  5. Just tried this out on my Intel i5 2.4 GHz laptop and saw an immediate performance boost. Thanks a bunch!
  6. Hey, total computer-dumbdumb here - so I apologise in advance if I sound like a total idiot.

    Would this fix apply to me with these specs?

    AMD Phenom(tm) 8450 Triple-Core Processor 2.10GHz
    6.00GB RAM
    Geforce GTS 250
    64-bit window7

    With all this 'optimisation' trouble SOE are having and my very average computer, it's hard to know if my fps problems are my fault or theirs.
  7. OK, firstly not setting a paging file is almost silly!!

    Set a page file to 1.5x your memory and set it on the drive that PS2 IS NOT ON, then you will see a better disk I\O and better loading which could help with FPS.... but is more for disk I\O.
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  8. I highly doubt this is what gave you the performance increase, unless your page file system is messed up. If you run a ssd it should be turned off regardless. As for setting 6 cores... I think that only affects computer boot and not actually using the computer. I could be wrong.
  9. Just replying to this thread to say how very wrong this statement is.

    In times of 64bit OS and 16GB RAM or even more with rediculous bandwith (I have 16GB and know people who have even 32GB) it is not necessary to maintain a pagefile of 1.5 times your memeory at all - that would already be12GB when you have 8GB RAM and nothing that you will run uses up 20GB memory.

    With enough RAM to run your OS, background apps and the game itself you can go down to 100 to 500MB pagefiles with FIXED size (not windows controlled like the OP posted, so put e.g. min 500 and max 500. For those who care I have 128 atm but then again know that affects) to provide legacy compatibility for old applications that forcefully write to the pagefile (old games and software want that at times) but else forcing windows and applications to fill your available RAM is very well a valid option. If you only have 8GB RAM consider up to 2GB pagefiles (with fixed size again, means e.g. min 2GB and max 2GB).
    No game in addition with your OS currently uses up 10GB of RAM (unless it has memory leaks) as 32bit app and therefore the pagefile does not do anything benefical what so ever, it even slows your system down.

    To make it clear what windows does with a pagefile: It stores files (everything from .ini files to maps, scripts or some textures in games to or other random stuff) from both the operating system and local applications (games, virus scanner, messengers, whatever) that do not get used in quite a while in a pagefile to free up RAM. This was necessary back in the "old days" when RAM was very small but HDDs were huge in comparision. Each time those pagefile data gets accessed it takes longer than out of your RAM, as a HD is not as fast (not even a SSD). When you do not access a game file for 5 minutes (not the actual time, that's just an example) it might land in the pagefile but then suddenly you need it again and it gets loaded in the RAM. In a game like PS2 where you switch areas of the map at times and do not return until much later pagefiles do have loading impact.
    Nowdays you have more RAM that you reasonably fill (32bit apps do not allocate much or are not optimized to do so - Planetside 2 is a 32bit application) and thus no longer require a massive pagefile.

    Now please stop referencing 10 year old guidlines with 1.5xRAM to pagefile size that only slow your system down. Thank you.

    All that said, reducing a pagefile to the very minimum can help but you have to be sure that you do not run out on memory (should be safe with 16GB as PS2 does not need that much and if you don't run crap in the background the OS itself won't either but 8GB might be tight for some systems, just keep an eye on it and make up your own mind).
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  10. If I only got 4 GB of RAM, can I do this? If so, would it affect my system performance in any ways?
  11. 4GB are not enough to do it, it would make your system performance worse and might even lead to crashes. Planetside 2 already uses 4GB of RAM and Windows needs some, too - without a pagefile you will not be able to run both properly.
  12. Would this fix apply to me with these specs?

    AMD Phenom(tm) 8450 Triple-Core Processor 2.10GHz
    6.00GB RAM
    Geforce GTS 250
    64-bit window7

    With all this 'optimisation' trouble SOE are having and my very average computer, it's hard to know if my fps problems are my fault or theirs.
  13. Oh well thanks for the reply. Anyways, everytime I've checked PS2 RAM consumption it's around 1.6 GB.. and yes, I'm running a 64 bit OS. Kinda weird :/
  14. Well, guys, there's no guarantee for any such thing to help or not but you can try it. The reason I replied to the thread is because of the "1.5 times your RAM is your pagefile size" statement because it was really outdated by about 10 years.

    If doing what the OP suggested helps for you, that's great. If not, you better revert the settings to someting reasonable.

    I for one would not remove the pagefile (or set it to someting below 2GB) when I have less than 8 GB RAM. Has a few reasons - I'm running a 64bit OS which might use up 2GB at times, I run a game which might take 4GB on top and then I can not guarantee that Skype, Steam, my browser, my mp3 player, Mumble, IRC clients and all the crap I have running next to the game do not eat up the rest of my memory.

    If you want to try it out, just go for it. Can't do more than cause a crash or decrease performance.

    Just keep one thing in mind: To test this you need to be part of various big fights on different parts of the map and have loaded lots of stuff. Then it shows if you keep the performance increase from it (given you have any to begin with) or it just got worse. If it did not increase performance, just set it back to avoid issues with other games in the future. :3
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  15. Thanks, I appreciate the reply - this is pretty much what I wanted to know - i'm not exactly a tech-genius - far from it, and don't want to do anything that could really harm my computer.

    Like I say, it's tough to know whether all these FPS problems I suffer are due to my average rig or SOE's 'optimization' problems - especially when I know so little about computers. All I know is, I would like to play above 30 fps, and am willing to try out just about whatever I can - would rather not fork out for another computer :D

    I will try this out tomorrow and will post to say how it went.
  16. I won't go over old ground especially as Vellsi has already covered most of what I would have said, but years ago like you I would create a swap partition at the start of the boot hard disk 1.5x the size of the RAM for optimum performance for page file swapping, however, these days this is completely pointless as RAM is so cheap. This is made even more pointless when considering SSD's, if you're booting from a 120GB drive with 16GB of RAM you would have to put aside 24GB of hard drive space, that's a 5th of your total hard drive space.
  17. Why don't you let those who have the RAM decide for themselves, if they experience problems in legacy applications they can always turn it back on.

    Personally I only know of one application that has problems with no page file and that's older versions of Visual Studios, but I can't imagine that too many people on this forum are coders like myself and using old versions of Visual Studios.
  18. RAM is very cheap these days you could easily get yourself 8GB of RAM for less than $40.

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