Boats and Oceans!

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  1. Hi, I have a suggestion. I thought about there being some kind ocean "continent." It could have boats instead of the normal land vehicles. Jet skis instead of flashes. A speed boat/raft with a turret instead of Lightnings. And a warship with multiple mannable turrets and a deck that you could walk on to replace Magriders/Prowlers/Vanguards. Plus, a ferry that could carry infantry instead of Sundies! Lets assume the VS will have hover versions! No I don't only play as the VS.<Lies! And, to replace aircraft... SUBS!!! Could you imagine it? Instead of interceptors, you could have one-man mini-subs, zipping around harassing boats and other subs, much like the current interceptors! The Liberator's replacement could be a heavy torpedoes submarines, firing torpedoes at the boats above with high precision, and why not have fully modeled and explorable interior! The Galaxy, could be replaced with a massive war submarine! It could have multiple mannable turrets and missile bays. A real interior, like the Liberator's replacement, it could have a cert that could allow it to have an extra bay, that could be upgraded to auto-repair mini-subs or spawn them! Annihilating anything in the water! Instead of normal bases their could be underwater bases with airlocks, or islands, bases, or underwater bases that connect to island bases, or all three! Yes, I know this would be insanely hard and take an extremely long time, and code, but wouldn't it be awesome beyond belief?
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  2. Sure, why not? Will be hilarious to watch people push each other and vehicles into the water.
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  3. Aircraft are very much a part of Naval warfare. But I like the subs idea. I have heard a rumor that Naval warfare is in the works, I can't determine it accuracy though.
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  4. In early beta, Higby talked about Naval battles etc. They are working hard on support for it, but they want it to be perfect before they implement it. We've already seen the first glimps of H2O on Amerish :D eventhough it's not enough to have a boat in it hehe but dont be worried, in the future we will see more water and naval battles. No doubt.
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  6. god plz no naval stuff in PS2 it doesnt fit in...leave that to battlefield if it ever comes there.
  7. Every game must progress. By your statement, everything that is Planetside 2 wouldn't fit because it wasn't Planetside 1 (which both have their pros and cons).

    Naval Warfare would be boss. Also, if they made the sub-action similar to Silent Hunter, so many ships would be at the bottom of the ocean within mere days.
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  8. it all sounds like a horrible idea..
  9. I'm pretty sure the goal they want to achieve is having all continents connected by a large ocean and travelling between them would require to fly or get on a boat.
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  10. That is a brilliant idea
  11. This is the TR warship.

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  12. he is just kicking ***. LOL
  13. Oh god missile epilepsy! Guess that "Anime Style Missile" suggestion would have to get passed for that to work.
  14. I found the NC ship. Seven-Shot Torpedo Tubes, 6 per side.

    And the Vanu ship. Self explanatory.

  15. Team speak servers would be swamped by people talking like pirates ...haaar

    i would be one of them, i mentioned 'oceanish' as a continent in another post and ship names like the 'plunderer'

    I for one would like it

    air power would own imo

    but my TR rapid fire harpoon gun would not go unused :)

    some great sub battles might be cool min subs and torpedo boats, engineer mine layers :) i think you could do quite alot with this
  16. Because of these posts, I literally went out and got Warship Gunner 2 for PCSX2.
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  17. Win.
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